The Power of the Whale Upvote

in #funny4 years ago (edited)

How I see the power of the Whale Upvote. Simply Devastating...

(-ly awesome to somebody's Steem account balance!)

One day, I aspire for my Steem Power to be OVER 9000 that I may walk err... swim among these giants!

Hope you enjoyed my little 💩show. Upvote, Resteem, and comment if you want to show some love 💖 and 👀 more!


That was cute. Must of taken a bit a time to make it.

Approximately 15 minutes. I'm a force to be reckoned with in Photoshop. Just installed both Premiere and Photoshop today on my rig and am super excited about what is to come. Thanks for the comment. Will upvote when I get my power back.

You should watch this, currently I'm just at the stage Vegeta said:

and after that we get beat up by whales who don't vote for us.... wait wait wait Nappa!! I had the scouter updown... it's - !!

Yes, DBZ abridged is AWESOME! Had another idea. Receiving delegated Steem Power is like Goku receiving power from the planet for a Spirit Bomb. That needs to be a post. Lol

You should write it!! and give me the link I'll definitely upvote it!!

Will do. Trying to find a list of users and Steem power. Thanks for the support! Once I get my upvote power back, I'll be sure to visit your page and vote on what I like. My vote power is recovering at the moment. Lol

It's over 9000! lol nice analogy.

Yes, my next project is matching well known Steemians to their respective DragonBall Power Levels. Looks like I'm slightly above the Goku with weights (330 PL) equivalent from the Raditz saga as I sit at 360 Steem Power. I better get to work in the hyperbolic time chamber but I really need a Sensu bean right about now.

I don't know what N00b is, but it sounds as disappointing as Yamcha (from TFS abridged and not the original version of DBZ).

Freaking love DBZ abridged! Reminds me, I need to check for new episodes. Noob? Not sure what you mean.

I just said wanted some word to describe the newbies like me, and I think "Noob" best describe us.... we are like Yamcha in power level... literally!!

I Love DBZ Abridged, last episode was the best so far and I'm now waiting for epidode 60!!

Oh, I get you. Yeah I know what a noob is just didn't understand your meaning in context. Yeah, well, we got different levels of noob of course. According to your Steem Power, looks like your are more powerful than Oolong from the Pilaf saga in DragonBall or Bulma (training) from the Vegeta Saga of DBZ. Keep training so we'll be ready when the Saiyans whales arrive.