5 Hidden Symbols In Popular Logos (Part 4)

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Once again I would like to continue with my "Hidden Symbols In Popular Logos" series.

The last three: 1, 2, and 3

Here are 5 more popular logos with hidden symbols in them:



The beats logo is a very minimalistic logo, which may make it difficult to see the hidden meaning. The logo depicts a person listening to headphones, with the circle representing the face and the "b" representing the headphones.

I found this picture to explain the meaning of the logo for those who can't see it.


Nintendo Gamecube


The Gamecube logo makes uses of negative space like many of the others I have discussed before. The logo itself forms a cube, with the outside of the cube formed by the letter "G" and the white space forming the letter "C."



This one may be a bit more obvious, but the LG logo is made up of the elements of their name. The "G" creates the outline of a face while the "L" creates a nose. The dot next to the nose represents the "eye" of the face. LG states that "The letters "L" and "G" in a circle symbolize the world, future, youth, humanity, and technology. Our philosophy is based on Humanity. Also, it represents LG's efforts to keep close relationships with our customers around the world." Source



This one is by far the hardest to notice. The three rings that come together to form the toyota logo spell out the word "Toyota." This graphic will help show what I mean:


Burger KingBurger king logo.JPG

Probably the most recognizable "hidden" symbol in a logo, the Burger King logo represents a burger, with two buns surrounding the words "Burger King."

Do you recognize them all? Let me know what you think!

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