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I have been here for long now and probably have felt all the emotions and feelings steemit has to offer. At times you can feel so happy, but oh boy when you feel sad it is really sad...

So let's go through some of the feelings and emotions.

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Now where to start...?

When everyone first join steemit, the generally go crazy... YES Let's make MONEY!!!!! They sit for hours none stop typing replies comments and posts, the addiction soon takes hold.

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To this day I still get fascinated by this madness that people get who join steemit.


There are so many emotions involved here it is scary. But let us start of with one simple fact:

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Generally this takes about a week or so to grasp, but hey you will always get one upvote 😉

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They pop over to trending page and rage starts to fill them... How on earth could they still only have one vote when others posts has so many? Then some loving friend whispers whales and so the whale watch begins.

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Depression starts to kick in as each day you attempt to get these lovely whales to upvote your post. You spend hours commenting on their work and asking everyone else how they get their votes. But it never comes...

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When all is lost something amazing happens...

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The feeling of getting a whale upvote is explainable, but you know it is the happiest day of your life. You call up all your friends and tell them how cool you are as you just got a whale upvote, boom, instantly you become super popular.

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When you get your first flag everyone generally reacts in the same way. First you start to check if it is for real, heading to steemd and checking the comments if there is a reason for the flag.

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So the first reaction is denial... "oh someone made a mistake, they will come remove it soon" After a few hours and getting a few more flags by others irritation and anger sets in.

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You head over to steemcleaners/steemitabuse channels on steemit chat to rage and scream at them because you feel that they are being unfair and that they must remove their flags immediately.

Meanwhile their reactions are something like this:

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Now if we rewind just a little and take a look at the person doing the flagging they feeling something like this:

"Oh, we got another one!!!"

"What are your thoughts guys?"

"Flag, or nuke?"

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Just with one simple click... they quickly press the refresh button to examine the destruction of your value on your post:

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You can probably tell that I have flagged posts before, well yes, yes I have. Did I enjoy it? It felt pretty AWESOME... in the moment, after I felt... bad, like I was a horrible person.

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This post so hilarious, but so accurate at the same time.

When I first joined, my very first post (intro) got about $90, and that quickly got me addicted to the site.

After that, I was commenting and upvoting on all sorts of posts related to my interests and to my own content.

Then, I kept getting more followers even as engagement backed off.

I was inactive for about a month, but am now back. I was in the hospital, but my follower count kept going up.

Steemit really can be a roller coaster of emotions.

Well stick to it you have only just started to taste a few of them. Steemit is crazy.

It definitely seems that way!

Hahaa that was great! So true, you captured me on steemit perfectly lol

@dragonslayer109 you launched me into the center of steemit a year ago August - you put one of my posts into your "gems" and I got on the map - I was a noob - and your launch lasted me for a while - I thought I was "home free" but sadly, not... back then posts were fetching around $90 then something happened and it all tanked - now we are back down to a dollar something. Every once and a while a whale will like my brightly colored thumbnail and upvote me and I will think NOW! Finally! but no, it never is much - but I am still here - still striving toward success - it's a mirror for my life here on steemit - I am exceptional but not in a way that sells - oh well - and I am jealous of the stellabelles and all but I cannot BE them - it's just not in me... but I am still here, reading and writing and commenting - it's the best thing going ... thanks for your post - and thanks for that upvote long long ago...

Hey, wow it is very seldom that I meet people that I had in the gems, as many have left. I am glad you are still here. Hope things will start going better in your blogging endeavors. I would suggest joining a community, as that will help you out in furthering your posts and activity on steemit. Find out if there is an artwork community, if not let me know on steemit chat :)

ok cool - good suggestion...although my interests lie in art but really in the occult and spirituality so I don't really "fit" in a community but you are right, I should look more into all that -

I can say it is the best.

That was a good read, haha. Much of it was relatable. I am currently emotionless on steemit. Having a good time reading content like this. I don't want steemit to become like work for me, so I'll post stuff whenever I feel I want to..which is not often. More fun to just read and voice my opinion in comments for now.

Yes this is it, I am posting on steemit for more than 3 months, everyday, just imagime that, I earn a few cents from my posts, how much I have to be here to earn dollars ? maybe years ? I don't even know what wrong with me or my posts, I see that much worse posts earn much more that I earn, plus I am advertising steemit everywhere, in 4 fourms, in youtube and facebook, I am also helping people by showing them how to write on steemit, how to join, etc ... .

