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RE: Explorer II: Increase your chance to find a planet

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I'm really disappointed in this. When the idea was originally proposed for another explorer there was a lot of talk about trying balance out the luck of the unluckiest players, giving them a better chance to find a planet.

Instead, you put something out there that ignores a large chunk of your player base (f2p players). Really? I understand you guys need to make money but in the future please don't tease us with new features that will help the most unlucky unless you first clarify they will only be for paying players.


Development is dynamic because conditions are constantly changing. Everything that is available for free, about one third, is also used by bot farms. These crooks stay in moving, so we stay in moving.

You are actively helping the players who are currently doing the best and hurting the players that are doing the worst with the update. I know that wasn't the intent but that is the end result. The players who currently are having the most difficult time are the free players who have been unlucky and this update makes things more difficult for them.

Increased communication would lessen some of the frustration, when new explorers were discussed in chat they were talked about as a way to help balance some of the bad luck players were having. Making them only available to players with steem to spend is a slap in the face of all the free players. If you had mentioned from the beginning that this was a premium feature perhaps free players wouldn't have gotten their hopes up and would be less upset now.

What prevents a bot farm from getting explorer II?

or the notorious "503 Service Unavailable" error, that is happening all afternoon today again. @oliverschmid @jarunik @bronkong @holger80

Do you have any backend monitoring? Do you need assistance in setting up reliable hosting?

Nothing. Nothing. But we don't see bot farms buying blueprints yet.

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