Most Embarrassing Ever Challenge ! Win 10 SBD

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Do you have one of those very embarrassing moments that you have a hard time sharing ? Well now you have your opportunity, and if I think it's the best story I will send you 10 SBD.


Steemit is all about sharing an opening up. So to start things off I will tell you one of my most embarrassing moments.

It was 2003 and I had been living in Shanghai for 1 year at the time. Seeing a foreigner was quite uncommon at this time so you where sure to get a lot of attention, having blond hair and blue eyes definitely helped.

On this perticular day I went to the city from my house, and little did I know that that on this day I was going to get more attention than I had ever gotten before. I went to a market with my friend to go shopping. When we had bought ourselves some clothes it was time for me to head home and I knew that it was rush hour and the ride home would probably take up to one hour. So not to get too bored I went to Starbucks to buy myself a hot chocolate to bring in the taxi.

I had a few sips and that's when I started hearing the rumbling in my belly. It honestly felt like my belly was talking to me; " what the hell did you just give me"?
I answered and said, please be quiet and calm down because we have another half an hour before we get home.

The traffic was slowing down even more. We were stuck on the high way that was atleast four lanes wide on each side and divided by a patch of bushes in between the roads. When I thought the stomach had calmed down it suddenly started screaming; "get me the heck out of here or you will witness a shitstorm, the likes of which you have never seen before" . I figured he might just be very literal here and I decided not to second guess the words.

I checked the taxi meter and it was around 15 RMB at this time . I checked the wallet and the smallest note was 50. I took it out threw it in the drivers lap. Since I didn't know Chinese at the time I didn't spend anytime trying to get explain what was up, and using body language would probably have confused him even more. I zig zagged between the cars to the small vegetation in between the roads.

I was able to pull down the pants just in time. Let's just say that the plants probably grew better after this and not get into any details. But what happens now is one of the embarrassing moments ever.

Suddenly the surrounding environment starts coming back to my awareness and I realize that the cars rolling in snail pace on each side is filled up with people pressed against the window looking out at probably one of the first foreigners they have seen. Atleast one that is taking the liberty to shit between the highways.

Anyways the choice was simple for me. It would have been even more awkward riding home with a bad smell in the car. Plus I gave the plants some fertilizer .

Okay now it's your turn if you dare. These are the requirements if you want to participate:

  1. Make a post with the tag #mostembarrassingever
  2. Post a link to the post in the comments
  3. Resteem this post if you want to participate
  4. Write the most embarrassing memory you have and share it :)
  5. The winner takes it all = 10SBD . It will be paid out in the same time as this post. So that is seven days from now.

Looking forward to see some submissions and looking forward to some fun reading !


Here's my entry

Great idea @dandesign86!... hope you get lots of entries!

My face would have fallen off with shame. I wonder if they thought that was normal for people to do where you were from. Hope there were some broad leafed plants to clean up with. Haha.

HAha luckily there were some plants to assist me . I just wish they would have been taller and offered some more camouflage

Great idea. I've got one to share so let me get organised.

Haha getting organized - that sounds like you have something very good lined up - can't wait to read it :)

Ok it's up under your newly created tag!

Thank you @dandesign86 ,here is my entry.

Its cool been around here. I hope you find my entry worthy.

I just read your post it was very amusing haha!

Thanks for reading. Hoping to amuse you more.

that's some really embarrasing stuff, I like your idea about making it a challenge, nice going man!

Thanks - join if you want :)

that is a great idea!

And a pretty good story as well.

Thx for the laughter :-)

Thanks bro ! Do you have any stories to tell ? Or is that a rhetorical question lol

I am not sure if I am ready yet :-)

Hehe hopefully some beers will help you on the way . It's definitely not an easy thing to do

Haha seems like more than I have had this unfortunate experience - thanks for sharing !

Oh I have a story. It's hard to convey it properly in text, but I'm so shy and nervous to post it as a video. Awww.

I'll see if I can possibly write it up properly to do it and your contest justice. Excellent initiative either way, and, wow, it's going to be hard to forget your story for a while.

Haha by now you have to share the story because otherwise I will be stuck trying to figure out what it could possibly be - Looking forward to your submission (now i made you commit hehe)

Oooops !!! that must have been really embarrassing... But when you gotta go, you just gotta go !! :D You added to the environment, @dandesign86 :D :D . And what a coincidence that you and me, we both posted an aspect of our life experiences ;) :) :D

Haha we both posted an aspect of our life experiences, but from the look of it my experience seems a bit more crappy lol l.