Maybe I have to add gifs to my posts ? I am so tired about improving here, today I've wrote a poem about steemit, but nobody cares.

Have you joined any communities?

just a few ones in discordapp, but they have postpromotion and it didn't help also, what community do you advice ?

Mmm see if you have a community for your country or try chatting to a few people that run communities.

I am running communities : Resteem to be Resteemed, Connecting Steemians Chat and an other group in facebook where people promote Upvote to Post !. But I feel that I am just helping people but not myself, I have to be maybe a little selfish and make more strict rules that help me grow, I was all this 3 months moderating those groups for people, but the problem that I have new people, and I don't have whales there or wealthy people from steemit.

What do you think, what I have to change in those groups, or maybe make some improvement, do you have ideas ?

Take what you have done and ask some of the bigger guys if they can help out with some support for both you and the communities you have made.

Wow ,I don't know if I should be happy or sad about this post really, I haven't really been very active up until recently and you just explain a lot Im about to face, this is depressing lol . Is thsee a way around this? If you have suggestions please share , I just followed you page, would be really cool if you can follow mine as well . I would really like to get close and get some guidance. @janrotas

Haha, I haven't been on too long, so I can't say that I have experienced anything other then the madness! K owing my self all of the others will soon follow. image

You will. Oh yes you will.

Haha you can be my shoulder to cry on

😂😂😂😂 so funny. i like your post @dragonslayer

LOL, nice post, @dragonslayer109. I DID GO CRAZY AT FIRST when I joined Steemit, but I have learned to cope with this great problem ;)
I can't wait for the next part. I have just upvoted your post!

I think everyone went crazy in the beginning. I also did :)

The highs and lows of the steemit addiction are real. I don't think I've been flagged yet though.

I would not recommend flagging anyone as I have been there and done it and find it a lot better to rather use the VP better by upvoting others content.

That makes sense - I think I've flagged one person for spam but that's it. I definitely think it's better to maintain a more positive attitude and focus on what you do like.

Thing is if you had to look for things to flag all day you will find lots of them and all that happens is you upset someone else and you get no rewards, if you vote you make someone happy and you get rewards, you might even read something life changing.

Hello @dragonslayer109, this actually funny. However, you captured all the emotions we go through in this social capital program. You're indeed a true veteran

Is there's a zero

Never understood how steemit really worked until I read your post. Nice one. Will give you an upvote for that.

I don't think anyone will ever understand steemit.

I have to admit and confess that this is the best post av seen today
I love to read each and every post of yours,

Thank you, I wouldn't say it is the best

After reading your article, I just realized that I like those you describe above, Sir @dragonslayer109, this continues to haunt me, sometimes I also think how other people can get the vote of many more and of course with paid a hefty lot. While I just stood in place, but that didn't discourage me to continue to give the posting that I think are interesting to look at. Thanks for posting this, I learned a lot from you.

I am glad you loved it so much and good luck with all the other emotions and feelings that come along as you keep posting.

Of course Sir @dragonslayer109, this emotion will persist as long as this continues post;), thank you very much for the response.

heheh what a cool post true emotions of a steemians lol epic :D

I'm in the happy zone. Earned not too bad untill now. Allthough some of my stories stay behind and others were upvoted by whales. Won some prizes and got in the Accelerator map. Not bad. It's quite for a couple of days now, and I must admit that it crossed my mind, what am I doing wrong? Just write and relax, they said, so I'll stick to that. Too bad patience isn't my strongest side, lol ;)

Hahaha, I will probably give you the same advice, but seeing as patience isn't your strong side I would suggest trying to contact those who voted for you to find out.

I think they like the tales of a twisted mind ;)

Really funny man :))

very correct for quite a few people im sure.. i was probably crazy before I found Steemit, and now found the perfect platform to unleash my peculiar brand of eco'ness to you all..

Many people suffer emotionally though.. mainly due to lack or rewards.. as its not hard to engage here and meet fantastic people.. we have to keep our focus on that to really be able to enjoy Steemit without too many up's n down's.. Im still working on that one! ;-) Thanks!!

Well if I got $1 on a post I would rather post here than on facebook as facebook doesn't pay anything.

and NO one on FB get's to see anything i post either! The WHole world is able to see our posts here.. ahhhhh Liberation!

Great post! Thanks

Hey, I have looked at your blog, message me on steemit chat if you need any help with things.

