Beat The Dealer Rewards, Progressive Jackpot System & Much More

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Kryptogamers is a Provably Fair Gaming Platform with the Lowest House-Edge and Maximum Profit Distribution where you can play 3 of the most popular games exclusively on Steem: Dice, Blackjack and Video Poker.

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New Features & Updates

  • Beat The Dealer Rewards:

    Starting from today, you can earn upto 1500 extra STEEM rewards in addition to 5 Million GAMER tokens. All you have to do is Beat The Dealer in your favourite Blackjack.

    Beat The Dealer
  • Progressive Jackpot System:

    Since no one has won the previous jackpot, we have increased the odds of winning the jackpot by 10 times as compared to the earlier odds and all jackpot spin bets will be added to the jackpot amount in real-time so that the winner can enjoy 100% of the jackpot amount with 0% house-edge.
    Play Jackpot
  • Token Burn:

    Around 12.65 Million GAMER tokens have been burned to create scarcity and increase the token value of our token holders.
  • MyDiceBot Support:

    Now, everyone can easily start their own Bot for mining tokens through dice. Thanks to mydicebot.

Enjoy and Have an amazing winning time at


Damn, beating the dealer would take all day and some kind of luck. Congrats to anyone in advanced.

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It would take a large bank roll too

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The minimum level has now been changed to 1.5K. Thanks.

Well now that's definitely possible. Not sure if I'm ready to take a crack at it yet.

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Kinda impossible to beat the dealer, specially with this kind of amount.

5k for the smallest one... to have played a lot to your blackjack and won and LOST important amounts, I never reached even the smaller level of 5000 of gain, even when playing at max bet of 400 steem during more than 1 hour.

So ok I'm really wondering if you will have even only 1 person reaching the smallest reward...

As per community feedback, we have lowered the smallest eligible amount to just 1.5k. This should be attainable with good bet amount and a couple of hours of play. We can't go more lower than this, else this wouldn't be sustainable for us. Beat the Dealer Rewards are an extra incentive to play blackjack for fun as well as to earn some extra bucks instead of just farming tokens through dice which many players resort to. Hope you attain much more higher level of winnings in blackjack. Thanks for your feedback.

I agree these levels seem unattainable. I have played a lot of hands and have never gotten a run that could reach this level. Like @cryptopassion said even at max bet this seems pretty ridiculous.

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The minimum level has now been changed to 1.5K.

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@kryptogames your discord invite link is not working. I have complaints about the dice game. I sent 350steem twice (700 steem total) to roll under 50 but on both occasions no results were generated and my steem got transferred to @kryptogames account.
Check the transactions please.



Discord Link is working fine. Also, your 700 steem is refunded.

Thanks. This is what I get when I try to get to your discord.Screenshot_20190616-050759.png

cheers and thanks for promoting @mydicebot

Placed a bet got disconnected eventually came back on took the stake and nothing happened?

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3 times now the game has frozen and the bet has not played out and my coins have been taken this one I have doubled and nothing happened just froze

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