What's the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen?

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Wow! What a nice title. I bet you think this is going to be a beautiful post filled with puppy dogs, ice cream, rainbows, unicorns, doughnuts... and sunsets.

Actually it's going to be about what a grumpy jackass I have always been.

But since I tricked you with the title, here is a beautiful sunset from Oia in Santorini, Greece.

I did not take this photo. This type of photography requires skill... of which I have none.
This is a "free to share and use commercially" photo from Yahoo!
However, I am pretty sure I saw the exact same sunset nearly 20 years ago.

I have a very nice friend (it's a freaking miracle, I know). She is the type of person who enters a party not knowing a soul, yet when she leaves, the party immediately ends. Over the course of the night, she makes everyone feel witty, interesting and important (no her name is not "alcohol"). She is a real live person who just goes out of her way to talk to people and make them feel special. More importantly she listens to people.

One of her tricks is to come up with a universal question that will get people talking. Recently, she chose "What's the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen?" After using it to make some new friends, she asked me.

Most people would get lost in their memories, stare off into space, and smile as they answer.

Not me.

I clenched my fist, shook it at the sky and began to give a ridiculously over complicated answer to a very simple question.

For some reason, I wanted to share that answer with all of you (sorry). Because I have a terrible memory for names, I needed to ask my wife the name of the location of the famous sunset. I entered the living room and asked, "Hey Helen, what was the name of that place in Greece where we watched the sunset?" She stared at me coldly and responded, "Why would I help you remember that?" Having heard this story before, my daughter who was seated next to my wife added, "You're soulless dad. You have no soul." (This is 100% true. There is absolutely no exaggeration here.)

Eventually she told me.

The most beautiful sunset I have ever seen was similar to the one pictured above at Oia in Santorini, Greece. I saw it almost 20 years ago while I was enjoying my honeymoon in Santorini with my beautiful wife. According to her, the sunset at Oia is one of the most famous in the world. People come from all corners of the globe to experience it. As a result, we simply had to see it.

One night, we grabbed a bottle of cheap wine (actually it was before the Euro so everything was cheap) and headed to the best vantage point on the island. As we approached, I was struck by the sheer number of tourist stores lining the street on the way to plateau from which we would watch the sunset. Every few feet there was another shop (exactly like the previous six) selling T-shirts, postcards, film, batteries and disposable cameras. With every step we took, the prices increased exponentially. By the time we reached the end of the street, a single roll of film was being sold for an amount equivalent to our entire dinner tab. The best way I can describe the street is that it was incredibly "cheesy".

When we arrived at the best viewing location according to Fodros Travel Guide's, it was packed with people. Apparently we weren't the only ones who had heard of this book.

I didn't take this picture either.

There was actually a line to see a sunset. Although that seemed very odd to me, I was drunk on Greek wine and love so I waited patiently to make our way into the crowded viewing area. After making our way to the larger space, we had to jockey for position so my vertically challenged wife could see. It was very crowded. I don't do very well in crowds. I get very anxious and annoyed. Unless I'm slam dancing, I really don't like to be stuck in wall to wall people. But I powered through.

Although I was a little tense due to the crowd, I made the best of it and enjoyed the remarkably beautiful sunset with my new wife. It truly was stunning.

I know this is beautiful (because I didn't take the picture), but it is a little less so when you are piled on top of strangers and some dude's sweaty armpit is right in your face.

Then it happened.

At first, a couple of people began to applaud. Then others joined them. Soon the very large crowd was engaged in a humongous standing ovation... for the freaking sun!

I have always believed that applause are meant to show a person or group of people appreciation for their performance. Heck, I will even applaud for an animal if it does something really cool. But the sun?

The sun can't freaking hear applause. It's the sun!

In addition, what did it do?


It just sat there as the Earth turned on its axis and rotated away from it.

And it does it every damn day!

Furthermore, it has done it every damn day for about 4.5 billion years.

Yes the sun is amazing... but I don't think it is like some spoiled brat who needs to get a blue ribbon just for showing up.

