Let Everything That Has Heart, Give LOVE! Give LOVE!

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"Let Everything Be Done In Love"

Hi there beloved funditians & steemians!

Kuddos to #fundition.io that aims to give "hearts" to support great projects and help upcoming plans to make it to reality. Every human have a heart but not all human do have a heart to give. Some hearts are only asking for love but not giving back love. It's a different thing!

@fundition creates a very creative and unique way to spread love through steemit. This is to make a big difference by gibving love through Fundition. In this way, we can now have any idea on promoting HEART TOKEN , that will be an SMT. I know that feeling of receiving something you need and want and also that feeling of joy in giving and answering other people's needs.


Wherever you are , you can give your heart. Whether you are in school, workplace, home, everywhere, there is/are somebody out there waiting for your heart. Currently, I am now at my office as I saw this Fundition Ongoing Contest, and I don't hesitate to join and give my heart in doing this.


Gladly, as part of the rules of this contest to have a heart with me, I found one in my table.


I found a meaningful and colorful post of @hanggggbeeee so I took my creation with her post as a background.


Also, I made a simple videoclip of all my photos and publish it on my Youtube Channel. :) I hope you like it!

Participation rules:

  • Use two tags on the Steemit post consisting "fundition" and "oneheart"
  • Resteem this post so the others can see
  • Write down a short description about the photo in the post
  • Comment your post to know that you participated
  • Only one entry per person
  • The image has to contain the "Fundition.io" text written on a paper, wall or whatever is handy for you and depends on your creativity you have a chance to get a bigger upvote. (Keep in mind we don't approve/support illegalities like writing with graffiti on public buildings or other things like that. Stay Creative and Clean)
  • Add in your entry post the Participation rules and a link to the original contest post from Fundition


Let's share the love and see our heart all throughout the world with our photos! <3 <3 <3

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This post was upvoted by @Fundition because you @jejes took part in our Heart Contest.

Thank you for spreading Hearts all over. Remember be the change you wish to see in the world ❤️

#oneheart tag shows who are the ones spreading the hearts all over, lets see more hearts around and spread the love with Fundition - Contest lasts until end of August.

Join a community with heart based giving at its core

Oops. are you Vietnamese??


No, I am a Filipino :)

Nice to meet you ! I am colorme from VietNam. I am new on Steemit.
I want to share with you about "The Coffee KOI Fish"
I have given you an upvote. Please, you also give me upvote. THANK YOU....!