Steem Gamblers Association: A Steem Gambling Update

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It's been a month since we made our introduction post and a lot has happened in the Steem Gambling World. This blog is meant to keep everyone updated and will hopefully push more of the gaming operators towards improving the client experience. Not all casinos are the same, you can look at some of @fairbet's posts for details about the payouts, odds and ownership schemes. The point of this association is to be an open place where gamblers can freely discuss gambling DApps without being silenced. We're here to make our complaints heard and to get answers.

Gambling DApps

*If you would know of a site which should be included in future posts or notice incorrect information, please comment below. We encourage Gamblers and Gambling DApp representatives to speak up.

Warning! Steem-Bet

not referring people to this site

The below information is the same since the last post since Steem-bet hasn't even responded to this criticism or made any noticeable changes.

Let's start with the worst offender first. The anonymous individuals behind @steem-bet have been promising dividends for weeks now but say there is a small issue with engineering. They did a Hardfork to their token without consulting anyone; inflating their token, they sold some other SPT tokens without a proper whitepaper. Now they want to leave Steem altogether and bring everyone to a new site ran on Binance Coin. In a Discord a person called Shadowd representing Steembet asked @broncnutz, @fullcoverbetting, @thomasgutierrez, @cryptiat and @donald.porter if we would be interested in laundering money for some random people, Shadowd wanted to buy 50-100k USD in bitcoin a week for cash. Shadowd also agreed that it is difficult to make money following the law. Warning! Any tokens collected could be worthless, they also fake volume, lie and have terrible community management.

Positive, Epicdice

@epicdice has come a long way in the past month, they have improved the most from a neutral rating to a positive or recommended rating. In the previous post, Epicdice was criticized for having maintenance issues and for people complaining about luck. After a long argument with an Epicdice representative @blocksensei, they decided to release a statement proving fairness here and have recently moved towards being an opened sourced gaming platform. They have added new features and have been improving their customer service and gaming experience. They listened to our concerns and addressed them and their game works smoothly. We look forward to seeing them grow and if you have any concerns about them they will likely be promptly addressed.

Neutral, Kryptogamers

@kryptogames has the best odds out of all the gaming sites as shown here, they also have card games! They fixed the problem with having to ask for missed bet refunds, now bets which don't register are automatically refunded, this is a huge win for gamblers!

The reason why we are keeping a neutral rating here is because of a lack of communication and community involvement. Kryptogames does engage people who have issues but they aren't doing enough. Their discord is usually silent and they don't update players frequently, their last post is 26 days old. Another issue we have is having to collect dividends, they should be automatically paid out. Kryptogames did address an issue about fairness for their progressive jackpot, although the odds of winning it are slim, it doesn't seem to be unfair. If Kryptogames wants a positive rating, they need to engage the community more, it will only help their business.

Neutral, Cupz

@cupz now offers five games including dice, player vs player 'Cupz', roulette, a yes/no game and a lottery. The volume is low but they are trying to get more customers by offering promotions and frequently communicating with players. Their main representative, @jonsey has always been forthcoming and polite in his communications. Cupz recently had an issue with the domain name expiring and their site still hasn't fully recovered. Cupz is not yet paying a dividend but they are definitely trying to win our business and are rapidly improving. The Neutral rating remains.

Warning, Steem-Roller

The Steem witness @klye created this website (which is not recommended to play on at the moment of posting) there are no tokens to deal with, you can bet on extreme outcomes and you can invest as the house with leverage. It is a unique concept and instead of paying dividends, you can directly invest in the bankroll, leveraged investing is allowed and you can make money just as fast as you can lose it. This website is the only one where the creator is not anonymous, there are decent disclaimers or warnings and the developer is Canadian. The site is buggy and very beta, @klye's site was hacked (by a white-hat) a couple of weeks ago and he has been MIA for a week. He did fairly warn everyone to stop playing and move their money off his site, to my knowledge no player funds went missing. Klye was very open and concerned about the incident. We hope he improves the site and doesn't give up. The warning will remain until @klye reaches out and gives us the green light.