As I stood in utter shock scanning the solar fanatics surrounding me, all of the built up tension immediately exploded from my body in the form of loud, boisterous, hysterical laughter. I buried my face in my hands and couldn't stop laughing. Luckily for me, my wife is tremendously cool and knows me very well. She knew what she was getting into when she agreed to marry me. She just smirked, shook her head at me , and quietly lead me away (she does that alot).

Although it might not be the memory we had intended to make, my wife and I will never forget that sunset. I still laugh about it which causes her to laugh at me.

To this day (because I am a huge jackass), when the moment is right and we encounter some impressive inanimate object, I will lean over to my wife and whisper, "Do you think we should give it a standing ovation?" Then she smacks me on the arm and we laugh.

My favorite sunset has provided my wife and I with nearly 20 years of laughter. I’d say that counts as beautiful.

Now it's your turn. What's the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen? If you happen to be a more talented photographer than I (nearly every one is) feel free to include a photo in the comments below. If this inspired you to describe it in words, that's cool too.

And for the record, if the beauty of nature causes you to spontaneously burst into applause, that is completely cool with me. There is something beautiful about being so moved by the wonders of nature that you need to express it physically... but it's still going to make me laugh. I promise to do it quietly so I won't ruin your moment.

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Reading your articles is like watching an intense and emotion-packed movie! You completely get lost in the moment and when it's over you have the sensation that you'll need a couple of minutes to re-enter reality again :-) Fantastic!
According to your own words you are not the best photographer, and according to your daughter you don't even have a soul (which I would vehemently deny), but you're definitely one of the best storytellers I've ever been following. Thanks for that! :-)
Loved and resteemed

PS: I'm currently moving from one house to another and have no access to my huge and slightly antiquated "photo boxes". But I'll find that one sunset of mine.... promised ;-)

Oh I figured you'd have some of the best. I bet you have caught more than your fair share of beautiful ocean sunsets!

And thanks for the kind words and the resteem. It really meant a lot. As I hit "post" on this one, I hesitated and thought, "Are you really going to post 1300 words based on the simple punchline of people applauding for a sunset?" I shook my head and decided to just go with it. This story has been a running joke with my wife and I for years. I am glad that you enjoyed it.

I follow @surfermarly and luckily she resteemed this post:) it attracted my attention thus I read the whole story. It was an amusing and easy read, thanks! :) The idea of people standing in queue and than applauding does seem a bit ridiculous :) But honestly? Damn, I wish i had your writing skills! 😅 without them the story wouldn't be as captivating as it is. 🥂 English is not my native language, but that's never as an excuse :) Anyway, here I am, your new follower and a declared envier 😅

Thanks! That is very kind of you to say. This has been a running joke with my wife and I for years so it kind of wrote itself.

I have seen far too many to pick a favorite - on the Pacific Coast, a farm in Gainesville, FL, sailing in the Caribbean, Gulf Coast FL - I wish I had photos of the very best, the ones that take your breath away and you can hear the sound of one hand clapping - now that is applause!

Wonderful post - thank you @hanshotfirst

Beautiful well done ..
I liked this view ..
Sounds fun experience, good for you
Thanks for sharing your experience with us

I've got tons of beautiful sunset pics, just need a good camera and magical location.

The sunset of Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh is the most beautiful. I think everybody has a lot of sunshine in his country, but the sunset of my country will give me all the beauty of this world.


That's fantastic!

Burn baby, BURN! That is amazing.

Really good story. I enjoyed every word.
I am from Bulgaria, very close to Greece. Next time, when you guys come just let us know ;))) maybe I will make you nice family sunset photos ;)))


And yep....that's my photo :)))


And my boys on those photos ;)))

Great sunset and very cute kids!

