Movie Review Video: The Mole People

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As I post this, I'm somewhat excited, but a bit burned out and apprehensive. My goal to make a crazy, unique movie review - completely different than most - has been an investment in time and energy.

I'm not the best at any one particular skill set, but I do think I'm pretty decent as a generalist who can bring them all together and hopefully entertain.

I'm not really looking for upvotes here - as much as opinions — mainly...

Would you like this to be a regular series?

Thank you for your time and support!


Haha this is good stuff!

There is a polish beyond that of general blogging and social media that is going to appeal and have a viral tendency I bet.

For me personally consuming your blog, I am not sure I would subscribe to 9+ minutes of movie review. More because of my stupid schedule and time I have for stuff it’s funny.

It is entertaining, original and helps you interact with the blockchain so I would probably upvote and resteem because the world needs to see this.

You should also join with Powerhousecreatives @steemitbloggers as this is great content and having that dedicated community plugged in to this serial would be a win/win.

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Ha ha, those ish-tards! This is great... I love Cinema Caffeine, all your signature moves are included. But the question remains... why did she throw herself under the column??? The work is topnotch... voice over, video work and cute graphics!

A few suggestions... I don't think speeding up of the movie footage is necessary just think about being more concise on your cuts. For a movie review format, especially as a gag, distilling down the plot points would make the overall project more powerful. Can't wait for the next one - try using a little more chainsaw!

How much choppage are you thinking? 1/3 less? 1/2 less?

That really WAS a terrible ending! I wanted Adad to get married and become Amom!

I already know what you mean about the footage. I've only been working in Premiere for 2 weeks now, so I got carried away.

Andddd I guess there's a film caffeine out there, but... who cares?

Most films are structured in three acts with two major plot points that shift the story to the next act. The Setup (major plot point), The Confrontation (major plot point), The Resolution. If you can identify these and give about a minute per act it will help focus your criticism and deconstruct the hilariousness of the plot. I'm sure some of these movies are so bad that they will not follow any structure but if you can still keep it around 3 - 4 minutes per review I think you will hit it out of the park. Cinema Caffeine © - keep it! I also like the delicious film flavors rising from the cup! What... Adad was never Amom!!

This all makes sense, although I'll probably incrementally size the series down, I need more chainsaw talent... Will give it a go however. Thanks again for your feedback!

I think simply talking faster would help. I see Chris Stickmann on Youtube has some reviews that are 4:27 and some are all the way up to 24:20. Crazy! I'll try for 6.5 minutes on the next one, then 5 and then 4... and... and... whatever proceeds 4...

Okay, well, the next script is 20% shorter, which is pretty good hacking for a novice chainsaw guy. It wasn't easy, since I kind of like the next movie. The lulz are hard to narrow down.

Also, what would you think of full-length versions for some versions and shorter versions for others?

Regardless, the next one will be more action-packed with a faster pace and more humour I think!

Yeah it could be good to mix it up.

For the 3rd one, I'll summarize a film that I mostly have contempt for, the chainsawing will be way easier that way :D

That's great I remember seeing part of this movie...Like the brooklyn accent of narrator... :-)

Aqui mi visita amigo,muy buen trabajo,saludos y muchas bendiciones y gracias por su apoyo

LOL, I remember seeing this movie a long time ago, theres something so innocent about these old films with their low tier special effects that make them so fun!

Yep!! There's so much good comedic material in there, it's a real chore to sort it all out and distill it down... Do you think (as several others have said) that this series should be significantly shorter?

Thanks for checking it out!!!

Hmm that's a tough one, I don't mind watching longer videos myself but some people have a pretty short attention span these days. As someone who has a hard time editing things to be shorter myself I might be a bit biased haha!

I hear ya. I just now cut a 715 word script down to 490 words and it was pretty tricky in some areas. Good practice though, all this is a bit new to me :D

I'd be interested and as a fellow 'video creating' newbie I'd love any 'I did it this way' that you wanted to throw in.

Also I LOVE Mole People, and my favourite way to watch it is the old MST3K version as their 'comments' make the movie 1000's more fun to watch!

I actually loved it! I would've never watched this movie if it wasn't for your summary! I think it would be cool if at the end you gave it a grade with a criteria that is consistent throughout the series!

Nice! Thanks for taking the time out!! I'll give that some thought. This wasn't too bad of a movie for its time haha...

As for length, I plan to do one that's half this length, and another that's 2/3... make them snappier... and collect opinions again.

Lmfao.. that's funny AF.. I'd almost be willing to watch the original.. this is the kind of content that should be on the trending page

Is there any way to bot-vote myself up there? I do have some extra Steem on hand hahaa... the whales is all asleep when it comes to funny joke content...

Hmm ... maybe whales hibernate like bears do?

OR just circle-vote too much to notice good content lolz

I don't have much to add to the comment section, others said it already. So I'll mainly tell you that it's cool that you started such an initiave. It seems like a nice outlet to combine your talents and to further improve your creative skill set. As long as it feels like fun ( for you ), please keep doing this.

P.S. Also nice to finally hear your voice :>)

LMAOOOO this is too good and funny budzy! I toadally want to make it a regular series, shoot I would like to see you post one of this everyday haha Thanks for making my day buddy!

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