ADSactly Tech News - Clones and Pets and More Clones!

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ADSactly Tech News: Clones and Pets and More Clones!

Image Source: Express

  • New scientific research shows that scientists have been able to create a living embryo in a laboratory without using either egg or sperm in ground-breaking but hugely controversial experiments.

  • ViaGen is a U.S. company with the ability to clone pets in addition to livestock.

Sometimes I look around when on a walk in the city or out of town and just think to myself, 'what will the world be like and look like in 10 or even 20 years?'

Based on my understanding of the research being conducting in the fields of AI, robotics, genetics and supercomputing, I have no doubt things will be extremely different. Will there be clones walking our streets or androids or robots of different sorts and types? Probably.

Will we actually walk in cities or will they be too polluted or radiated? Possibly but I hope not...

My mind wanders in all sorts of places when thinking about this topic.

In order to limit my ideas to a particular idea or focus for this article I spent quite a few hours combing the web for interesting stories in the field of technology.

And I thought to myself, wow, this would be so much easier if I had a clone of myself and could divide the labor. One of us could research and outline an article, the other could write it up.

Then the more sensible part of me told the less sensible part of me to stop dreaming and get to work! But something stuck... How long will it take for my idea to enter the realm of possibility and move from science fiction to reality?

I don't really want to clone myself or see anyone cloned but is it possible? The answer is question may shock and amaze you. So without further delay, lets have a look at where modern science is currently at in regard to cloning...

Image Source: Pixabay

Through my reserach I found a few recent developments that point to a real possibility that cloning technology is now at a point where it is possible to clone a human being and beyond that its even more likely that this technology has already been used to do so albeit in secrecy.

In a recent article published by Express, it was stated that scientists have already created a living embryo in a laboratory without using either egg or sperm. This research is considered to be both ground-breaking and incredibly controversial at the same time.

The experimental research combined two types of stem cells and created a viable embryo – which the team say would provide an unlimited stock for medical research.

The created embryos would also be used for medical treatment testing and help shed light on one of the biggest infertility enigmas - why embryos fail to implant in the womb.

I will be the first to admit my knowledge of science is vastly more limitied than I would like it to be. For example, what exactly is an embryo and how close is it to being a human being?

I needed to consult with a dictionary to find the answer to this:

  • em·bry·o
    noun: embryo; plural noun: embryos

    1. an unborn or unhatched offspring in the process of development, in particular a human offspring during the period from approximately the second to the eighth week after fertilization (after which it is usually termed a fetus).

Now we are getting somewhere. The real question we need to consider from a philosophical point is 'does an embryo have a soul?'

I don't want to take this article into the territory of religious debate so I'll leave my readers to think about the question above and move on for now...

Finally according to this article published in the Express, researchers believe that their new method of creation could see mice being cloned in three years time, and humans two decades later.

This is in contrast to my firm belief that technology has progressed a lot further than the general public has been made aware of but alas without proof this gut feeling remains in the realm of conspiracy... For now...

Image Source: Baltimore Sun

So perhaps let me educate my readers about the real life cloning taking place. Let me tell you a little story about puppies... Don't worry, I'm not taking you down another side track. This is relevant to the topic here...

Do you have a pet? Have you ever thought about how fragile and short your pet's lifespan is when compared to our own human lifespans? Would you like to have your pet forever or at least a pet that looks and acts very similar to your own? Well the impossible is now possible in that regard.

There once was a woman from Bel Air who loved her chihuahua with long-hair. She loved him so much and made such a fuss and paid a Texas animal cloning company a large sum to copy her dog. Now it's no doubt this story is a bit odd but the question remains, would you clone your loved one?

She paid $50,000 so that her dog — or a version of him — will be at her side forever.

I find a story like this to be quite interesting indeed. First the fact that this is even possible startles and amazes me. Beyond that I've got mixed feelings about this whole cloning business as it feels to be a bit on the fringe of right and wrong, should human beings really have this power? What may we end up using it for in the future?

According to my source, five puppies genetically identical to her dog, named Bruce Wayne, were born in October and thrived.

Four went to live with Bruce and his owner, Meesha Kauffman, while the fifth has a home now with a friend of Kauffman’s in Baltimore.

