Imagining What The World Could Look Like In The Year 2100 (Part I)

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When it comes to the future, there are several sayings that I really like to talk about. One of them being that 'the science fiction of today is the reality of tomorrow.' History stands proof as to how many times this has already happened.

Arthur C. Clarke, a brilliant futurist had once said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." We don't always feel that way, because we are always involved with the development of any such tech right from the onset through news and other media.

But imagine if someone from the 1900s would time travel to today, they would think that we are all magicians capable of talking to anyone in the world and being able to fly in our magic vehicles. Such is the power of technology and scientific development.

Keeping all this in mind, I sometimes wonder what the world will be like in 2100 or even further into the future. What kind of innovations will we be using on a daily basis that we would consider "magic" today? I would like to share some thoughts of mine (influenced by predictions from experts) in this article.



Let's first talk about something that has become indispensable to human life - the computer. Over the last few decades, the computing power has increased so much so that now our phones are more powerful than all of NASA when they sent humans to the moon.

This trend is predicted to keep going and computers will become exponentially more powerful in the future, especially thanks to quantum computers that could become 'the standard' of computing in the near future (a few decades).

By 2100, it is easy to imagine computers that are billions of times faster than today's. But I think we won't have devices like smartphones or desktop computers anymore. I think they will become much more intimate and even more pervasive. I think everyone will have smart contact lenses or glasses instead and all the information one could need would be available in the field of vision in an Augmented Reality Interface.

Interconnectivity will be on such a powerfully advanced level that we would just need to think for something to happen, and it would happen, thanks to some sort of brain reading tech that would convert thoughts into computer commands. Imagine just thinking about pizza and it would be there in front of you delivered by a drone in 15 minutes.

Communications and Internet


This builds upon the previous point about computing. In the present times, we already enjoy the luxury of wireless communications and the ability to contact anyone via voice, video or chat. Things will become almost 'supernatural' in the future though.

By 2100, I think thanks to the extreme miniaturisation of tech while at the same time it becoming billions of times more powerful, communications, and access to information thanks to the internet, will be as easy as just thinking about it.

We would be able to contact anyone in the world just with our mind and there would be a 'seemingly' telepathic communication going on, while in reality, some serious technology would be going on in the background. Our thoughts could be converted into text by our glasses/smart lenses which could be transmitted to their glasses/smart lenses where they could convert that text into thoughts.

Freaky isn't it? Also, the true power of the internet will be realised as we are able to have faster on demand access to information about virtually anything in the world, in our field of vision. Say, you are walking around and happen to see a celebrity on the street. Right there on your field of vision, you could have access to info about their upcoming movies, all just by thinking about it!

Robotics and AI


All those science fiction movies that we watch will definitely become a reality by year 2100. Robots are already getting super smart and capable and they might just be a decade or two away from being able to help us exactly like a real human being would.

Artificial intelligence is rapidly progressing as well and according to experts, by year 2050, the singularity would occur meaning that AI could become as intelligent as us and maybe by 2100, could even surpass our intelligence.

Now, having a positive outlook, one could predict that this could be the biggest invention of our generation as AI, combined with robots, could do everything for us. Imagine robots walking around among us as equals, having an identity of sorts and working along side humans in every field.

AI systems deserve a post on their own but imagine them inventing stuff for us, managing our homes, offices, traffic, our entire lives. This could lead to a profound change in how we work and on what things we work on and we could witness change on an unprecedented levels as we look for areas where we can contribute uniquely. Maybe one day work itself will become obsolete.

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that world will be ruled by machines


it already is.
mankind is defined by technology.

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Thanks for this :)

We can NOT imagine what the world will be like in 2100...too many changes.
hell we can't imagine what the world will be like in 2030.


We will all be dead by 2100 so will it really matter? LOL


thank you for such an insiteful and well thought out reply


You are most welcome. It is a practical answer. There are more pressing things to deal with TODAY while we are living and contributing to our world. Blessings.


and I'm sure the world is much better for your contribution.
Practicality is everything.


It has its place.


Actually, that's what imagination is. We can imagine anything we like, and it doesn't have to come true exactly like that. It's just fun to think about it regardless.

Yes totally true..


Thank you :)

Ai will be more prominant !


It sure will be!

IF: The end-game of #ComputerScience is to provide us (humans) with tools to accomplish increasingly complex tasks across all areas of study from the Arts and Sciences to Business, etc on a global scale and IF: Moore's Law remains a factor ...

Then: I agree with the comment that 2030 is just as impossible to forecast as 2100.

However, I believe a bit of a "cooling off" period coming. 🙏
Such a fascinating topic and important topic. cjb


Thanks for the insightful comment :) I too think that is the end-game of computer science and we will see tremendous growth in this still.

The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.


That's deep!