(Edit: Money Raised!!!!) Currently Fundraising for a patient with stage 4 Pacreatic cancer, any takers?

in fundraising •  last month

If you transfer Steem or SBD ALL donations will go towards RSO for this patient. If you do, PLEASE leave a comment!

(50% of rewards will go DIRECTLY to the purchase of RSO for cancer patients, the other 50% go towards SP for the account to sell upvotes and further raise funds).

EDIT: MONEY RAISED!!!! We had roughly $4 liquid, @canna-curate donated another $1 and I matched what the account had to pay for the final $10 of the $100 required.

Thank you!!

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I just saw you Donated over 5 SBD, THANK YOU! I will keep that in the account and use it for the next time a patient needs it :)


FUNDED! We donated the last $10 :)


Well,use what we sent to further help another.

Thank you for the donations @canna-curate.

I am trying to figure out the best way of doing this. Perhaps I could show a screen shot of me sending the donations to the PayPal and sending the liquid tokens to my (@ericwilson) wallet?

Any suggestions would be awesome, thanks in advance!


Well if i did not trust you, i would ignore you. SO you do what you think is best. Ill send more when I get some more liquid steem/sbd. I think what your doing is great, Respect! Also I would love to get you on the Jon and Blunt show this coming Monday, 7pm PST, you think this will work? Hit me up in Discord, Jonyoudyer


Message sent, thank you!


We send sbd to THIS account?


Yes please. I will send what liquid I have in this account to my account then screen shot my payment through paypal. The person that handles it currently has a bitcoin wallet but I am attempting to convince them to get a litecoin wallet for this purpose.

Wishing you the best 💜🙏🏼

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