Imagining What The World Could Look Like In The Year 2100 (Part II)

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This is a Part II of my post from a few days back which you can check out here. In my first post I mention how the world has changed drastically over time so much so that we would no longer appear as normal humans to a would be time traveller from the past.

I also talked about what kind of further mind bending technological advancements we can hope to witness by the year 2100, mentioning the likely progress in the field of computers, communications and robotics.

In this post, I would like to talk about some more aspects of human life that will see groundbreaking change in the coming decades and by year 2100, we will be in awe with what we will have achieved in these areas.



Transportation is yet another area that will change completely as we progress further into the 21st century. We already have some level of autonomous cars and drones. In the coming decades, these will realise their full potential and go full autonomous.

We will be able to get into any vehicle and simply tell it where we would like to go and it shall take us there. Traffic jams will be a thing of the past as all these cars will be interconnected and take routes accordingly to avoid traffic jams.

We will also most probably see flying cars by 2100, so, there could be vehicles on the road and in the air at all times. Also, airplanes will most likely go hypersonic, which would make most journeys around the world shorter than an hour and any place within 3 hours of our reach.

Also, one of the most significant changes we will see is the use of renewable energy for all of our transportation. We will most likely have figured out a way to make everything electric by then, so that will be a huge plus for the environment as well. I am afraid, I don't see teleportation becoming a reality within this century though!



Health and medicine will be another area that will see immense advancements thanks to several technologies that are in their infancy today, like nanotechnology, biotechnology and others. We will most likely have cured most of the incurable diseases of today.

Thanks to nanotechnology, we could have a swarm of nano-robots swimming inside of our bodies at all times, continuously repairing damaged cells, and fighting off any germs or diseases to keep us healthy at all times.

Thanks to biotechnology, we will be able to simply replace any organ of ours with an artificial one that would work just as well, if not better. Organ donors will be a thing of the past as the organs would be 3D printed from the very cells of the patient themselves.

Diagnostics will also leap in progess and I see some highly advanced machine that would scan your entire body and tell you everything you need to know about it. All this would make it pretty easy for us to live till 100 years in the least, in my opinion.

Cryptocurrencies Take Over The World


We are beginning to see hints of a totally new financial system take birth right in front of our eyes right now. Cryptocurrencies are slowly but surely moving forward to take the place of traditional money as they give the power back to the people from the central banks.

There are many many benefits of crypto that we are all aware of and I think in the coming decades, one or the other coin may make it to the top to become "the" coin of choice for the entire world so that we could all transact in it freely.

Or it could be that there would be a whole host of currencies serving various but important purposes in our lives. In any case, I think by 2100, cryptocurrencies will take over the world and everyone in the world will be using them for just about anything, thanks to the development in computing and internet technologies as well.

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