“I was expecting one puppy or maybe two,” Kauffman said. “When I heard that five puppies were born, I thought, ‘Wow, I hit the jackpot.’ Having five dogs has definitely been a lifestyle change. But goodness, they bring me so much joy I can’t imagine parting with any of them now.”

Well take a look at those cute puppies above. They look completely healthy and normal. Would you ever have any inkling of a suspicion that they were cloned and look almost identical to their genetic donor? I wouldn't have a clue if you showed me one individually that it was a clone!

Image Source: Pixabay

Apparently a company called ViaGen is the only company in the U.S. to clone pets in addition to livestock.

Since expanding from livestock into pet cloning more than two years ago, ViaGen, a subsidiary of the Gaithersburg biotechnology firm Intrexon, has cloned more than 100 pets, Rodriguez said, and more than half are dogs. Though the chihuahua pups aren’t the first cloned pets to live in Maryland — Rodriguez said the company has previously cloned cats for Free State residents — they are the company’s first cloned canines in the state.

Cloning pets is no big deal now. So I'll have to guess that what's around the corner for this new fringe science will most likely include human beings. Would you like to have two wives or two husbands indentical to the first? Would you decide to backup your son or daughter so just incase something happpened to them you could recreate them in their likeness? Does this just completely freak me out or have I stirred something in you as well?

I don't know what my fellow @ADSactly society members think about all this but I think that discussing this topic is worth the time and effort it would take to do so.

If you've got a strong opinion on cloning either way, I am open minded and I would love to hear it in the comments below!

Here's a chance for the @ADSactly community to leave their thoughts and opinions on this topic!

Thanks for reading.

Authored by: @techblogger

In-text citations sources:

"Cloning horror: Human clone fears as Euro scientists CREATE LIFE from ‘nothing’" - Express

"These puppies might be Maryland's first cloned dogs" - Baltimore Sun

Image Sources:


Baltimore Sun

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Good article, @adsactly.

I couldn't imagine wanting to clone my dog after he dies. I wouldn't want a simulacrum of him and it would be disrespectful to his memory to think I could replace him with a physical copy - not to mention unfair on the cloned dog itself.

No, my focus is on giving my dog the best life I can give him while he's here. Lots of long walks in the forest, lots of love and comfy spots to nap in the house, and the odd bit of people food now and again. He's a huge curry fiend.


I understand your feelings about this. I agree that it is a bit naive to think you can simply clone your pet or a loved one and that in some way amounts to having them back. Focusing on the present and really living life is a much better alternative. Happy you enjoyed my article. Take care.

Sometimes I look around when on a walk in the city or out of town and just think to myself, 'what will the world be like and look like in 10 or even 20 years?'

I think most of us have this kind of moment. At some point I see new generation of robots, moving like a human, speaking like a human and looking just like a human. And of course there is going to be bitcoin all over 😆. Bitcoin along with other cryptocurency will replace global currency and will be popular as today’s credit cards. When it comes to overall technology such as WiFi...I’m already worried about living inside the microwave with all these waives and radiation. Wait when they release 5G... And there is nothing we could do about it. We will eventually become mutants, if not already.

I've got mixed feelings about this whole cloning business as it feels to be a bit on the fringe of right and wrong,...

I’m on the same page. If I think about cloning of humans, I can only imagine one purpose, human organs. We may be creating a race of humans just to remove their organs and slowly killing them. Can you imagine if it was someone like you, or me with feelings. There is no way that even clone wouldn’t have any feelings. And just to create exactly the same person you just lost, is at the end completely different person even if it’s a clone. It’s even hard to call a human being a clone. Just a thought of me being replaced by my loved one once I die is frightening. I hope and pray there are no clones in my lifetime or ever.
Very interesting article @techblogger & @adsactly!


Yes. There was a popular sci-fi film about the idea of cloning duplicates to reserve spare organs called 'The Island' it was creepy indeed. I agree with your thoughts. Thanks for contributing!

The technology it's advancing in giant steps and genetics is no exception.

I do not think we will ever be fine with cloning humans since we always think that humans are unique from one another and having everyone to be the same it is not right (in my point of view), but I do think that genetic engineering in humans will play a large role on our future.

