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RE: (Edit: Money Raised!!!!) Currently Fundraising for a patient with stage 4 Pacreatic cancer, any takers?

Thank you for the donations @canna-curate.

I am trying to figure out the best way of doing this. Perhaps I could show a screen shot of me sending the donations to the PayPal and sending the liquid tokens to my (@ericwilson) wallet?

Any suggestions would be awesome, thanks in advance!


Well if i did not trust you, i would ignore you. SO you do what you think is best. Ill send more when I get some more liquid steem/sbd. I think what your doing is great, Respect! Also I would love to get you on the Jon and Blunt show this coming Monday, 7pm PST, you think this will work? Hit me up in Discord, Jonyoudyer

We send sbd to THIS account?

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