Stop Making Excuses and Get After It!!

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Sticking to your diet and training plans can be tough. I often find it hardest when I first wake up in the morning.

Every day when I wake up, I feel a little groggy. My secret to overcoming this is coffee and a strict adherence plan.

When I wake up, there's 2 main focuses that I refuse to waiver from:

  1. Make Coffee
  2. Get dressed and out the door to the gym

These are the 2 keys to getting my day started off right. This is what allows me to accomplish so much in a day, but this habit is was not built in 1 day.

It took many fights with myself.

It took many internal battles. Many internal struggles and days when I had to yell and force myself to just get out the door to the gym in the morning.

Adhering to the plan you've laid in front of yourself is tough business.

Nobody is there to hold you accountable except you.

I don't always want to do the things that I know I should be doing everyday.

I have to constantly, CONSTANTLY remind myself of my mission.

I have a mission, I have a purpose and I have to do everything in my power to accomplish my mission.

I want to lose 2lbs a week - then I'll do everything in my power to make that happen:

  1. I'll do intermittent fasting and eat 2 meals a day
  2. I'll track my caloric intake and make sure that I'm not overeating
  3. I'll focus on my protein intake and make sure I'm hitting my min fat intake
  4. I'll do cardio 4+ days a week
  5. I'll stick to my plan and not lie to myself about progress.

That's the funny thing about progress - it's clear. Progress gives me clarity.

It's obvious when progress is being made and when it's not being made you're just making excuses.

Stop making excuses and get after it!!!

What are you going to stop making excuses about? What are you going to get after today?

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You are right, excuses and justifications do not generate anything positive, they only delay the things that must be done, our will is the one that decides whether or not we will achieve our goals, no matter what they are, giving up before starting is bad


absolutely... Our will decides whether we will actually do what we say we are going to do!! Follow-through is the key ingredient!


do you have a recent post I could look at? Let me know!


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Beatiful <3


Thanks!! ;)

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Steem is a great platform!!! I love working on here full-time, if you have any questions please reply here and I'll answer them!! :) indeed motivated me!


I'm glad to hear it!! Get after it ;)

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Intermittent fasting is very good. I tried it and it helped me a lot. I still do it from time to time. It is a nice plan so dont be lazy :P

Hi, I'm reading and I seem to be writing I, hahaha.


hahah ;)

No more procrastination
Let get it.

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get after it !!

Great post!! Setting goals and keeping them makes a big difference in any weight loss journey! After my son was born I weighed 170lbs.
4 months later I was 105lbs and back at the beach in my bikini! Setting goals was a huge part of my success !!


Thank you!!! I agree goals are the key to making a big difference in anything you're trying to improve!! That's great to hear, you're very strong and congratulations on work well done :)

To mi się podoba.


Thanks for reading!!

@gallerani intermittent fasting does really works...What happens it's missed time?