I see the future as we developing superhumans by means of 'forced evolution' or 'human GMO's ' where we artificially select and sometimes implant genes to make all newborn humans strong, handsome and intelligent, we will in due time become the race of the superhumans.

I don't see anything wrong with that, where I do see things wrong is in how are we going to implement these changes? What I mean is that I think is unethical to not give this opportunity to enhance their children abilities and be competitive because of factors like money, then it will become 'survival of the wealthiest' and that is unfair and in my point of view unethical since it will create two classes of humans and put inequality along marked that what it is right now.

Thank you for posting this, it was reflective to me and I enjoyed it.


Happy you enjoyed it @rogueofoz. Nice contributions, especially the terminology and descriptions used i.e.

'forced evolution' or 'human GMO's ' where we artificially select and sometimes implant genes to make all newborn humans strong, handsome and intelligent, we will in due time become the race of the superhumans.

Completely agree with this chain of thought!

Cloning myself for the purpose of dividing up the work some more might backfire - what if my clones also would rather daydream rather than do the work, then look at me and ask me to do it? Oh man, that'd be so horrible but so me.

That said, the idea of cloning a wife or sibling does repel me, a person is more than their DNA, their experience also makes up who they are and as cloning technology is mostly at the embryo stage, they are not replicating the memories or knowledge or skills that also define a person as who they are. And even if technology was at that point, the fundamental idea of a self for a person - the original person's "self" is who I want, not a cloned copy.

There is a lot of utility in cloning, but applications of it to humans certainly feel odd - perhaps they'll be treated as late-coming twins to the "original copy" and then be free to live life as they wish, and I suppose that's okay. But if there reaches a point where one person can be cloned dozens or hundreds of times, and furthermore be further "modified" to always act in some way or another, well, it'd be nice if they didn't serve as relentless soldiers for some government or another.

Cloning animals or pets can help greatly with research, as helps with controlling the animal's very own DNA, but genetic diversity within a species through reproduction is still important - there may well be a disease waiting out there that specializes in taking down that clone's particular strain of DNA.


Yes, I remember sometime ago there was a movie called multiplicity. It focused on this exact concept of clones sort of rebelling.

Clones meerly start at the same genetic starting point that the 'original' started at. All the experiences and inputs are what make a dog a dog or a man a man.

Hell, if I had a clone he might still be married to my first ex. And how much poorer would he be for the experiences I've had. Or he might still be married to my first ex. And how much poorer would I be for the experiences he had?

It makes my head hurt :0

Thanks for a wonderful and thought provoking column. Would you or one of your homies like to come do some research for me?


Sure Tom. I'll send you a group of five @techblogger clones to help you out. If you damage them or they break, I'll just clone more of them... Cheers!

Previously, cloning seemed to us fantastic. In destve I always wanted to have a clone that would do all the hard work for me :)
But with each year progress does not cease to amaze humanity. I first learned about successful cloning when scientists from the Netherlands cloned a piece of meat. That is, scientifically, this is called raw pork. Then they claimed that this would help in the future to receive meat in a more humane way than killing animals.
After that, I heard little about cloning. But after reading, I was surprised. I think that there are moral aspects of this process. I Many people do not find it right to clone more intelligent creatures. But it was always like this. That is, there are always those who will be against.
I think that there are a lot of pluses in cloning. It is interesting where in the end will lead mankind the possibility of creating clones

great .

It is now a fact that modern cloning technology has allowed human beings to successfully produce a genetically identical copy of bacteria, plants, and animals asexually in a laboratory setting, achieving life. With this new found capability, there has been mixed reactions with various sides arguing the morals and ethics when it comes to the practice of cloning life, especially human life. Questions arose, asking where the line should be drawn when it comes to what is considered legal and illegal, what the advantage and disadvantages were, and whether the practice as a whole should be banned altogether halting scientific progress.

Useful post. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed

Nice work, explores the technological and ethical issues involved nicely at a level that lay people can understand. I don't know about clones being used for labor but for organ harvesting? Sheeeeee-it, I wouldn't be surprised if it was already happening.

Also, assuming we truly perfect the cloning of adults, nothing good could possibly come of loading them with the memories of the original. Not only is that a completely separate (and arguably harder) technology.

Wow what an interesting read! I am in love with technology and how it will revolutionize the world. I do find these moral questions really interesting. In fact most people will resist change until a small majority 17% or so have adopted the technology and we reach a tipping point.

