Ithaqa Graphic Novel Fundition Update 18: Ithaqa (Weekly?) Steemit RPG!

in fundition-t2b3d2ijh •  4 months ago

Ithaqa - Cover-v3.jpg

Hey all, true to my word, I've decided to try and implement an Ithaqa steemit RPG! This is starting out based on the original steemit rpg that @reseller used to run, but I'm hoping to iterate and improve on it!


Pick A Faction: Investigators, Cultists, or Mythos Creatures

Comment below with your pick. IE: Investigator, and feel free to pick a specific investigator from our story!

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 10.51.13 AM.png

Pick a Starting Stat, and mention it in your comment: Mythos or Stamina

As your character wins or loses, your stats will go up or down, and that will add buffs or debuffs to your roll.

I will randomly match two players up via RNG.
I will roll dice (
Winner of each match will be 100% Upvoted, earning you STEEM after 7 days.

All human characters will have a starting Sanity rating of 5, and every loss will cost 1 sanity point. If you get to 0, your character is insane! Start again! If you are a mythos creature, you will have a starting Power stat of 5, which functions the same way.

(( RESTEEM THIS POST )) FOR BONUS HIT-POINTS: Random Weapon Generator:

(Example: Hazel [12] / Rat-Thing [8]) WITHOUT RESTEEM BONUS
(Example: Hazel [12] / Rat-Thing [8]+{5 Weapon}=[13])

I will write some fun flavor text to describe the encounter that happens between you and your opponent, and hopefully this will be a fun way to help raise money for the actual comic!!/@drwatson/t2b3d2ijh

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oooo this looks interesting. I honestly don't think I've ever done an RPG XD


pick a faction and a stat, it'll be fun!


Do it. Do it now!


aaaaaaaah so much pressure 😱


All you have to lose are your misconceptions about space-time. And your place in it. Oh, and your sanity.


bwahahahaha already lost the latter so kinda almost halfway there.

Make mine Mythos!
Mythos creature, Mythos starting stat, & resteemed for some sort of freaky weapon I hope!

I'm probably gonna heck this up but ummm, I wanna be Hazel and I guess I'll go with stamina?


Yay! Hazel is one of my favorites... although Margaret may have moved into the lead when I actually read the “I taste skeleton” page! 😜☠️


Hazel locks eyes with @nateaguila the cultist and @eyedrip the mythos- flickering one! Her best bet is to run, but all her exits seem to be blocked off!

@la-fumettista rolls 2+19 (21), @nateaguila rolls (16) and @eyedrip rolls (4)

Hazel punches the cultist in the gut, which buys her enough time to make a break for the church exit! The lapse in concentration causes the flickering one to attack its beckoner... @nateaguila's sanity is reduced to 4 and @eyedrip's power is reduced to 4 as they fight each .other in the light of the full moon.

I'll be sending you 1 steem @la-fumettista!



I shall hunt her down and sacrifice her to the dark chicken gods of the Black Egg!

@eyedrip , I demand that you stop sucking my sanity right now!

Sounds like fun, make me a cultist with with the Mythos stat.

I don't do resteems, but I will do the equivalent by mentioning you in tomorrow's #readinglog. If that dosn't count, NBD.


That works too, I'll make an exception haha


Yay! It's up in my latest #readinglog now.


@Bryan-imhoff the Rat-thing grows tired of @effofex cultist's commands!

It is a battle of the wills! Who has a greater knowledge of the beyond!?

The Rat Thing rolls 6+3 (9) while the cultist rolls 6+11 (17).

@effofex re-asserts his control over @bryan-imhoff, reducing the rat thing's power to 4.

I'll be sending you 1 steem for your victory!


haha it's only a matter of time, @bryan-imhoff will be free!

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Haha, awesome idea! I like the theme too.