Just kidding . I have spread lots of laughter with this story so all in all I don't regret it happening. Luckily I have never seen anyone of the people that passed by . Thank god for that

:D :D :D ... Experience is experience. It always adds to the story. And what is life, without a story, @dandesign86 ?
Such hilarious "crappy" situations happen to all. :D ... You sure spread morning cheer :D .
Thank God the foliage hid you well. They protected you. I guess they needed the manure ! :D :D .... It was kind of a symbiotic moment :D ...

haha!!What an embarrassing story.That was a time when many were confused.Your way of expressing your story was amazing and I enjoyed very much to read this.Thanks for sharing new ideas.

Haha thanks and glad you liked the story !

Haha, those are moments where it's hard to do the right choice, and you did well! I think ANYONE (at least almost) as experienced it!

Hahah there was not a lot of time for making a decision - but I will have to say it was probably the best option at the time lol

lol nothing can beat that... talking to the tummy sounds fun :D

Haha it was one of the worst conversations I had haha 😂

Thats a crappy story LOL! Good one.

Hehe thanks! It was a crappy day for sure

Haha oh dear, I have more than a few to share so il give it some thought and try and decide the worst one:D

That was very embarrassing!... I'm so sorry!

Haha very good read !

Hard moment to share but it was strong of you to stand up for your belief and I respect that.

The plants thank you for feeding them!

Haha they probably grow strong still today

Your story got me laughing 😹😹😹😹

Haha I'm glad it did! Just thinking about that moment makes me laugh again. But at that particular moment it was really embarrassing and not so funny lol

😭😭... I can only imagine..

Here's mine, it's a 'toileting' scenario too but lucky for you @dandesign86, yours was in foreign territory. I wasn't that lucky.
Enjoy the story, ☺

Here is my entry to the contest. Seems we had a quite similar situation but mine appeared to be the worse and in the very inconvenient scenario too

This is going to generate a lot of funny stories...haha

My little story here to @dandesign86 and to steemites

What an embarrassing moment indeed, I have had so many embarrassing moments over the year I guess my biggest challenge if I join this contest is to pick which one lOL

A while library of stories ey? Sounds like you have some good ones there. Would almost be unfair not to share them ;) haha

lol I will see is all I will promise

Some I cannot share for security reasons

Lol ok that’s BS but the best excuse I could think of for now lol

Hahah security reasons lol . I'm almost starting to imagine the stories myself

I jotted down some notes last night a post may well come 😎

Sounds promising haha

hahahaha, I'm not sure if I can top that man, but i'll try!

Looking forward to it ! Haha

Is this Scientology? :D

It sure is - please join the competition:P

the content of this cool post can only be born by a great person. hopefully I can be like you in getting a vote. because I have very little sound when I write something. your writing is an inspiration to me.

I just commented, resteem..not sure about winning!!hahaha

Thanks for the resteem !

Great post tnx for sharing i just upvoted check out my new post steemitalltheway

You have convinced me. I dare you! :)

Haha show me what you got !

Hahaha. Funny story! Yes, when the call of the body is so critical and lightning, then you pay little attention to what's around you))).
And this is my story, although probably not very funny as yours ...

Хахаха. Смешная история! Да, когда зов тела такой критичный и молниеносный, тогда мало обращаешь внимание на то что вокруг тебя))).
А это моя история, хоть наверное и не очень смешная как ваша...

Thanks a lot for joining - that was an amazing story - almost seems like something that would happen in the movies and not real life

Looking back I can laugh about it

I still sleep walk sometimes but luckily nothing that bad happened again

Thanks for this great opportunity to share my most embarrassing moment ever. @dandesign86
My Submission :

I feel quite embarrassed to post my story lol..

No need to be shy haha

I bet the old lady was starting to hope she found a fan that wanted to buy a ring for her :D

This is a great initiative. Thank you for this. I am seriously struggling to remember one. Let me see if i can come up with any.

Hehe I'm sure you have some funny memory which you spent a lot of time to erase haha Time to bring it back

Hahahahaha i am right on it. Hahahaha. Loving this.

Waoh, that was some crazy embarrassment, i can imagine how the moment was for you.

I'm laughing sarcastically already. Each time i remember the story,i just burst into laughter.... My entry is loading... Laugh want to kill me already....

Haahhhaba,here is my entry to the contest,laughing heavily already....

@dandesign86, please, Who won this challenge?

Congrats to him.
I hope for a better luck next time.
Well done

Thanks buddy and thanks for the participation!

Please, visit my blog

@dandesign86 oh no! I'm new here and SO bummed I missed this. I don't get embarrassed easily, at all. Almost never. But one time...something so crazy happened that I thought I was going to die of embarrassment. Wish I could've entered. Great idea, though!

Haha maybe there will be a round two and you will be able to share it :)

haha also, I agree. I'm all about fertilizing plants in times of need :)