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귀찮아서 면도는 안함. 즐거운 주말되시길 바랍니다 ^ㅅ^
Special thanks to @davidke20 and @simonjay for the feedback.

↓ Gif for non youtube viewers.
2019-03-22 13-14-28_1.mp4_20190322_131831.gif

I haven't done much for this update. Trying out slow motion cam and minor bug fixes.

And still trying hard to eat healthy.


Airfryer chicken


Have a wonderful friday and weekend 😃


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Hey @roundbeargames the slowdown was a good idea but what I like even more about it is the slight angle close up, I feel it actually improves the look of the move slightly, funny that how something unnatural make's something look more natural.


thanks man. i'm glad you like it :)
i have many days ahead to fix everything so we'll see what happens in the end 👍

Very nice slow motion I like it. Have a nice day @roundbeargames

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thank you have a great day :)

I like your healthy menu, sir. You replace white rice with boiled potatoes, it's very good for maintaining your sugar levels. Also chicken airfryer looks very delicious. Strawberry is a fruit that is sweet and contains a lot of vitamin C, serves to facilitate your digestion. I think your diet will be success. Have a nice day, sir.


thanks! i decided not to have white rice anymore because it's nearly 100% gmo. almost everything is gmo these days but i find that it's much easier to process meat. i've been feeling much better ever since i cut out sugar and refined carbs.
have a great day 👍

Que bonito,en camara lenta se ve bien y espero te sea beneficiosa la dieta para tu salud,feliz dia, saludos


thank you coming. i believe it's early morning there :)
i hope you have a good day 👋

Absolutely love it! There are more suggestion on how the character land, the camera angle, where the zoom in stops. But hey, I understand we need to get the big picture done first. We shall come back to fine tune them at the later stage. Once again, marvelous move!

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yes i'll have time to take care of the details later :) right now it's more of a rough draft.

Oh, baked potatoes are one of my favourite staple foods, lots of nutrients and carbohydrates @roundbeargames lol

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i like meat and fruits better but potatoes are cheap 😆
they're still quite nice haha

you did excellent work!!! strawberries are one of my favorite fruits...
Have a beautiful day


along with watermelons they're my favorites too 😁
good day my friend

So that there hasn't been a renewal in the game, it still looks interesting, how do you eat potatoes and chicken using salt?

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only some small updates :) small steps at a time

salt makes it better 🐻


so want to try eating chicken and potatoes with salt😊

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Game dev looking great so far :-)

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thanks mate! :)

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Buenos días amigo @roundbeargames deseo que se encuentre bien , las fresas se ven muy deliciosas y con la comida le faltó lo más importante para usted que es la cervecita . Feliz día amigo.


i'm missing beer a lot. but i gotta lose weight! 😆
have a great monday brother

Aunque sean pequeños cambios los realizados en el juego @rounbeargames lo importante es que cada vez que tienes la oportunidad lo continuas mejorando y veo que estas con la dieta de nuevo. Saludos y que tengas un gran fin de semana


i guess it's one step at a time! just gotta keep going :)
greetings to you too and have a great monday!

면도는 한번에 몰아서~ ㅋㅋ
딸기 치킨 감자 완전 최고~♥

KR 커뮤니티 출석부 함께 응원합니다~♩♬
행복한 ♥ 오늘 보내셔용~^^

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ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 역시 면도는 몰아서해야 제맛이죠 ^ㅅ^
이제 햄볶한 월욜되세요!


드라마 시즌 몰아서 정주행의 맛처럼~! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
행복한 ♥ 오늘 보내셔용~^^

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Hello @roundbeargames
Another Awesome punch. 3 punch 3 out. haha
i like fresh Strawberries. its so yummy..
i am pure veg so never test chicken before.. but it looks nice...
Thanks for share with us..


thanks brother. i absolutely love strawberries :)
one of my all time favorites!
i could never live without meat.. ㅇ_ㅇ

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You are getting results that are appreciated quite well. Did you keep the weight despite those days of not so healthy food?


unfortunately i've had too many cheat days. i should only have one every month or something..
but i lack discipline 😐

I do like the landing punch, got style!
Keep it up with the healthy food, you need it!


yes punching should always be fun :) as long as it's not you being hit
thanks and have a great monday!


Totally agree!
Happy Monday to you too!

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@roundbeargames, This action is really insane and i know you are putting lot of efforts to make this game really effective and productive. Keep up brother and hope that step by step you will attain the desired results. I can say that you've gave your tummy an delicious time.

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Very delicious and delicious food menu, hope your day is fun in receiving feedback on the products of your hard work. 😊👌👍


thanks man. the work isn't really hard but fun :)
i think sticking to healthy and natural food is the hardest!

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Waw ... very fresh strawberry fruit. so want to eat.

Crispy and savory fried chicken.
What is the white one in the bowl?

This must be boiled potatoes ... 👍

Loved the special move! But that air fryer chicken 👌 and that huge bowl of strawberries 👌👌


thanks for coming :)
i absolutely loooooovvvvvvveeeee starberries 🐻

great, one person can defeat three people at once, but why are the enemies silent?

Strawberry fruit is indeed appetizing even though it tastes sour, food is indeed an encouragement in carrying out activities

enjoy your day

I haven't done much for this update.

Maybe true but in the big picture the game is moving along more than I imagined. Good to see you are eating healthy.


tho i can't even call this a prototype yet.. it's quite a progress if i compare it to the very beginning :)

i just had another horrible cheatday. but have a great tuesday!

KR 커뮤니티 출석부 후원으로 왔습니다

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