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This is the key to a new me!

Exclaimed my work colleague, Mad Jamie, as he flumped down in an empty seat next to me.

I was halfway through my lunch and did not appreciate his random interruption so I gave him with my dog chewing jerky face in the hope that he would run away.

No such luck.

He wobbled his wrist at me, on it was a slim purple rubber band with a thick bit at one side. Like a rubbish watch.




He stated with the same air that iPhone owners used to have when pulling their phones out before it became embarrassing for them.

No thank you, I am having my lunch.

I stated whilst purposely not looking at him. Instead, attempting to focus on my spicy chicken sandwich with extra jalapenos. There were few delights that I treasured more than a spicy chicken sandwich during working hours.



I hoped he would get the hint and beat it.

He didn't.

Fitbit. With this, I can say goodbye to old fatty at forty and hello to six pack city.

I gently placed my chicken sandwich on my desk as if it was a baby I had just gotten to sleep after a three-hour awakening during the night.


Six pack city... Who even says stuff like that? You think having a thing that counts your steps will get you a six pack? Try doing some proper exercise.

You are just jealous. Yesterday I did over 12000 steps. You know, I was only passing your desk on the way to the toilet and thought you might want to get in on this. It's the future of getting fit you know.

I sighed with no little impatience.

Those aren't real steps you know.



Mad Jamie squawked as if he were a parrot that had just been told his friend in the next cage was actually just his own reflection in a mirror.

Yes they are!!

My cat probably does 12000 steps and he is a right lazy fat thing.

Mad Jamie looked affronted, as if by mentioning cats I had crossed a line.

He stood.

You should get one you know. You aren't getting any younger.

He puffed up smugly at this winning comment and got up.



He walked away covering who knows how many thousands of imaginary digital steps. I couldn't resist getting up and following him.

He looked irked as I caught up with him.

Go on then, how many steps have you done today?

I asked with a cheeky grin.

He looked as if he was about to tell me to chase myself but he just couldn't resist showing off how amazingly fit he was becoming by counting his steps on his rubbery arm device.

He stopped and tapped it.


He said with a shameful degree of pride.

5724 eh! Well, why don't you carry on to the toilet and back and we will check to see how many steps it records, I mean the toilet isn't far?

He looked at me distrustingly for a moment.

Alright then.

He headed off.



A couple of minutes later he came back.

How many now then?

He looked down at his wrist. A strange mix of emotions contorted his face as if he were a badger being chased by a dog.

It doesn't matter, you are just jealous.

He stalked off.

I sniggered and shouted out after him.

I told you, they aren't real steps!!


What about you? Have you succumbed to the craze of the fitness tracking? Do you religiously count your steps? Do you ever stop to wonder how you could have done so many when all you have done is watch TV all day?

Tell us your best tales in the comments. I will be there to listen!

Authored by @meesterboom

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You should get one you know. You aren't getting any younger.

I’ve never been into staff like that. However, I can see how your “friend” is excited about this. There is about 8 birthdays comming in my family in a very short time. It’s a great present and if you want, I can run some data for you from me and my whole family and pass it to you once a day. You can go over it while enjoying your spicy chicken lol. You know, today I did this many steps, my nice... I’m sure you would be very excited 😜. Anyway noooo Fitbit form me or my family!

Hahahahahahaha. I've heard of every device! My friend has just bought a machine that moves her body while she is sitting and promises to lose many pounds. I hope that one of these days there won't come out a brain that promises to think for one, because surely out of laziness many would go and buy it!

@meesterboom and @adsactly, In my opinion these kind of stuff happens in life and sometimes people when bought digital gadgets they think that that's really impactful.

And while sharing the experience people sometimes becomes Overexcited and they make some fun comments which is not the reality actually.

Actually i am using Actifit application now so i check my steps and action counts and in my opinion it's fun sometimes but not every time but our causal walk is not the pro fitness.

But literally gadgets made us machines and we are measuring our actions and steps in numbers but in my opinion natural activity is pure and ultimate and no gadget can take place of the natural effectivity.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed team. 🙂

A company that I worked for a few years ago went through the fitbit rage. They offered to buy me one, but I declined noting that I don't need another appliance to tell me I am fat. Or how little I do. For all I know it was reporting to them on my actual activity. Why do you think I work from home?

Actually I do track my steps on my (deeply embarrassed) I phone. But only when I am out of the house, otherwise my phone stays in one place whether I am moving or inert. I keep track of the dogs exercise that way, can't have him getting fat too.

It is almost 20 years ago that I decided I wasn't ever going to wear a watch again. I've managed to keep that promise, and I certainly don't intend to break it with something specifically designed to report how poor my shape really is.

Bro did amezing work on post keep it up and continues shere with us ..

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@adsactly nice to read ....Thanks for sharing

I prefer the filosyphy of step by step XD

Great work adsactly, I've already listened your video in the beginning of May but it's good to have a text version as well :)


This might not be the accompanying text :0)

Not to miss the point of the story. But.... fitbits are incredibly useful for gamifying workouts and exercise to motivate you to do more. Being able to see how your heart rate changes day to day and the amount of calories you've burned right on your wrist is pretty neat.


Meh, I see a lot of Fitbits on a lot of people and I don't see much fitness :0)

@meesterboom hahah...btw. you left your cheeky burger right on the table...get over on it rather wasting time of gadgets showoff.
People get to new gadgets only to show to society the lavishnes matter they are aware of the real things. If you keep a discipline not gonna need any fitbit....
"Walk your way to a healtht life "....steem on 👍

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