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This got a little strange!

Just for fun, we thought we would try eating some toothache plant flowers on camera. After a little fun editing, this is probably the funniest video I've put out in a while. Check it out and see what you think!


As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

GIF provided by @anzirpasai



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I do not understand much what they say but their faces do not seem pleased with the taste of those flowers. I think they taste bad @papa-pepper


It makes your mouth go numb.

lol Ive never even heard of that plant! Very interesting. I'll have to try it out lol

"Anything happening yet?"............ :) "I'm not sure what the recommended dosage is.........." Haha......... just sittin' here laughin' my ass off. Reminds me of my younger years. You guys are a trip... and the dreads into horns as you temp him .... haha! Good show!


WE thought we'd have some fun with it, and the editing process was a riot with the few sounds effect, music, and what not. Glad that you liked it!

I remember the toothache plant....
Can imagine the fun you're having as well as the nutritional value of this..
Funny though @)papa-pepper...

About how long did the numbness last?


It wore off a while after the video. Not sure how long it would numb pain, since we didn't actually have any pain.


Kind of feels like that sometimes.

haha! this was funny indeed papa-pepper, you guys are a little bit nuts, I love it! lol.

Ah I wonder how many people I could trick into eating these :D

This was hilarious! I have been wanting to grow this plant. Not sure how I feel about it now, ha ha!

Those are so awesome - I must get some seeds @papa-pepper!!!

Who needs Viagra when you have the toothache plant. :-)

Sooo true about the amount of saliva! Feels like you can spit and spit and spit again and still have plenty saliva left! Also fun to watch people try one for the first time to see what their reaction is!

It increases testosterone. Also known as people doing dumb things.

That is a classic. I'm still laughing.


Yeah, interesting, isn't it?

LOL! 🤣 I don't think you guys need any extra testosterone! LOL Too funny!

I had never hear of these before. Now, it's time to do a little more research.

They definitely look "mouth watering" :-)


Acmella oleracea
Acmella oleracea is a species of flowering herb in the family Asteraceae. Common names include toothache plant, paracress, Sichuan buttons, buzz buttons, tingflowers and electric daisy. In Brazil it is called jambu. In Maharashtra it is called अक्कलकाढा.


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When I saw the title of this post I thought it was going to be a herbal remedy for toothaches, LOL. :D I should have know it was going to be a type of pepper. :D
Do you ever get heartburn? I have it everyday so I can't enjoy any spicy peppers, which is a bummer because I used to love a bit of spice in my food, not as much as you and your lovely family, but a bit. :D
God bless you and the whole pepper clan. :D Have an awesome day my fabulous friend! :D


These are an herbal toothache remedy... a type of flower. We have just been eating a lot of hot peppers too.


Oh, LOL, I totally misunderstood, I'm going to blame it on my pain killer. :D
Thanks for clearing it up for me and anyone else that might have misunderstood as well. :D
God bless you and your wonderful family. :D Have an awesome day my fabulous friend! :D

Good jobs bro...

It would be interesting to find out how they work.

Is it a mild narcotic, or a mild poison (neruo-toxin)?

Do the animal like to eat the flowers? What does it do to them?

So many questions!! hehehe We don't have them in NZ as far as I know. There is another plant here (a fern I think) that does a similar thing.

I'll see if I can find something out about it and maybe post a video of me eating it. I don't think it will be as funny as your though.


Perhaps more research is required. I'll see what I can dig up.... I do have a lab coat.

LOL...good and funny video, Papa.

Btw , looks like your brother

Also I took heed in you mantra "don't waste your time online and invest it in Steemit "

I just powered on up with some fiAT and hit over 5K SP. So Iam coming up near you Papa and joined the Dolphin party :)

Of course a full one for you to share the love ;) And thnx for your inspiration to soooo many Steemians here


Thanks @robertandrew! It was a fun video to make! Over 5k? Nice!

Oh man! I have mine for next year. Just sowed the seeds about three weeks ago, ready to be transplanted into the herb and flower garden for next season.