Positve, Steemslotgames

A new entrant to this list, Steemslotgames starts off with a positive rating. They have a couple of very smooth slot machine games and a new roulette table. Their graphics are fantastic and I don't know of any issues. The @steemslotgames account is always running promotions and is quite active on Steem. Since they are a new entrant to this list, we have a few questions and requests if @steemslotgames is listening. 1. Please create a Discord to allow for off-chain communication 2. Why are your promotions always so random? Your prizes are being paid to non-gamblers. 3. What are the exact odds of your slot machines and how can we be sure they don't change?

SGA (2).png

If you know of any sites to add to this list or want to dispute a claim please reach out to us.

I want to invite every single token holder, player, operator, Steemian to follow this account so we can minimalize future exit scams akin to what @magicdice pulled and improve the gaming experience. Please re-steem and share.

@a0i, @abrockman, @access, @adzrobinson, @aellly, @aferrell, @alexworld, @allcapsonezero, @ano123, @awesomegames007, @backdm, @bafi, @balte, @beesteem, @bengdui, @bluesniper, @brasan, @brumest, @centering, @cgbartow, @champjus, @chetanpadliya, @chriz85, @clayford08, @coinchaos, @coolguy123, @cryptictruth, @cryptobro1991, @cryptoeera, @cryptoknight12, @cryptopassion, @dalz, @deadspace, @deanliu, @dera123, @dexter-st-jock, @dicetime, @diehard2k9, @donald.porter, @drfk, @duane.dos, @ekushya, @elementm, @emrebeyler, @equinor, @ervin-lemark, @etcmike, @felander, @flutterby29, @for91days, @gabbynhice, @gabrielvlad, @gduran, @georgeknowsall, @glastar, @hitmeasap, @hotasian, @ilcreativo, @infidel1258, @jason7282, @jassenessaj, @jinuking, @jiujitsu, @johhnnyturbo20,@kim0412, @kaniz, @khaledmreizeeq, @kimxinfo, @kingofgamer, @leoumesh, @lordgod, @lovemetouchme2, @lucasmj, @manusamlive, @mcenoramle, @mcoinz79, @meanbees, @mfblack, @mister-meeseeks, @nanadar, @nathen007, @navorn, @nee-k, @netaterra, @okean123, @oldtimer, @olegpussyking, @parceval, @pasie15, @pepperfoo, @piaristmonk, @primersion, @privatebank, @rawn, @rb17btc, @rb3coins, @rhanna10km, @rosatravels, @satoshibit, @sindong, @sourcemechanic, @ssm1810 @stabrowski, @starfighter, @steemitcuration, @steemit-legacies, @steemshiro, @stimp1024, @stokjockey, @sunit, @sunray, @superlotto, @supermeatboy, @taurusheat, @theb0red1, @thedarkhorse, @thegoliath, @themarkymark, @thomasgutierrez, @tombstone, @triplej, @tsnaks, @tunnaingwin, @ugos, @ultima-alianza, @vikisecrets, @walterjay, @wrecktangle27, @wylsacom, @xyzashu, @yangpankil27

Please note in no way am I suggesting any of the above are affiliated with gambling or these sites and SGA will not Spam tags. We are tagging you for your information, if you want to be removed from this list, please let us know.

Please share your opinion about gambling and how we should monitor these sites in the future and you're welcome to join our discord

Thank You


Thanks for the update. Just to let people know, the site is now stable and has seen an increase in volume. We have extended our current bonus offer and we are actively working on a frontend redesign that will make the site a lot more appealing and fun. We are also working on some very groovy backend optimisations which will ensure that 100% of transactions will get processed even after failures.

Cool, hope everything works out for you guys. Thank you for the update and we hope volume picks up for Cupz because it's still concerning.

By the way, @crypticat noticed when playing Shrodinger's Cup that when you bet on 'no' and there's no ball, it says 'you lose' or something similar, but the payout is a win and you won.

Nice post guys, very fair and balanced.

Nothing to say about steembet anymore, almost forgot they exist 😒

I believe @kryptogames expects players to visit their site daily to collect divs in hopes that the player plays a round or two but the lack of communication is eerily similar to past casinos (ahem @magicdice) that dipped on us.

