Time to Make Steemit More Efficient! Let's Just Do Away with the Posts Entirely

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Greetings, Steemit!

I come to you today with a suggestion. As most of you know, posts on Steemit are basically irrelevant. People don't read them, and large votes on the platform are distributed either by paid bid bots or autovote services. That's it.

Neither method of vote distribution requires actually reading the content, which means this is efficient.

But there is still a severe lack of efficiency from the content creators' side.

As it stands now, mining free STEEM through milking autovotes and bid bot services still requires creating the content.

This is, by no means, efficient.

So much time wasted that could be used on other things.

Thankfully, most of the Steemit Superstars have indeed realized that they don't need to engage with their followers, community, or commenters at all. They just drop their daily post or posts to get their free STEEM and focus on other things without wasting time on replying to comments. This is efficient!


What I suggest is let's do away with the posts entirely. Let's do away with the entire platform.

Instead, all we need is a list of all the users. Just a list of usernames.

People can pick the usernames they want to distribute their votes to, leave it on automation, and let the bots do the rest. The STEEM would be allocated to everyone selected once per 24 hour period.

No need for content.

Nothing would really change because this is how it already works, it would just save the content creators' time and energy.

Think of the time save and the efficiency of this method!

People can negotiate and make deals in STEEM.chat and Discord, there's no reason to use the site for any kind of social interactions.

There's really no reason for us to have the posts. No reason. This could be done so much more efficiently.

I also suggest you read this great suggestion for added efficiency: https://steemit.com/piglet/@church-of-piglet/7e6k8g-hear-ye-a-short-message-from-the-high-priest-of-the-church-of-piglet-himself

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As much as I may agree with some of your points I totally disagree with your suggestion of doing away with posts and content on this platform. Content creation is what makes Steem and is what actually gives the Steem coin it's value. If it were to be removed then that would mean ending this platform. It would be literary killing the vision and mission of Steem and the founders of this platform. As much as some are here to get the rewards and make money, some are actually here to learn, add to their knowledge, and be a part of the community. Most of my crypto-research resources were steem articles even before I decided to join this platform. Yes majority of articles are not read as expected but i think it is totally wrong to say that posting content on steem should be dealt away with.


Pay attention to the tags I used. Especially the second one.


Oh yes I did figure out this was some kind of joke so my comment falls under the same tag/ tags... I am sure whatever I said makes total sense though...


LOL - I don't think people do satire - that has already been dispensed with.

Although a $3 upvote for not getting the joke could be satire!

It would have been far more efficient if @steemitblog had posted this, minus all the hypotheticals.

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Nice post, but I don't have had time to read it, I have to go to check my Facebook.

This comment was left empty on purpose


Upvoted for efficiency.

good ideas as always, very much fun article


This comment is a placeholder so you can upvote me for engaging with you.

This still seems so inefficient. Why don't we do away with even posting and voting and just distribute the inflation among all users, 50% of which go to me. Please, if you want efficiency, do it right!

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That "original art photography series" guy got the gem from very beginning... basically saying "here I'm mining some steem again"..

Lol have thought about this before, seems apt under the current econs. Can just replace with content stored off--chain..


Basically, the way witnesses are voted for, all votes could be cast. No need to overcomplicate things beyond that, in my opinion.

Hi @shattenjaeger! I can't agree with your suggestion getting rid of contents on Steemit.. It' s the essence of the platform and from that people interact with each other and at the same time earn.. the one thing what thec system needs is get rid of the bid bots. It is ruining steemit's ecosystem. A lot of steemians left because no one's reading their post and newbies cannot afford to buy votes as some bid bots became so greedy that they have set up limits of minimum of 4-5 sbd/steem per post.. how could someone have an upvote of 1.5K steem for one post? They used to have limitations on buying upvotes via bots of max 22 SBD
Now... it's like a ramble! No ones controlling what anymore!

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I'm joking.



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You are so right! On what thing, I have no clue 'cause I didn't read your text, only the topic as I want to be extremely efficient every day. My finger clicked and my mouse autovoted you.


Exemplary efficiency!

Lool. So funny yet so true


It is interesting to see how many posts get manually upvoted (or not upvoted) when the auto vote services are down. Sadly you make some good points here.


It's also interesting to see how many big shots just choose not to post when they're down. They know.

Dont do It. Your sarcasm makes me smile (sometimes maybe)


I'll take that.

Love your sense of humour!!! :D :D :D
Unfortunately, that's what Steemit has turned into. :(


Thank you! :)

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Is it efficiency day?


Has he rocked the boat before?


That is a good suggestion also for added efficiency!

Still too inefficient. There's witness servers running whole gigabytes of RAM to keep the blockchain going. Get rid of those while we're at it. They're not needed one bit. Not at all.


I think we need to find a way to allocate a set amount of STEEM to the witnesses without them being witnesses, good point.

Ha! Ha! I actually laughed so hard at this the tears were streaming down my face. Even though I was laughing, I had to agree and it truly is a sad situation. I read the piglets post, and also agreed with his view. I wrote a similar post myself, but was more about people supporting others when they join certain groups.


Well, I'm glad you found it funny. I certainly wasn't trying that hard. :D
But it makes me smile if I made you smile.

I thought steemians hate mannequins like me... so maybe you are right... I can stop posting and go back to pose in my store :-)

Big plastic hug

Steemitri The Mannequin

Really a nice post, unfortunately I already lost my vote power at the roundabout. Sorry for you bro!


These days, you need a million SP for your vote to actually matter, so don't worry about it.


Lets rock that sinking ship!

very efficient


lol, made my day, and I read the post 😄


Thanks for bothering Lord knows a lot of people on Steemit these days don't want to bother. It's not efficient to bother.

It was so inefficient from you to write this post about efficiency that I needed to break out of my efficiency route. 😁

I've read through most of your post before each upvote...And I think writing content for steem is still efficient. In this way, we'll get to share ideas, prevent scams and provide solutions to some issues👏

You mean, @schattenjaeger, soon we will not have to make excuses for not reading the content? ;>

I'm, like you, here at Steemit two years ago and how things have changed, maybe for the worse. Today, old users like you and I only have complaints about what became this platform and this is frustrating.

Unfortunately, here we do not have much to do, only complain and see everything as viewers, because only those who have money can change the course of this platform.


Yeah. I’m watching the price, personally. Looking to buy back in.

Not that I can afford to make a huge, huge difference because that would take millions, but I’ll do my part.