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Cabal Coffers is pleased to present the first public Minecraft server that pays in Steem Backed Dollars. Starting today every town on this server that has a balance of at least $100 by 11:59 PM PST Sunday every week will get 0.01 SBD for each $100 in your balance. You must have your Steemit account name in the board message of your town (Ex: Once you start a town type /t set board {message} with something like "@cabalcoffers" in it). This an experimental program that will change as the program goes on, if no one is trying to get SDB I will stop giving it out.

Join the server at this Address:

I have played with server setting for years. I have experimented with hosting from my own computer for a few friends. As my business grows I have experimented with many marketing techniques, but none I could enjoy as much as hosting a Minecraft server. This server is on a dedicated IP with many spots available to join at any given time. I have loaded the server to the brim with mods and tested everything from the player perspective. This is a Bukkit based mod server that can be run by using the basic Java version of Minecraft.


This server has an active Dynmap that can be assessed from this address. You can see the map in use, who is online, monsters walking around and the active towns.

rules 1.png

The monetary system of this server is Gold and Digital Money. If you take a gold ingot to a crafting table you can make 9 Gold Nuggets, or change 9 Gold Nuggets into 1 Ingot. You can find Gold in the wild, but it is rare. Gold is used for the exchange of items. Shopkeepers are being constructed to sell items you find for Gold and trade your Gold for items.

3 Coal for 1 Gold Nugget

1 Iron Ore for 1 Gold Ingot

2 Gold Nuggets for 3 Coal

1 Gold Ingot can be exchanged for $1 Digital Money. Chest shops are already in town to exchange Gold for Digital Money. You can also get Digital Money from quests and the Jobs system (explained later). Why do you need Digital Money? You need it to own property and pay taxes on land.

Trade 1 Gold Ingot for $1

This server used the popular Towny Mod. Plots of land can be claimed for $100. You start out as a resident of Icatia in the Nation of Sarpadia. If you create a town that is a Magic the Gathering name, I will invite you to join the nation of Sarpadia. To leave Icatia and start your own town Type /town leave. Then find an unclaimed plot and Type /town new [Name]. Then Type /town help to see all the Town commands to configure at your heart's content.

worker level.PNG

Almost every action on my server gets you money. You must use the correct tool to get money. Shovel on dirt, axe on tree, pick on stone ect. Digging with bare hands get you nothing. You can level up the Worker job and make more money for each action by having a higher level. Daily quests are available every 20 minutes to make money as well. Many exploits are disabled like mob farms and using MCMMO abilities (explained later) reduces pay. Eventually, I will configure Job level requirements for breaking certain blocks.

MCMMO stats.jpg

MCMMO is up and working. Many actions cause you to level up. Go out into the world and level up your abilities! Leveling up these abilities makes them more effective, faster and gain you the use of special abilities. I will have level requirements for certain actions, NPCs, and quests in the future. I think the mod is the best one in existance. It really makes you expore the weird things that no one ever does like farming and fishing.

rules 3.png

I have many more mods installed. More mods will be installed in the future as the server progresses. Any hints, suggestions, problems should be posted as comments below. This server has Slimefun, but I'm still working on the permissions. This adds 400+ new items to the server. Random monsters sometimes spawn in the grass. Advanced achievements are installed for many more fun titles and challenges to the game to go after. You can also sell XP for Money. Type /Rules to see all the Mods and /Help to see all the available commands.

Note from Author

If you are still into Minecraft, want a way to make SBD or just somewhere to hang out come check out my server.

Thank you so much Steemit community for following me and reading my articles! I want to foster a community for games on this platform. I hope my articles entertain as well as educate. Make sure to Upvote / Follow / Resteem all MTG and other card game content! make sure to use the hashtag #mtg #magicthegathering!

If you like this, check out my other current posts!


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Oh. My. God. All of the yes!!! I am for sure going to join.
Would you mind if I streamed to dLive at the same time?

Sure man, go nuts. I have only had 2 other players. So let me know if anything doesn't work so I can fix it. Main capital still under construction, so shops are limited.

Do you have a discord? There are a couple of things I see that I would like to talk about!

I have a discord link in the original post at the very bottom . I'm kind of new to discord so it isn't really set up yet but it's there .

Ok you have my interest. I will be Downloading Minecraft to my laptop and joining. Look for a new player named Termination_Boy in the next few days.

This sounds very interesting! :) I may check out the server when I have the time... I'm not very familiar with modded Minecraft, I've always been more of a vanilla person; but willing to have a look!

Is there a whitelist or can anyone just hop on in? My username is - yourfireislame - at any rate.

I can take everything or break everything in Icatia, is that how it should be?

Permissions should be on, you can join the town of Icatia until someone tries to grief and I'll restrict it. As of right now, everything in the chests is free to take as needed, just don't take everything.

Oh okay.

But I can still break everything, even though I have my own town and I'm not a resident of Icatia.

Also, is there a way to protect our towns from other players?

Me and @Kaelci have probably tried every command possible...

Yet, we still haven't been able to protect our towns. They are still destroyable by everyone.

(Honestly, I think we have used the correct commands, it's just that they don't work?...)

Here is her comment, if you haven't seen it yet, she explains everything way better than me.

Her comment.

You should be able to use this command to stop people from doing anything in your town

/town set perm off

I set this as default, but I need someone to test it.

I tried breaking blocks in your new town and yes I could break them.

Also, I have already tried the command:

/town set perm off

It says that the permissions are changed, but my town can still be griefed by other players, I and @kaelci have tested that. (2 days ago though, if you have changed anything today, perhaps it may work now...)

Also, thanks for the payment!

Try the command again, because I just changed the permissions. I forgot to give default players access to /plot permission node.

Okay, I used that command again.

But @kaelci isn't online, so testing will have to wait a bit, unless if you can log in and test it with me as a normal player.

My town name is Arcadia.

Hopefully, it works now.

Yeah messing with the permissions is a pain, you risk breaking the server every time you edit them. We'll get it to work, takes some tinkering. It's even more complicated because I have so many mods up.

I won't be online much during week-days, but I should be able to hop on in an hour or so and have a quick looksie and re-submit any commands! Fingers crossed. :)

Tried to Join, Icatia doesnt seem to exist