The NPC Meme (a poem)

in #funny5 years ago

All these npc memes strike a strong and strange reaction
Irony and provocation make for an odd law of attraction

Social media twitter got their knickers in a twist
A growing number of banned accounts is amassing quite a list

Unwittingly. Unwarranted. They bend to Wojacks will
The right sees opportunity, it goes in for the kill

On their own mildly amusing, the trolls aim is to trigger
Those who feed them score own goals and amusement just gets bigger

If you think all these memes creators belong only to a narrow social political belief
You might be an npc yourself. RunProgram {confirmation bias.relief}

The original conception seems more of independent thought
Binary automatons, made up of one's and noughts

No real wrong or right or left, each tribe has decided on the meaning
Politicking is a dirty world, in need of some deep cleaning

This self fulfilling prophecy I guess in some ways is quite mean
But at least I know I'm sorted out with what to wear this Halloween

...(I genuinely plan to be wearing a home made npc mask)

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