5 Funny And Weird Non-Japanese Asian TV Commercials I Found Today (Part 9)

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Hello, my fellow Steemers! Japan is not the only Asian country that produces funny commercials as you have noticed in parts 1, 2,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 of this post series.

Today, I am going to another top 5 weird and funny (not Japanese) Asian TV commercials I found today just for fun. These product advertisements are kind of fresh and wacky. Watching them is a good alternative way to relieve stress!

I do not have to explain each one as the videos can pretty much explain for themselves.

Enjoy and don't forget to laugh!

1. DHL Commercial (South Korea)

2. Nescafe Strong Coffee (Vietnam)

3. Indo Ice Cream (Indonesia)

4. Ocean Skin Beauty Product (Thailand)

5. Mentos Menthol Candy (China)

Video Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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It is fun to watch these commercials but if you are watching a good show it could get annoying LOL.

Yes, definitely annoying. But their commercial air time is less than ours which is a blessing to them.

Lolz....This Non-Japanese Asian TV Commercials are really funny, they often make my day after watching them. Thanks @darthnava for always sharing this and have a wonderful weekend.

Kining number 1 nga tv commercial sir nidot ni kung tinud.on sa taga DHL hahahahaha

Depende sa daguay entawon!

Hahahhah mao jud sir hahahahhahah

thanks dear for sharing such type of funny post.
@upvote & @resteem done

Your support is welcome!

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this is a amazing funny..and nice post..so i just resteem and upvote..my dear lovely friend @darthnava


great post,Every vedio was so much funny .
I just laught into tears to see all the vedio.my dear friend @darthnava...thanks for share,

this post has been #resteemed and #upvote by @sibbir,please..

wow..my dear friend @darthnava,Great clips.
4 and 5 are not so funny though. 5 is rather scary.
Thank you. Enjoyed them all.
#resteemed and #upvote,this post all time,

Same comment you make everyday, my friend.

nyhahahahah. i laughed hard on the ocean skin beauty product commercial , bwhahahaha. so over acting commercial but entertaining
thanks sir for sharing , and thanks for your support too 😍
take care always ❤️❤️❤️

Great to see you bro you again brought some amazing stuff.

Thanks for the support, bro!

haha these are so funny dude great work.

Amazing and awesome as always so good to watch i enjoyed it :D


Hehehehehe great funny..so i just DQmS6iGZyFHebLbWocFUrn7iG2RrD3qTQY6QSV2cLMMQanP.gif

lolz I liked the Nescafe one ;)

Wowow..amazing funny..and very nice post..i really love this post..i just resteem and upvote..

Funny post...

:) hehe nice baby

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