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Here Is An Opportunity to Support The Charities On Steemit!

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I would love to share with you a small project I have been working on whereby us Steemit users can support the honourable charity work that is happening on Steemit.

Cutting to the chase, @mahdiyari built a project to benefit efficiency of curation on Steemit, called SteemAuto. One of the base features on this platform is a 'Curation Trail'. What this does is essentially you can copy the up voting of another user, compiling many users together would thus form a curation trail. However, what I would like to bring to the table is a Charity based curation trail, thus allowing many Steemit users to come together and upvote content from pages such as @steemitkidsworld and @schoolforsdg4 to support their amazing work.


For more information about SteemAuto, head to the @steemauto informative blog post here

The Charities Currently In The Curation Trail

All of the pages are under a 100% Upvote from myself! Currently at $0.06!

1: @steemitkidsworld
2: @schoolforsdg4
3: @scholarsph
4: @adollaraday
5: @papilloncharity
6: @thegreens
7: @littledisciples
8: @dreamsoftheocean
9: @treeplanter
10: @mhm-philippines
11: @mr-greens
12: @lotusleaf
13: @ecodesigns
14: @sc-v
15: @tarc
16: @youarehope

I hope to add many more to the list in the future, these are all the ones that I could find!

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steem 2.png

The Curation Trial name is currently 'luppers' (because it is my username) but feel free to follow the curation trail once you have set up a SteemAuto account. Don't miss out on the opporunity to help the charities that are already doing so much to help!

Thank you for reading, let me know what you think!


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Thank you. I am the same author :)

Trying to spread the positive word!

l am up voted for you I like to read posting


Thank you very much. Feel free to join the curation trail so that you can help AND earn SBD at the same time!


thank you

Thank you for using Resteem & Voting Bot @allaz Your post will be min 10+ resteemed with over 13000+ followers & min 25+ Upvote Different account.

Many thanks for supporting A Dollar A Day.


You're welcome. Trying to do my best to support! Join the curation trail sos that you can join in too?