Share2Steem : Weekly updates from 10/30 to 11/05

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1) Twitch added to our cross-posting service

Source : Twitch Brand

Twitch is now available for you to cross-post to Steem !

How does it work ?

It works the same way as the other social networks. You will have to link and verify your Twitch account.
After that, when you launch a stream, it will be cross-posted to Steem (with the Live embedded in the post). Once your Live is finished, if you chose the VOD option, and the recorded video is archived, the post on Steem is edited to embed the video instead of the Live. When posting, the first tag on steemit will be the game played on Twitch and the second will be #share2steem.

Embedding the Twitch Player

For now, embedding works only on Busy and SteemPeak, it will throw an error when seeing the post on Steemit (but there's still a link for the users to go directly on Twitch to watch your Live / Video, it's just that the embedding doesn't work for now).

A special thanks to @wehmoen (P.Pro on Discord) for making a pull request to allow the embedding of the Twitch player on Steemit. If you want to show support and maybe get the pull request merged a bit faster by the Steemit team, please go to the GitHub pull request and drop a comment or a reaction to show your support.

2) Account Claiming

Last week, we claimed our first account. We now have two pending claimed accounts, and a third one really soon.
An automated "claim account" system has been put in place to maximize the rythm of account claiming and make sure to not waste any RCs.

3) Miscellaneous

  • We added a GDPR-compliant Cookie Policy and also Terms of Services. These will surely be modified soon, as we still gathering informations to make them legal-proof.
  • The footer "Posted from xxx via Share2Steem" now includes your referral link and not the generic link. Idea by @onepercentbetter.
  • Twitter formatting bug. Images from quoted tweets or external links were not taken as thumbnails in case there was no other images in the Tweet : FIXED
  • Leaderboard : Added a link to the user's Steemit profile. Idea by @onepercentbetter.
  • Top Payouts on the Home page : Added a link to the user's Steemit profile and a link to his/her post. Idea by @onepercentbetter.
  • On the Home page, a link to the Settings section has been added in case the user doesn't have any of the Curation Trails activated.

Next week's Updates

1) Putting in place the account creation system

The goal is to allow users to sign up directly on our website. It is a bit complex, as we want to delegate SP to the new users, but also allow the newcomer's sponsor to help us in this task by taking partially or fully the charge of the delegation.

An algorithmic delegation system will be put in place so it is scalable. A certain portion of our proprietary SP will constitute the SP delegation pool that will be distributed amongst all users that signed up through our site or other sites excepted Steemit (that already handles the delegation). Depending on their usage of the app and on their social network assessment (number of followers or this kind of metric that implies potential visibility for Steem), a score will be given to each account, that will be the base for calculating the delegation it will receive. The maximum delegation will be 15 SP (minus the sponsor's delegation).

2) Adding another social network to our cross-posting service

But which one ?
The choice is yours ! Tell us in the comments !

3) Users' suggestions

And of course, as always, we will implement updates depending on users' suggestions and our own ideas as they come. We will also continue bug-tracking and fixing.

The ones that are already planned but not yet implemented:

  • Allow users to sponsor us with SBI and create a new item in the leaderboad score to make this sponsorship rewarded. Idea by @albatar.
  • Adding the possibility for users to add benefactors to their posts made via Share2Steem. Idea by @ericwilson (if I remember correctly).
  • Adding a FAQ channel on our Discord or a FAQ page on our site (or both) to guide new users and give them the "core" informations needed to understand and use our service. Idea by @ericwilson and @sebbbl.

Some statistics

We are proud to count 597 members.

These members posted 1785 messages from social networks generating 1219.24 $ in payouts.

Share2Steem application is ranked #19 in number of posts.

@share2steem account has 13214 SP, and our 100% upvote is currently worth 0.63 STU.

Want to delegate ?

Delegators get up to 25% APR ! But also a bonus in the Leaderboard, implying bigger daily upvotes by @share2steem and the Curation Trails.

50 SP100 SP200 SP500 SP1000 SP2000 SP5000 SP

Want to delegate more (or less) ? Just copy and paste the link below, taking care to change the amout of SP you want to delegate at the end of the URL :

Or go to and use the delegation tool on the front page !

If you have any questions, suggestions, or simply want to encourage us, feel free to come to Discord !

Let's go !

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Awesome! Yes I believe the benefactor idea was mine so I can reward those that were on the stream with me!

I would also be interested (if possible) if we could do share2smoke ( for cannabis related content as well.

I got my cousin (@akhooliganism) signed up and he is geeked! He never was real active on steem but he even said this makes it easier because he is already using instagram and it will encourage him to use his voting power and reply to comments.

I am planning on doing a post about the experience this week.

Also: for people that have a lot of previous content on instagram users can go to old posts and add the share2steem tag to post to steem... Just thought that was great to encourage users to pick some of their best content and get it on the blockchain.

Hi, I remember clearly now, it was for your Live with @patrickulrich if my memories are correct.

For share2smoke it would be possible, but I must say I'm focusing my energy on share2steem for now, and as it would be only cannabis-related content, it would need some kind of "moderation" maybe. What would prevent someone from posting something not related ? Just thinking out loud... How does works exactly ?

For your cousin, that's perfect ! And exactly what we're trying to do on a large scale, so it's really encouraging. Looking forward to your post detailing this experience, could help us see what was good / bad in this and try to improve the app for future newcomers like your cousin.

For the last point, didn't think of that, but it's great and like that, as you said, you're not beginning from nothing, you can begin to make on impression on Steem with your best Instagram publications.

There is a lot of talent on I wonder if I could find someone to help with that. is a steemit clone. As far as the moderation, anything not cannabis related is simply not upvoted or it can be flagged.

Thanks for your response, I am really excited about your project!

Is there any tool like SteemConnect available for ? If yes, it could be relatively easy to integrate on share2steem (have the possibility to log in from Steem or Smoke and then everything will be duplicated).
If not, it's still possible but that would require users to give us their active key directly.

I am not sure... I am checking with some members.

That'd be great!

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Just applied to get in there...forgot about it but have some great ideas!

Holy sheeps with a saddle my friend....That last paragraph is a fan-fucking-tastic idea!

CC @bunnybark

Might be worthwhile for ya...

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You claimed accounts, those are pending.
Who can claim them ? How ? what are the conditions ?

Hi !
For now we just "reserved them", it takes 10236 G RC for one account at the moment (see the BeemPy Resource Costs Tool by @holger80 ).

For now, nobody can use them, as we did not put the account creation system in place on the website. But soon, these accounts will be available for people coming on our site and not already having a Steem account. That will allow them to create an account instantly instead of waiting for the 2 weeks queue when signing up via Steemit.

There will be no conditions to create an account through the website, but the delegation received on the created account (which is created with no SP at all, so not much RCs - just enough for 3 comments every 5 days) will depend on the usage of the app, and some metrics of the social networks linked to the account.

thx for info

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Great work guys!

salut vous pourriez ajouter les utilisateurs de qui n'ont pas upgrdés leurs comptes et qui n'ont donc pas accès aux pluggins?

C'est prévu !