GoFundMe : Taking my family from South Africa to France

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Hey what's up guys, this is what I wrote for my gofundme page, hoping that we can get enough to move out very soon!



I am Ed Privat, singer songwriter, I am french and I've been living in South Africa for almost 10 years.

First I came here to record my album, then I really loved the country and decided to stay here, and give it a try.

I worked with the grand son of Nelson Mandela for 2 years on a musical project called Africa Rising.

This me and Nelson Mandela


After working for few years on this project, I made the decision to focus on my music and my career while working online.

I met my wife called Lerato(It means love in Sotho), and we instantly fell in love with each other.

She is my best friend, and the most inspiring woman I know.

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-12 at 18.58.38.jpeg

Needless to say that we got married very quickly and our first son Neo came to this world. It means gift of god in Sotho.

He is now 5 years old , but I choose this pic from few years back I really love the way is hairs grow like a lion mane,

He is a fierce little boy, loves computers, numbers, video games, space exploration and does not listen to us one bit. He also has a brilliant mind, and probably will become a genius space explorer


Few years later, we had a second child a girl called Aimee, which means loved in French.

She a soft spoken 3 yrs old, she loves to read, she is interested in words, music, and would like to become an artist. But some days she wants to be a doctor so who knows, she will do whatever she put her mind to (she was 1 and a half on this pic)

Now we are expecting aAimee.jpg third child coming in June, and after that we want to move to France as quickly as possible.

The life here in South Africa is too precarious for us, and far too dangerous. Everyday passes, the headlines talk about murder, rapes, barbaric acts and unfortunately I don't think this is what I want for my family.

Moreover, it's actually quite difficult to raise a mixed family in South Africa, as we are on the side of the fence, and feel that we cannot find a community that we can belong to.

I tried to reach to my family in France, my mother doesn't have much money, and my dad is just not ready to help us. He never visited his grand children which tells you a lot about what he thinks about my beautiful mixed family.

This is just the harsh reality we are in. I've been hesitating to reach out to the gofundme community because I was a bit ashamed of not being able to provide for my family and secure our departure to France, but right now we already have to spend 2000usd for the delivery of our baby next month, I earn 920usd from my job monthly and can barely cover the cost of living.

First I want to buy plane tickets for the entire family as soon as possible, and we will live with my mother for a while in Parisian suburb, she has a small flat but is ready to take us in, I love my mum . Then we would like to move to Toulouse after few months so my wife and my children can get used to the French lifestyle and language.

alone together pic dsound.jpg

I am working on my second album, and I think it's time for us to improve our life grandly, and we won't be able to do it from here.

Every month I am turning down gigs happening in Europe, because I don't want to leave my wife taking care of the family alone, I've always been a stay-at-home dad and been there through every steps of their lives

If you want to hear me sing:

What hurts me the most, is that we will have to leave our dogs Jacky and Charlie behind, maybe in a year time we can come fetch them, but this is the sacrifice we are ready to pay, they will live with my wife's mother, and I know she will take good care of them

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-12 at 18.58.37.jpeg

If you are interested in helping us to fund our project, it would mean the moon to us.

I am currently working 48 hours a week, and cannot really focus on anything else, I am hoping that some of you understand where we come from and what we would love to accomplish.

I want to be able to show my children museums, a decent public school system, teach them about my culture, and being able to take them to soccer or ballet without fearing for our lives, or just go to the shop and coming back to school on their own.Freedom...

Each year that passes, is taking us one step away from our goal to leave, and I don't want to have regrets in the next few years that I could have done something more for them, because they deserve the world.
Thanks for reading!!

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-12 at 10.56.01.jpeg


Help in Crypto

Steem: @edprivat
BTC: 1KcY4MUvEFL7qzFTfk6sov6M9VVScwfGe3
ETH: 0x5E2c94B30d3d4b042ff3d509fA2006996fc0c18C
Dash: XmgyWGWQdDhbi1r1Kot3x2RaH3bjLcRbKP
LTC: LZV82Zqwbo4zTaAGtn8gNpRLyoRaKYewjQ
NEO: AdvSJFLu8e66uwvhgcxkFUxnafdZFnvfQ6
XRP : rHNanHq93DA7Rtb4QW1RgjjhaSQx3PHFQF
EOS: x31msseyh442

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Hey my friend! Great story and you know that we feel for your struggle... Have you heard about fundition here on Steem blockchain? Maybe it would be easier for your followers here to help out, even by upvoting your follow up posts... As you know, me and my wife we will see what we can do to help you guys out, but for now we vote and repost so that more people read your post buddy. Big hugs 😎🤙

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Thanks I am creating a post on fundition right away!

Will try to help you and family out shortly, in the meantime, I will re-steem this as well @edprivat to get more eyes upon it.

Keep posting your music, I enjoy listening.


Thanks so much friend, truly appreciated!

We shared your post on the show yesterday @edprivat!! <3
Much love from us!!


You're the best !!! Thanks!!

I understand exactly what you are going through. It is just weird that trying to fit in just isn't allowed as such. My grandson is of mixed race as my son in law is black. I see the stares when they are at the shops and it is just wrong. Unfortunately it will take many years to fix this place to get over the bitterness and racism that still exists here.
I love France and envy you for what you are doing. I know you won't regret it and are moving for all the right reasons.

Beautiful story @edprivat and you have very cute children!



It was great to know about you and your family my good friend ED, I am sorry to see you are in a bad situation, I can feel how it can be in there, I am sharing this post and I hope more people would join and fund this project, peace brother! <3


Thank you so much David you're a true friend!

Wow, hello dear @edprivat, you’re a lucky man, your family is wonderful, I could feel the deep love flowing in your home, you really want the best for your family. I pray that help should come your way so that you can act fast as you wished. There is to much violence in our world especially in this side of the world. I cherish your family so much, your dogs will miss their friends like hell!

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I do, and no kids should go through life witnessing these barbaric acts, and I will do everything that I can do take them as far away as I can from that violence. Thanks for passing by friend!


You’re right. Please check your wallet, I dropped almost nothing there. Lol. I wished I could do more.

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This is so nice of you, i truly appreciate , really!!! Thanks so so so so much!


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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!



Thanks @helpie and @helpiecake!

Fantastic to hear more about your life @edprivat and I’m glad you’re reaching out for help in the STEEM community :)

Your family looks wonderful and it’s powerful that you’re looking to a brighter future elsewhere.
I’m in the UK and have new friends with children who have moved here from South Africa for the same reasons; that they didn’t feel safe.
So sorry that’s the situation where you are.

I will support you with upvotes and will arrange a transfer of STEEM that I hope will go a little way to helping you and your family on your way. X

Is there a proper gofundme thing or are you just accepting transfers?

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It's so nice of you thanks so much, I am creating a fundition page as we speak!


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Thanks @c-squared!!!

first of all your dad is missing out my mother had the same reservations about my grandchildren but she is slowly coming around , he might too or he might not in the end your magic is right next to you screw those who see it otherwise. Second never be ashamed to ask for help we all fall at some point <3 third see if you can reach out to the animal rescue community there are people who might help with your dogs and they might also invest in you humans as well. P.s i also have some EOS i can't get exchanged in the u.s if you open a wallet it's yours it isn't much but it is something...


Good call. Post your EOS address, @edprivat.


I will thanks!


There it is.. right on!


You're probably one of the nicest witch I know. You sound more like a white magician than a voodoo master




creating EOS wallet!


EOS: x31msseyh442


it seems they have staked the balance so i need to find out how to unstake it ...sigh ...