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These three public figures share something that less than 1% of humans have, and it has nothing to do with fame or notoriety.

hot blooded.jpg

Any idea?


If you guessed a rare blood type, you got it right. All three of them have (had) AB Negative blood type.

The Rarest Blood Type and Universal Plasma Donor
The nature of antigens present in the serum determines the blood type. AB negative suggests that an individual has both the antigens A and B. Individuals who are AB blood group are commonly called universal plasma donors because their plasma can be transfused to any person of whatever blood group. The blood type is also the rarest blood types among all the blood group because it is present in only 1 out of 167 individuals. This means an approximately 0.6% of the population has an AB negative blood. Not all of the ethnic groups share the same proportions of the AB negative blood type though. This blood type is present in about 1% in Caucasians, 0.3% in African American, 0.2% in Hispanic, and 0.1% in Asian. source link

If you would like a quick refresher course on blood types, here is a brief video.

AB is the rarest, but RH Negative blood is rare regardless of the group

About 15 percent of Caucasians are Rh negative while 5 to 10 percent of African Americans don't have the protein on the red blood cells. 1 to 2 percent of Asians are negative for the protein.
Highest Rh negative Rate

Those with ancestral roots in Basque provinces in Spain and France have the highest incidence of Rh negative blood than others around the world. Rh negative blood has been found to be significantly higher in Basques than those in neighboring European countries as well as other regions in Spain and France. 27 percent of Basques have type O Rh negative blood. source link

WTH is going on with US Presidents' Blood!?!

pres list.JPG

Above is a list of 13 modern US Presidents.

Imagine this strange factoid, eight of the last 13 presidents were Rh-Neg!

Former President Eisenhower Type O-Neg
Former President Richard Nixon Type O-Neg
Former President Gerald Ford Type A-Neg
Former President Jimmy Carter Type A-Neg source
Former President George W. Bush Sr. Type A-Neg
Former President Bill Clinton AB-Neg
Former President Barack Obama AB-Neg source
President Donald Trump RH-Neg but his ABO group is so far unreported
Source unless otherwise noted

Question for you Math Wizes?

Statistical probability of the 8 of the last 13 presidents being RH-Neg? I don't have the answer, but it wouldn't surprise me if it is lower than the chances of winning the lottery.

WTH is going on with US Presidents Hands!?!

Right-handedness is the most common type and the most dominant. Right-handed people are more skilled in performing tasks with the right hand. An overwhelming majority of people on the planet are right handed. As a result, most gadgets and devices are designed with the right-hand use in mind. Studies suggest that 70-95 percent of individuals have the right hand as the more dominant one. Left-handedness is less common and can be found in about 10-12 percent of individuals on earth. source

So, of the last 13 presidents, you might estimate that one, or perhaps two to be left handed, but amazingly six of 13 were left-handed!

Harry S. Truman
Gerald Ford
Ronald Reagan
George H.W. Bush
Bill Clinton
Barack Obama

Bonus probability question

Clinton and Obama were AB-Neg and left-handed, what is the probability of that?

Thanks for stopping by, especially if you're left-handed or Rh-neg ;-)

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Em ... I'm lefthanded and I think I may be AB neg ... do I get to be President?

For that job, you need to be born in the USA, but given that you're left-handed & AB-Neg you might have a shot at a job at Nr. 10 Downing Street -- there May be an opening soon ;-)

PS If you also happen to have red hair and green eyes, they might let you marry into the royal family.

Both very good reasons for keeping the information to myself 😜

Power corrupts and fish rot first at the head. I wonder if it may be conspiracy related as most are puppets for the elite and the elite tend to be on the dark side of the spiritual war. Perhaps certain blood types acclimate to such positions. A negative blood type does not sound positive. LOL Thanks.

BTW, the Queen and Prince Charles are reportedly O-Neg. As for conspiracy theories, search YouTube for AB-Neg blood and you'll finds lots ;-)


Statistics will probably proofe some dank corruption in near future.

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That's kind of interesting facts!

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