Results of the first round of Fundition contest, do you want to be our next winner?

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Have you been promoting your Fundition project on social media? Have you shared it, tweeted about it and have you been collecting those likes, retweets, and screenshots about it? It is time to announce the winner of our first contest period. Are you ready?

Our second round of the contest is live and you still have time to participate. All you have to do is follow some rules.


  • Promote your Fundition project outside steem with shares, events, articles, posts, tweets etc. and collect evidence about it (links, screenshots...)
  • Gather data about likes, reshares, retweets, comments, and any other responses you get
  • Take our test about your crowdfunding knowledge for extra points
  • Write a post entry for this contest that will include all your activity, evidence about it and your overall promotional activity in those two weeks. Tell us what you did, where, how, when, and how often.
  • Put your post entry in our discord channel called Contest entries

When you think about it, this is the easiest contest there is. You have to do, what you normally do, take care of your project promotion. We have talked about it many times before, marketing is important and just creating the project is not enough for its success. You NEED to promote it and tell people about it. A person would think that this is logical and accepted as normal and yet, we have received only one entry to the contest. This got us thinking about how serious your approach to your project really is. What are you doing and are you doing anything at all? Do you not want our support? People keep asking us about how to get funds from Fundition and when we give you a way to accomplish that, you ignore it. Have you not shared your Fundition project on social media? Not once? Really? Well... Your bad. We can not do the work for you and would not even if we could. What we can do is reward those who try and one project certainly did.


CCO image, Pixabay, author: mohamed_hassan, adapted

@homesteaderscoop has made a great entry to the contest that you can check here. The prize, as promised, is a 100% upvote from Fundition so we kindly invite @homesteaderscoop to comment on this post so the comment may receive the upvote. Since you also won the bragging rights, be sure that your comment includes the following: "We have won the 1st place!".

We are sure that you want the best for your project and that you appreciate all the help you can get. Consider joining our next round of this contest and participating in something that you already need to do anyway. Read the rules and all the details here: Promote your Fundition project: contest period 16st March`19. - 31th March`19. and earn our extra support. Good luck!

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We have won the 1st place!

Wow thank you Fundition for this contest opportunity and rewarding us with the prize :) I am sorry not more people applied to this contest! Hopefully this next one will inspired more entries. This contest came at the perfect timing for us because we had literally just setup our social media accounts and started posting to them. We are getting more organized by the week. Thanks again so much for all the support @fundition, we really appreciate it!!

Homesteaders Co-op

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Congratulations to @homesteaderscoop by CooperFelix-Multiservices Team.

The CooperFelix-Multiservices invites the users to take a look at the objectives of the project, hoping for your participation THE CF-M Project on Fundition


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