Nice sunset. Let me share this one I got two weeks ago when we went to a surfing beach north of our country, the Philippines. It is summer here and people love to flock in beaches and resorts. Cheers :)

Absolutely the one I witnessed in Greece. The atmosphere... the whole night which we were awake... it was miraculous...
I took pictures but as you said they are far from being good and professional 😐

All that matters is that the pictures provide you with wonderful memories.

honestly, I hardly check my old pictures... but you did the amazing thing with bringing up such subject which engaged me and many others, since everyone have had such moments and recalling them is sweet. well-done

I can just imagine how it felt as the slow clapping turned into something bigger and you wondered how thunderous it would get. One person clapped and because we are such followers the entire crowd believed that they must clap too. Lol my favourite example of this is a video I saw where people were sent to sit in a room and two people were planted to react to a bell. They would stand and sit every time the bell rang. All of a sudden everyone was joining in with no idea why they were doing it. Lol
The best sunset I have ever seen was in the Cheesiest place I have ever been. Niagara Fall, Canada is a walking money suck with amusements and novelties to last forever. Everyone should visit though, a great experience. And if you catch the right day you just might see this:

Wow! That is beautiful.

I actually just went there for the first time ever last summer. I absolutely loved it. The person at our hotel referred to one street as "Kid Vegas" and it was the perfect description. After a couple of hours, my credit card was smoking! But it was so much fun.

I am actually not a big nature guy (if you couldn't tell form my reaction above) but Niagara Falls blew me away. Taking one of those boats right up to the Falls my be my favorite experience in nature ever.


Oh, the Maid of the Mist is an experience everyone should have!!! Kid Vegas!!! Lol what a great name for it. Haven’t heard that. I will actually be back in Niagara Falls in 3 weeks. My daughter has National’s for cheerleading. Btw: that’s not my picture either. We actually lost a ton of our pictures when one of our computers fried. Grrrr.

Not sure which is my favorite ever... but here is one of my favorites from last year... mostly because i was up in thr mountains of Utah doing what i love best. Photogtaphing and offroading.


Wow! That is amazing!

Haha thanks... here's to hoping for some great sunsets for you and me in 2018!

And yes i responded to the title... because you know... happy thoughts and stuff.

You have made laugh a lot . I did not know it was so difficult to see and enjoy a sunset in Greece. You were so funny, indeed.
BTW, this is the best sunset I've ever seen :
Cumaná, Venezuela

The sunset pic. with amazing colours which taken by me in Side, Antalya.
sunset_1 (1).jpg

This photo shows a sunset near of the Arc of Triumph " champs-Elysées Paris" on 08/08/2017 . I haven't the chance to capture a seasonal phenome which the sun has an appointment with the Arc of Triomphe as it seems to lie on the horizon. On August 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2017

KeyWest Florida, has to be one of my personal favorites, Everything about this image was perfect, Sunset, Sailboat, Sea gull.

All the sunsets on this post are spectacular & unique!!

This is so funny - I guess the people standing in the line were really into 'personification' hahaha. But I do agree even though it is weird, nature can be spectacular

I do play this up for the story. If people were so moved, it's cool with me.

Each to his own I say

Wow this sunset is really amazing and I feel like I'm seeing it . Man this is a breathtaking shot.
Coming to my part here.
Here is a picture of a sunset I witnessed a few days ago in my own city and I couldn't just sit there and not take a photograph. @hanshotfirst

This is my favorite sunset I`ve captured on my own photographs ♥ Calatagan Batangas, Philippines ♥
Follow @honeywanders for more Philippine Local Adventures


My home beach has park benches arranged under a canopy and the tourist along with the locals come there and watch the sunsets as they are so beautiful. A special treat last summer for us was a man with a bagpipe walked out on the pier and played Amazing Grace. Everyone clapped and rose for a standing ovation. It was truly a moving experience.

I'd clap for a bagpiper for sure. That's pretty cool.

They do that in Florida every night...at least in Sarasota. I was on the beach with all the other guests and waiting for "it" to happen. It did - surprise. And everyone clapped and danced. Except me. I was alone and thought they were all something. I got embarrassed for everyone.

I love that you and your wife have one of those jokes too - that carries you for years and years.....Do you think we should give it a standing ovation?


I don't have a photo to share at this moment....but just to let you know, I don't cheer the sun or clap or dance at the sunset or sunrise. But sometimes I do cry a bit because of it's beauty. Please know, that I don't want a standing ovation for my tears though. Just sayin'

Ok, this is one of the best post ideas I have seen on Steem! What a great way for people to smile and daydream about all the beauty they have seen!