But i am sure the moral debates will rage around these topics long after a majority of people have accepted this is ok and the norm.

In my opinion Sir Cloning is so good in terms of labor, They used to be our substitute or proxy, We make this very useful when we are sick and can't perform well in the classroom, in the office, in to different workplace. There is no possibility of conscious robots about programming it feeling, But if we aim for robots to replace our love ones is not the right idea. This may seems to be a funny thing this is just like creating our own kind of family that never exist for real. Do you think they would 100% replace a child that would used to feed milk, a boy that should play and get messy, and teen who used to attend proms a man who use to marry women, a women who used to give birth a child? I don't think so.


I think clones would be terrible in terms of labor. If I was the average CEO of a multinational company I wouldn't hire you, I would clone slaves that are physically and mentally stronger than you and put them to work in my prison labor camp.

I would like to have a clone of mine. Would be the next best thing to having a sibling.

I gotta be honest, I am a bit more chill about A.I. and Cloning. I have respect for complex moral questions of how far we should go regarding these topics, but I am not afraid of them.

When it comes to these topics, Hollywood loves to make the creations of us want to overthrow the creators. Which makes for great stories but doesn't have to apply in real life. There is a good chance that cloning and AI will actually be beneficial and push humanity much further ahead.


Look into the unknown and be fearless as it looks back at you!



And as you do, do not blink!

There are different opinions on this subject. Many people consider that cloning primates brings us closer to the possibility of cloning people, which has a great ethical and moral implication. However, some others point to the option of cloning organs of the body that are used for transplants, which would save thousands of lives. According to Mu-Ming Poo, even endangered species, such as gorillas, could be cloned. Josep Santaló, member of the Bioethics and Law Committee of the University of Barcelona, ​​explained for El País: "The biggest problem is that we are getting closer and closer to human cloning. If this technique is perfected and it is guaranteed that it does not produce abortions or malformations, it is probably necessary to review the Oviedo agreement that prohibits reproductive cloning for dignity, to be evaluated based on the criterion of proportionality, that is, if the benefits are greater what the risks or the opposite. If the benefits are greater, why not clone humans?


Deep thoughts to consider. I would agree indeed that cloning primates brings us closer to cloning people. Cloning organs doesn't seem so bad as long as they aren't cloning people as organ banks. In regard to the greater concept of cloning humans I find the idea a bit creepy but I suppose it just means I need to research this more and understand all the angles in greater detail. Thanks,

Interesting is very useful, help educate yourself, successes, thanks for sharing!

good post,,,day by day we r depend on on future we eat mechine...married mechine,,,imaginary mechine life coming soon

The DNA is only the tip of the iceberg. Mitochondrial heritage and plenty of other factors also have their say.
I do not even think that there is not much interest or even money in merely copying embryos as such.
Not even for breeding animal species. Get identical clones and as soon as a disease they are vulnerable to hits your stock, there are all gone.
Genetic diversity is a financial isssue. To some extent.
And about plastic rhinos without their natural surroundings? They die out for a reason. And this reason is not reverted in a lab.


I understand your point with this. I didn't consider about the effect this may have on genetic diversity. Cool thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

Research Based Argumentative Essay Animal Cloning: Beneficial to Humans.

The present innovation grows so rapidly that numerous incomprehensible things turn out to be valid; the illustration is cloning innovation. Cloning is a procedure used to make a precise of a warm blooded creature by utilizing the total hereditary material of a consistent body cell. Not quite the same as the basic proliferate, cloning needs just a single cell and without sex. Cloning, as of late years, has turned into an extremely disputable issue in the public arena however cloning can have a few beneficial outcomes for the prosperity of society. Numerous individuals in the public eye trust that researchers ought to build up a clone human however numerous individuals and particularly the administration are against human cloning. Many cloned creatures exist today including sheep, goats, bovines, mice, pigs, felines, rabbits, and a gaur. Over the most recent 50 years, systems, for example, in vitro preparation, incipient organism exchange, developing life part, and blastomeric atomic exchange have turned out to be typical — giving agriculturists, farmers and pet fans with intense apparatuses for rearing the best creatures. Endeavors at cloning certain species have been unsuccessful. For instance, "Dolly", first cloned sheep was the main sheep that made due to adulthood from 277 endeavors. In any case, researchers have discovered numerous advantages to creature cloning which can be exceptionally huge to be the eventual fate of science profiting people.

