Anthropological Evolution of Kei

in funny •  last year

My sister @pierrebelle26 edited photos of my son and compared him to animated characters. The resemblance is uncanny!

First photo My son, Kei, was only 0 years old and he looked like Krillin from Dragon Ball Z.

Second Photo He was a year old and looked like Vegeta of the same animé because of the distinct hair growth on his forehead which looked like an M.

Third Photo Kei at 2, wearing his favorite minion pj’s from H&M.

Fourth Photo Kei at 3. I cut his hair and it turned out like this. He’s soooo gonna kill me when he grows older lol this haircut made him look like Rock Lee from Naruto.


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this is too cute.. your son is soo adorable..


Lol thank you! I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes a cosplayer when he grows up. Haha

Kei-chan! 😘

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