I am lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth (in my opinion) Santa Barbara, California! Living here I see jaw-dropping sunset after jaw-dropping sunset. I will often walk along the bluffs or the beach as the sun sets and watch the surfers as they all stop and stare at one of the most amazing spectacles ever, dolphins jumping in front of a backdrop of orange, red and pink.

Every time I look up and see a sunrise or a sunset it looks more beautiful than the last!

Thank for this post, I found myself sitting reminiscing on all the sunsets I have seen with a smile on my face for a good ten minutes before I wrote anything! haha :)

Pictures on an iPhone never do a sunset justice but here is one I took a few weeks ago :)IMG_4585.JPG

WoW! Looks like the Sunset I`ve seen here in Calatagan Batangas Philippines
@annemariemay @hanshotfirst

That is beautiful!!! :)

You are really lucky for living there. one of my obssessions is visiting the State of California someday . I live in Venezuela, and once a friend told me that the place i live in reminded him of the California Coast . We also have amazig sunsets and dolphins, but not surfers or high cliffs like the ones you have there .

I would love to go and visit Venezuela! It sounds incredible! If you ever make it out to Santa Barbara, let me know! :)

That is nice of you to say. I was just having a little fun with a running joke between my wife and I. But I was hoping it would inspire others to share. Thank you for sharing yours!

Very nice photo !!!
This is my sunset

The most beautiful sunset I've ever been blessed to have witnessed was in the mid to late 90's, on the University of Minnesota campus.

The clouds, the air temperature, and the autumn season could not have been more perfect...
Standing outside the Weisman Art Museum on the East Bank of the campus, gazing across the Mississippi River, the stillness of the air supported a sky painted with the most gorgeous sunset...

The layered canvas of the sky seemed to hit every shade of the color spectrum that reached from bright yellow to deep burgundy, lighting up every single cloud in a different aura, balanced by the dim blue of what cloudless parts of the sky crept through the clouds.

The most amazing part of this sunset were the witnesses: Literally hundreds of students, from outside the Weisman to all the way across the wide footpath of the Washington Avenue bridge, stood there, motionless. All of us gazing in the same direction toward the sky. It was as though, for several minutes, time stood still.

I will never forget it, though I haven't thought of it in years...
Thank you @hanshotfirst for prompting this beautiful memory.
What an experience.
No one had cameras in their phones; indeed, back then, few even had cell phones...
Thus no pictures to share that wouldn't do the moment justice anyway.

Instead, imagine a legion of students with no means of recording the moment, save for offering it their full and absolute attention.
Imagine that...

Your description was quite beautiful and poetic. I remember a time before cameras were everywhere. I was actually wondering if someone was going to comment here and ask 'What's film?"

I hope your are able to keep telling that story so you never forget it.

Good article dude. Very funny writing and I can relate about sometimes acting out of place. the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen was in Hawaii on the Big Island near Mount Kilauea which is the active volcano. There are actually crowds there every evening in the park atop a mountain to watch the sunset and so we got up there and actually paid to see the sun set. I thought it would be dumb but it was really cool. Also probably because of the new love too. No one laughed but people did actually clap. That is my best sunset. Keep writing and being yourself.

Sounds awesome! I hope to get to Hawaii some day.

Hola, @hanshotfirst
Me encanto tu atardecer favorito.
El mio es en Paraguana, Edo. Falcón, Venezuela
Aqui envio un fotografía de ese atardece.
Saludos y Felicidades


The sunset of Bangladesh was the best I loved!
Seeing our country, many poets have written a lot of poems on this sunset!
My country's sunset compared to other countries lot of better.
I respect the sunset of all countries. 🌇

I've seen plenty of pretty sunsets while driving on road trips. It's hard to choose just one. The most beautiful night sky I have ever thus far seen was in the middle of Nowhere, Missouri, where there were no artificial lights for miles, the stars looked so close you could touch them, and you could even see the profile of the Milky Way. It was so overwhelming, it was almost like tripping without taking any acid. I was both weirded out and awed by it.