Studies demonstrate that, all together for creature cloning to be fruitful, numerous means are important. There are three normal methods for cloning creatures. Initial one is called Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (SCNT)- The term physical cell atomic exchange alludes to the exchange of the core from a substantial cell to an egg cell. A substantial cell is any cell of the body other than a germ (sex) cell. A case of a physical cell would be a platelet, heart cell, skin cell, and so on. In this procedure, the core of a physical cell is evacuated and embedded into an unfertilized egg that has had its core expelled. The egg with its gave core is then supported and partitions until the point when it turns into a fetus. The incipient organism is then put inside a surrogate mother and creates inside the surrogate. Second one is known as the Roslin system - The Roslin Technique is a variety of substantial cell atomic exchange that was created by scientists at the Roslin Institute. The analysts utilized this technique to make Dolly. In this procedure, physical cells (with cores unblemished) are permitted to develop and partition and are then denied of supplements to prompt the cells into a suspended or lethargic stage. An egg cell that has had its core evacuated is then put in nearness to a substantial cell and the two cells are stunned with an electrical heartbeat. The cells intertwine and the egg is permitted to form into a developing life. The incipient organism is then embedded into a surrogate. The third method is called - The Honolulu Technique - The Honolulu Technique was created by Dr. Teruhiko Wakayama at the University of Hawaii. In this technique, the core from a physical cell is evacuated and infused into an egg that has had its core expelled. The egg is showered in a substance arrangement and refined. The creating incipient organism is then embedded into a surrogate and permitted to create. Numerous researchers utilized distinctive innovation in cloning. Presently, a few researchers building up some new procedures yet they are not portraying their procedure. Be that as it may, Roslin strategy is broadly utilized.


Creature cloning is valuable to the general public. It is a dependable method for keeping up high caliber and sound animals to supply our nutritious needs and purchaser request.

I couldn't imagine wanting to clone my dog after he dies. I wouldn't want a simulacrum of him and it would be disrespectful to his memory to think I could replace him with a physical copy - not to mention unfair on the cloned dog itself.

I think he is absolutely right in the world. But I think many people are so attached to their dogs that they would not think twice about doing it, even if they do not realize that it will never be the same. Nothing in this life can be the same, it will always be worse or worse. best

This was just an amazing article, I would love to clone and create my own breeds of different kind of dogs! Jack Russells are my favorite but they are pretty hard to reproduce, so selective breeding in a laboratory would definitely help! Very interesting topic indeed, especially when you are high! :D

La clonación, un excelente temas con muchas implicaciones, éticas y morales, pero también con algunas ventajas para la ciencia, Gracias por compartirlo, @adsactly.

Хорошая стать. Я даю свой голос пускай это почитают другие. Вот бы мне клона создать что бы он за места меня на работу ходил))))

Oh wow....It's very impressed to me!

Thought provoking subject indeed and there are many ways and angles to look at this from, my thoughts are that each seperate cloned human/animal will never be the same and would have to live identical lives also, so they would each be unique! To me it sounds like a job that never got quite finished in the first place by our creators the so called gods and these strange myths and religions we cling onto as set in stone, we dont fit in with nature like any other creature on this world that works with and cherishes its surrondings and our own gentics are wriggled with problems, some say we are genticaly enhanced lifeforms from else were in space that used its knowlege to survive on this planet by merging genetics with the local indigenous primate population 1000s of years ago and now we going to finish the job genetically and were does all that technolgy originate we have taken off
technologically speaking in a massive way since the crazy ufo invasion of the 40s and 50s that pertained to be a wacked out hippy hoax, however i do know my whole body and mind says to me everyday as i watch this planetary crazyness unfold, that human society needs to get its head and direction straight because we are meant to be a smart creature but it seems we have put profit before planet and brainwashed ourselfs with little or no vision by the political top dogs to change what we have now set in stone, which will be the downfall of it all at somepoint if we dont come up with some radical solutions, maybe our clones will be smarter, so we best get a crack on making some! haha Celebrate life Peace! :D