Another thing is the GAMER token action on Steem-Engine, I watch it frequently and at times I wonder who is selling off such large chunks when the daily divs are down and therefore the div token rewards. Not enough info to speculate but along with the lack of communication, it’s not a good look.

Disclaimer: I have ~1.5m GAMER staked

Cheers @fairbet, great work keeping us informed!


I agree about having to collect dividends so they can hope we play some more. I'm sure glad Apple shareholders don't have to go to the Apple store to get their dividends because that can get expensive!

I don't know who is selling GAMER and I don't know much about their history, you can go look here if you want to start digging up on them. There is also a list of top holders somewhere. Checking this is also interesting their first transfer was for 1 million tokens from kryptogamers to.....kryptogamers!

Why am I not surprised 🤦🏽‍♂️

Well the divs are good— for now, so I’m hoping for the best. They need to update the community

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If @kryptogames is listening maybe they can consider granting someone gamer tokens who can do more customer service and chat/post regularly. @fairbet will bow out of the list but @donald.porter is a good candidate. This could elevate Kryptogamers SGA ranking and make them a more positive gambling experience. Now, this rating may mean nothing to them but the person who is typing this has been in sales for more than a decade and kind of knows what customers want.

Any grown adult who was SERIOUS about running an operation would NOT practice the sort of "gross negligence" (at times bordering on PROVOCATIVENESS) that the @kyrptogames folks have now been shown to be consistent at. One of the main reasons I stopped playing (besides the alleged fraud) is due to this communication issue. Subpar communication is almost ALWAYS a sign of issues (aka "red flag), in any human relationships. So glad to see that you created this profile, @fairbet, because several of us disgruntled #kryptogames players were being gaslighted, and so you are providing a very valuable service.

Thanks a lot for the update, appreciate it.

Its very sad that these posts don't get more upvotes ans comments. This is quality post and a needed safeguard for the community. 👌👌

Thanks for recognizing that, it's why we started this. There are a lot of scammers here, casinos especially attract scummy people and use manipulative marketing to trick the player into losing more money. Some people don't care though blindly handing over their money and collect tokens calling them investments because they have a 3-month history of paying out. Hopefully, it brings value to more people, there are some lurkers who read these updates.

The main goal is to bring more transparency to gaming, to talk with the operators and to help them improve. By no means do we want gambling to go away, just the scammers.

Thanks, but please remove me. Cheers

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Done. Wish you the best.

Appreciate it. All the best with you guys too.

Hi @fairbet. So glad I found you through your response to the @kryptogames issue. It is also nice to see that you had ALREADY posted "neutral" concerns on this post (which was closed out onto the blockchain 17 days ago), which makes me EVEN MORE hopeful that you will be taking my allegations seriously. SSince you responded to me on their most recent post ~ two days ago, and mentioned that you would be testing their algorithm, I just wanted to check in to see if you have some/any sort of a timeframe for when you will have some feedback on that front. I am in active contact with some Steem well-respected witnesses, and we are trying to figure out if there are grounds for action (in relation to violations of Steemit "Terms Of Service" IF we have proper backup evidence (for example, from organizations such as yours). Personally, I based on the behavior of @kryptogames (which you already discovered EVEN BEFORE I ever heard of them (17 days ago), or bet with them) I am hoping to push them towards AT LEAST a settlement (for myself, 5,000 Steem - as detailed in my comment on their most recent post), using the (what I believe to be) "Terms of Service" violations as a leveraging tool. That is what I am working on CURRENTLY. Please try to respond and just give me SOME sort of a sense as to when further feedback will be available on your end, and any other helpful suggestions. I just wanted to respond after reading this post to also check in with you. Thanks.

Stay informed about the latest developments in the Steem Gambling. While not directly related to traditional online casinos, our platform offers insights into various gambling DApps and their associated controversies, so you might also check here for more information. Stay up-to-date on the latest news and discussions surrounding gambling platforms, and make informed decisions about where to play.

Hey @fairbet, nice article! This site has some good information related to gambling and sports competitions

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