Open Bazaar CEO Sent Me a Nice Package This Week. It's Almost Heeeere!

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Brian is the head of Open Bazaar.

I was scrolling thru my Twitter feed one night the last couple weeks and because I do not have any good Crypto based shirts, he had a picture up of all his folded crypto shirts after some laundry. LOL

I made the comment that I could not find any reputable people to buy shirts from, because I have tried, and especially not finding things I like or want to support.

It's even harder in Canada!

I mentioned this to him and that I want to vote with my wallet and wear crypto/blockchain things, as outreach, so when I am out in public, I can help people learn about what we know about as crypto folks.

Within minutes, he had someone involved at the company -- and they fixed me up.

And look who chimed in -- our boy Omar who runs one of the best and most popular YouTube sites for all kinds of Crypto Currency news - follow him here on Steemit -- @crypt0

What is Open Bazaar?

I have blogged a couple times on it the last 16 months. Here is what I said on Valentines Day awhile back:

The platform connects people directly peer to peer and charges no fees, nor do they have any restrictions on what can be bought and sold. You could kind of say it is like the Amazon or E-Bay of the online / crypto world of sorts.
They launched in April of 2016, and have been continually tweaking the site.

Excited! Shipping Update!!!

A past post about OB I have written:

Please give this Decentralized Marketplace a look!!!

Find Open Bazaar online here:


Thanks for reading, have a nice day.

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Always glad to hear about new ways to trade in crypto world.


Wait til you see what is going up in a couple mins.

You know me and my crypto charts and numbers, the numbers gained in market cap today and this week will knock you and your #SteemitCampfire Smores right off your bushcraft chair buddy.


hehe i'm screaming at so many people to sell there dang SBD and none even done anything..... uggg.


I've done it every day LOL, I have a lot on the go sometimes, but I watch charts and numbers I am invested in.

And the police state watches me, wondering why...



hehe ya they cracking down hard here. A lot of places will be finding themselves reporting to the IRS (tax man) soon enough.

I just pray they don't creature a new special tax and classify cryptocurrency's under this new tax. They can already tax us down here to death on our profit gains.

Thanks for sharing this. We are still in the covered wagon days but it didn't take much time to go from wagons to rocket ships.