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Dearest flock,

We present to you a path towards a more efficient Steemit!

The ironically, sarcastically, and satirically challenged should avoid reading this.

What if:

  • We made a tool to automatically repost old postings every day, starting from when one started on Steemit;
  • We made a tool to automatically buy votes for these postings;
  • Everybody delegated most of their SP to bid bots;
  • Everybody put those they regularly vote for on autovote based on the size of the votee's wallet;
  • We made a tool to generate random comments to make things look more lively.

This would greatly simplify things, as there would be no more need to create new good content, no more need to read or look at content, and no more need to curate manually; exactly what many people seem to want.

In fact, Steemit could continue as an autonomous system without any need for further input by humans, making things far more efficient and saving everybody a lot of time, while still generating roughly the same rewards it does now.

Everybody wins!

Even making money with money while being AFK most of the time being more lucrative than making money with content would continue as intended, which should satisfy most whales and witnesses.

It can't be all that hard to implement, as it feels we are almost there already; in fact, most tooling needed is in place and only needs to be combined.

We can do this if we want to! Many delegators to bidbots have already shown the way!

Best regards,

The High Priest of the Church of Piglet, Holder of Truth, and Keeper of the Ivy Staff.

Image by Katharsisdrill

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I'm a little confused, but I'm sure I'll figure this out later.


The post is intended as satire.

The struggle is real sister


You haven't joined the feminist movement while we weren't looking, have you? Concerned.




Sing it sister!


I think we may have lost Meesterboom to the Dark Nether.


Nethers? Yuk, such filthy things

The hypothetical world you describe is useful for explaining why new users joining now find the platform so unpleasant and empty.


Much like my experience with my ex-girlfriends down below

I fair few people are already doing this sort of thing. They generate no real content at all, but reap the rewards. I wonder how much the value of Steem depends on Steemit. If it got adopted as a payment method everywhere then that would drive demand and these scams would be even more lucrative. It's going to be interesting to see how this pans out in the next year or two. Some are saying that HF20 will make it easier to spam in bulk.

Hey, thanks to @schattenjaeger, you got a New follower sir...