This is supercool! @dragonslayer109 Thanks! Followed...

very nice post thanks for sharing it
follower me plz at @hafidg

Bwahahaaha!! Awesome post! The emotional rollercoaster is REAL!!

Great post bro

Frustrating journey of minnow. Those flags could destroy your accout. Some people here are devils. They are flaging those who they don't like. They not flag spammers who they work with. They make coalitions and upvote special persons and flag chosen victims.

Yeah I understand that this is happening, that is why I no longer flag as I would rather upvote content than waste VP on flagging.

Making first dollar on steemit

short and sweet post :)

Haha this post made be laugh so true. What a great post how long you been on here now I been here around 2 weeks and loving it. I am so glad they made dtube as its so much better than youtube. Anyway have a great day I am off to make a video about steem.

Hahahaha really enjoyed this because it is so spot on - great job

Hahahaha this post explains the real emotions i have gone through!

I am now in the hale watching and getting upvote from a whale!

I remember when i got a whale upvote,i let all my friends know about it!

The feeling of getting a whale upvote is explainable, but you know it is the happiest day of your life. You call up all your friends and tell them how cool you are as you just got a whale upvote, boom, instantly you become super popular.

Thanks for always upvoting my posts.

Let me hope i do not get flagged, i will skip that stage!

So what I'll take from this is that all those people banging on about perseverance and and good quality content are enough to get noticed and make it on Steemit are basically wrong - what you primarily need is a clique, and to avoid any basement dwelling Whales!

Interesting, but this info doesn't make me want to be here!

glad i read this cause am new to steemit.....nice enlightenment

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thanks for the information. what your news is useful for us all ..

OMGGG!! this is amazing! LOL you had me laughing so hard, and the images are so good! I haven't had my first flag yet, but I'm sure I will look just like that cat when I do. HAHAH yes when a whale upvotes you it is like the happiest day of your life! LOL :) CHEERS.

Lol, yeah, I did all those noob things too :) but after a while I reminded myself that NOTHING comes for free, it all comes with hard, honest work and tons of patience and determination...you've got to love what you do! I'm no whale, but I'm doing well for myself ;)

ME like this post 89%,,,
But your ....%

I just joined Steemit about a week ago and this is the most accurate thing I've seen so far LOL! Awesome post.

JAJAJAJA...LOL .... Excelent!...

Ive only been on here 2 weeks .. Ive felt the crazness to start but it got shot down real quick with a flag the first day.. Still waiting for a whale upvote..but one day... Im still learning

What an hilarious combination i ever watched
Keep it up buddy
Please keep posting

I am in the same boat, It is maddnes

where are my upvotes!!

This was supper hilarious for me, with all the gifs and pics. But ever since I have been hete I have been herr you and other whales showed me love. But even at that I still believe that making a good content is key. Some people too desperate whales upvote forgetting the real thing, which is being real and original. Then when flagged by whales it becomes an issue. I think we should really first improve on ourselves, then everything can fall in line. Thank you for this @dragonslayer109

So true! I feel same, too many emotions on steemit, I'd injured 🤕 myself with so many emotions if not that I told myself the simple truth while I'm in steemit.

My life is not tied to steemit rather I prefer seeing steemit for what it is; a social network and not money making machine MMM, I desire power in steemit than making money 💰 from the system so that I can be more productive in steemit community.

My advice is this; let us not be slothful in business; lets try and be better in whatever we do because as said; Rome was not built in a day.

Thanks 🙏🏽 @dragonslayer109 for your impact on steemit.

Funny man!!! 😆

Extraordinary emotion

It is now my drug of choice! Good points and so true! Thanks for telling it like it is.

I'm still pretty new here. Getting to know the system. Lovely way, the way you put it.

Thank you that is very good post, I´m sad that flagging comes from wrong people !

simply brilliant :)

So very funny @dragonslayer109, been through most of those emotions :)

Yes! Hahahaha! I'm pretty new here, and I have felt some of these things. Although, I will say, when one feels joy from steemit, it is AMAZING! :) Thanks for the laugh, I needed it!

Good job dear @dragonslayer109, very funny and useful topic you shared with so many different GIFs, but I like that in which skeleton lying in the waiting of whale's upvote,..

Yeah it is almost impossible to get whale votes now if you just starting out.

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Oh my how true and love all your discriptions thanks for sharing,