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RE: Explorer II: Increase your chance to find a planet

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I don't know if that has an effect or is a cause of this:

And that just kept repeating I had to close the tab to get it to stop. happened twice. Not sure where else to report small issue like this. I am still unable to explore. Errors occurred at 2004, 2006 and 2014 0n 7-4-2019 Alaska Time, using chrome browser


I have also been getting the error repeatedly. NC is very slow at the moment.

Funny how this happened then a sneak attack, no incoming missions and then all of a sudden my two explorers are killed in an attack. If it worked only one explorer would have been killed in a sneak attack. What good are the shields if you have no warning of incoming attacks. This is one of the reasons I have not spent any money on this game. To much gamifiaction seems to be going on to call it a game for the masses. I will continue for another month maybe, but then who knows, always hoping for a nice block chain game, and this had so much potential like the old style BBS Trade Wars game. A once a day maybe twice a day take your time to play game, does not look like that is going to happen.

We fixed this bug. If it should occur again, please let us know.

it is not fixed, I still had undetected attack, there was a time when if you looked at your misson screen you would have some advanced warning of attack. It is broke, and I am done.

Doesn't fix the sneak attack factor on me, the destruction of two explores, the lack of any chance to charge up and set the shield generator going, or to quickly level up things that were on the back burner due to a pending attack.

I'll stick around a little longer, but my hopes of it being a nice game/challenge is pretty much passing by the wayside. I did like and enjoy my daily Trade Wars days on BBS systems, and this game looked like it could match it somewhat, oh well, life will go on for you and me regardless.

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