The most memorable sunset was, I guess, in college, when my mother asked me to take her to the beach, because she hadn't been to the beach in years. The beach is only about an hour from her house, but she doesn't drive on the Interstate, and my dad wouldn't take her (she divorced him two or three years later for someone who WOULD take her to the beach). I'm not a beach fan....I prefer mountains....but on one of my weekends home from school, I took her, and we walked along the sand late in the afternoon, until the sun set. As we were facing west, I could actually see the sun move as it went down in the sky and dipped below the horizon out over the ocean. I'd never actually seen the sun move like that before, so it was pretty cool, and I've never forgotten it. Beach sunsets are unlike any other, even if I avoid going to the beach if I can.

That sounds like a beautiful memory with your mom. Glad she found a better match!

These are called golden hour photography and I have participated in it here on steemit many times. @juliank runs a photo contest of it and I have submitted many entries there. Here I am sharing this wonderful entry I submitted there.IMG_20171222_172859-01.jpeg

Wow! That is beautiful.

Thanx a lot my friend. It has been nearly the whole year since I joined this platform and from then I am a regular user of your posts, your funny stories, film reviews and other stuffs. You also enjoyed my artworks and photographs in the past. But these days you seem to be very busy and I have not got any reviews from you in my posts which I always love to get and act accordingly to improve myself. Engagement is the main key here to get successful on steemit and true feedback is all we need here.

The crowd would say " Ahh there it is, it's beautiful." One guy would hear that remark and agrees, then spontaeneously applauds, others hear it and will follow and claps as well. Same thing happens in riots.
I can't go out to record my best sunset but the best sunset for me is a delicious dinner after the sun had set.

You do have a point. A riot would be far less fun.

A delicious meal after the sun sets sounds delightful to me.

Absolutely agree with you, I hate to be in crowded places, feel myself quite claustrophobic, usually it is a women who like to see such romantic things like sunset, I presume that was in your case too, and as real gentleman do you make a wish of your wife to become true. But at least you have an experience for life. I also can't understand applause and standing ovation for sun, that is really a joke.

Sunset Skies, Bonfire Nights !!



This was a great sunset in the majahual beach our great place in El Salvador central Amèrica.
best regard @galberto

Another of my favorites is Sunset over turn 1 at Daytona International Speedway during the Coke Zero 400.
NASCAR Coke Zero 400 Daytona, Florida - Jasen Vinlove USAToday Sports Images.

Wow! That is awesome!

Have you hooked up with any of the photography people here on the site? I bet they would love to have you as part of their community.

Thanks! I have been following a few here and there looking to get into the photo community.

Today's Sunset from my balcony. Sky was literally on fire-


2017-10-05 18.54.02.jpg
Sunset, lake Sevan, Armenia. Taken by my iPhone6
2017-10-05 18.53.28.jpg
Same as above

This may be one of the most entertaining posts I've ever read. It held my attention the entire time, and that's hard to do! lol when I think "I wish I could be an amazing writer" THESE are the kinds of posts that I aspire to write like.

What a cute joke between you and your wife. I can't believe you're a grumpy sunset hater, haha jk.

I think that the reason why you like the sunset in Santorini is because not only it is a well-known beautiful place but also the people who you with in that moment.

Damn, I was hoping to see some puppy dogs or at least grumpy cats who can project rainbows from their eyes! :(

Now I am going to be on the internet all day looking for that image.

Wahaha, sorry about that :D

What you See and do is the base for memories. Memories the best you could have.

Hahaha - Brilliant!

Behind every grumpily witty (yet awesome) man, there is a woman who has the balls, patience and endurance to lead him away when needed, laugh it of, and still make him smile at the end of the day - all while sticking around to see what the next day with him holds in...

Just kidding. It sure does seem that you have a very understanding and loving marriage - and with that being said; in my opinion I would say that your (both you and your wife's) best sunset should be any and every sunset that you get to spend together! Because a bond like that is not only extremely special, it is also immensely rare!

Wishing you much love peace and prosperity in all the sunsets yet to happen on your journey through life!

BTW random assumption - is your daughter that you refer to in the post by any chance a teenager? because that is exactly the kind of thing that my 16 Y/O would give me.

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-12 at 23.19.21 (1).jpeg

here is a sunset for the two of you to enjoy - all the way from my farm in South-Africa

Wow!! I love this

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This a beautiful sunset. I would love to see that view in person.

