Bitcoin is Falling below $2,000 - Let's have some fun to change our mood !

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Regarding some analysts Bitcoin could see a 47% correction


  • The price of bitcoin is falling below $2,000
  • The value of the total supply of all cryptocurrencies and crypto assets dropping to $72bn
  • Overall, the figures observed for both bitcoin and the total cryptocurrency market were the lowest since late May
  • Steem and all crypto currencies continues to drop in price too

Regarding some analysts Bitcoin could see a 47% correction and regarding some other it's going to $6,000.

Whatever happens let's try to be cool .

Some Bitcoin jokes and some funny images may change our mood :)

  Where does an Eskimo keep his Bitcoins?
 In a cold wallet.


 What kind of car will you never see a bitcoiner driving?
A Fiat Panda

  • What do you call a bitcoin in the bathroom?

  • What do you call a teenage bitcoin?
  • What do you call a bitcoin in a cuspidor?
  • What do you call a bitcoin at the gym?
  • What do you call a bitcoin in a hole?
  • What do you call a bitcoin that poses for porn?
  • What do you call a bitcoin that tells jokes?

"I asked a hooker if she accepted bitcoin.
She told me no because it goes up and down more than she does. "

What’s the difference between Bitcoin and NASA?
Bitcoin’s actually going to the moon.

source: twitter bitjoke

Relax and have patience.

Have a Nice day 


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Haha my favorite one is the one about NASA going to the moon along with the meme. Classic.

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