Buenos Aires Argentina

Amazing post and photography, i like it enjoy it , keep it up, and thanks for sharing.

Keep looking up, this is just so beautiful......“When the sun has set, no candle can replace it.”

I took this photo overlooking the golden gate bridge.

Full post is here if you care to check it out.

What a nice sunset... Great shot @hanshotfirst DSC_0681.jpg
This is sunset in my hometown padang west sumatra...

sunset is always beautiful
sometimes it is more beautifull!
that one is really very brautifull

Know what you want to do, hold the thought firmly, and do every day what should be done, and every sunset will see you that much nearer the goal.
Do you notice @hanshotfirst? The sky, at sunset, looked like a carnivorous flower.

Amazing fun my friend @hanshotfirst! When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator....... Lol !!!! I enjoyed . your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit.

thanks your good sharing

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Good content and an interesting read. Thank you for sharing.

Amazing shot thanks for sharing! exciting posts! Checkout my posts as well

Thats a beautiful hunk of content you got there bro!

I liiikeeee!!!!!!!

Wow nice post upvoted and resteem

Good afternoon, I liked your post although it was a bit long to read, I could read it, you wrote it well, I hope you take into account my humble comment, greetings of venezuela

I liiikeeee!!!!!!!

the sunset pict is so greattt!

This is beautiful

it was badass in your own style even the title didn't let me down ;p

how to get you to upvote my article friends.
and can i resteem your articles riends?

The picture is very nice like a movie. I go to see many good pictures. I read the article well.

Mine is Cabo de Roca. The most west place in EUROPE. With my love :)

Challenge, where you can win up to 100s $SD!
If you want to, you can try it here:


There are many landscapes, but we do not see them because of daily life. We do not look at the sky too much

Post was really nice .....easy read ...and beautiful view. Appreciated

Great post! Well I can’t know how talented you are because most the photos display wasn’t taken by you hahahah! Maybe you need to post the very one you take to make it easier for us to decide who is most talented. Thanks !

They are all so different, I am a big fan of sunsets. My favorite so far was the one I witnessed at Dubrovnik Croatia. There is something about that one looking over the Adriatic.

I live in Venezuela, a country that gives you beautiful sunsets everywhere. He created that the most recent one that I have witnessed was on the beach, while my friends were taking a picture of me. The sky looks beautiful, so imposing and strong that it captivated me, and luckily I could capture it in a photo.
Many times we see movies to "distract" without realizing that nature gives us every day the most beautiful landscapes we can appreciate and value. Small things are always the most significant, the best moments of life are free!
By the way, if it's not too much trouble I wanted to invite you to read my posts. I would greatly appreciate if you take the time to read them, and in case you like them, I would appreciate it if you would give me a vote, a comment, or a resteem.
You have my vote, and I stay attentive to your next publications!

I believe that every sunset is beautiful in its own way.

I love how you didn't take any of the photos haha.
The best sunset I've ever seen was from an airplane. I couldn't believe the colours. I don't really have the words to describe it to be honest.

es un buen relato, no tengo la oportunidad de ir a este lindo lugar, pero me encantaría la verdad. a ver esa puesta de sol.

very beautiful images... i love it @hanshotfirst

#Beautifulphotos, a great #story behind all those walls. Nothing more wonderful than the nature and simplicity of the #human being. Greetings from somewhere in the #world, vote positive if you use steemit...
Supporting the blog @storypicturesThunderstorm_Dubrovnik.jpg

Funny did a post about this myself just the other day. Looks like I need to start putting a little bit more work into this stuff. Maybe I'll get the hang of it soon.


Really it's very nice sunset.
Thanks for shear it.

Happy Steeming.

The hand of your photo taking is really nice.
The pictures are very beautiful. Moreover, I like the hills. Thank you for sharing so much beautiful pictures.

Happy Steeming.

Very funny read. Yes you caught my attention, then I kept on reading. The people that live in Greece see that sunset every day. I wonder if they all stand up to clap? 🐓🐓

Is it weird that 2 weeks later I'm still thinking about this post? I think it's one of my faves on steemit. I know I already commented, but I just HAD to let you know that it's seriously THAT good.

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