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I was working in a different office to my normal one. We were dressed casually because we had been tasked with lots of furniture moving and setting up of PC's which involved a lot of crawling around.

At first, everyone was relaxed and in a good mood. One of the guys Monty had asked permission to bring in a cd player so we could listen to music whilst we worked.

It was a good idea, except for the fact that Monty was a huge AC/DC fan.

So all was fine for the first couple of hours but the repetitive jangly guitar of AC/DC's greatest hits began to be a bit monotonous. Some of the other guys begged him to change the CD he was playing. Monty rebuffed them all.

It's my cd player. I say what get's played.

Each time he said this he became more and more puffed up with his own importance like a seagull feasting on a dead pigeon.



I watched him with a scabrous eye as he became more and more the preening Lord of the CD player. He made sure that whatever he was doing that he didn't stray too far from it. Even to the extent of not going to the toilet.

I wondered where the pee from all the coke he was drinking was going. He was quite a big guy and I began to suspect that his moobs were the humanoid version of camel humps.

One of the other guys Dondo shouted at Monty when Highway to Hell was starting again for what seemed like the tenth time.

Can we please change the bloody CD?!? It's driving me MAD!!

Monty stepped over to the CD player and hit pause. Then he stuck his hands on his hips and spoke to us all.

If anybody can give me one good reason to switch it off I will switch it off but I haven't heard one yet.

He reached down and stuck his finger on the play button.



I've got a good reason.

I piped up.

Monty looked sceptical and made a face as if he was licking an old man's shoe.

Oh aye, let's hear it.

He sneered.

I stepped forward and addressed the room.

Back when I was just seventeen, I was at a rock concert. I think it was Judas Priest who was playing. The gig was fantastic. There were three of us. We were all drinking, having a great time.

I looked around at the listeners.

The gig came to an end. We had met up with a couple of guys we knew, they told us of a party just out of town. It was gonna be wild they said. They offered us a lift in their car.

We piled in, there were five of us, three in the back, two in the front. The guy driving, "Mad Ronnie," stuck on his favourite band...

I paused for a moment.

It was AC/DC.

As we got out of Town, Mad Ronnie started driving really fast. I joked from the back, "Hey Ronnie, I hope you weren't drinking tonight?" He laughed. "I only had a couple of pints mate!" At that, we all laughed. We were young. We didn't care.



The stereo blared loud and we sang along, then Ronnie's favourite song came on. Highway to Hell. He started thumping the wheel and shouting out the chorus.

I stopped again for a moment, longer this time. The room was thick with silence.

I think the song was about halfway in when there was a massive "CRUMP." I only remember flashes of the sky, something hitting the side of my head then a great big scraping bang.

I came to. We were upside down in a field. The car had crashed, spun out, landed on its roof. We hung there from our seatbelts, bleeding, in shock.



My fists clenched.

As we hung there, crying and bleeding all we could bloody hear was that damned song, over and over caught in a scratched loop. Highway to Hell.

I faced Monty.

And that is why I want you to change the bloody CD, ok?

Monty had gone pale.

Jeez, I'm sorry mate. You could have said anytime.

He switched off AC/DC and put the radio on instead. We all went back to work.

Dondo came over to me.

That was one heavy tale mate. Did you all make it out alive then? I understand if you don't want to talk about it.

I looked over at Monty then leaned in to whisper in Dondo's ear.

Don't worry mate, it never really happened, I just made it up to get him to switch it off.


What about you? Have you gone to any lengths to get someone to do something? Would you tell a lie to save the sanity of all around you?

Tell us your best tales in the comments. I will be there to listen!

Authored by: @meesterboom

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Hahaha c'mon man. I expected a funny story, as always, and when I got to the part where you crashed, I was really worried. Luckily, it is all a joke, anf it's a funny one haha. You saved yourself with this story :)

I cant quite remember now what did I do, similar to this. But, I bet there was some similar moments that ended like this, where you need to say something for other guy to shut up or to stop acting weird.

I like your stories @meesterboom, you're a great storyteller and really a fun one :), glad you shared this one with us cause it's hilarious! Made me shift my feelings from funny to scarry to funny again haha

Have a great day!


Cheers mate. I do like to tell a story. Glad I pulled it back to funny for ya :0)

“Is it ok to lie?”

Yes. Society couldn’t function if we were all compulsively honest all the time.

Think about how many lies you say every day: “Fine” is the standard answer to “how are you?”, but are you actually “fine?”

There are, of course, limits; sometimes you need to give hope, so “it will be ok” is perfectly acceptable, but other times such a lie will cause more damage.

It is ok to lie to save a life, it is wrong to lie to commit a crime.

What guides us? Morals, ethics, conscience… It’s the way we are taught and how much others are willing to accept.


Wise teachings. You are a fine upstanding person!


Thanks..It s so kind..

Those are some sweet improvisation skills you have, though I imagine the song name, "Highway to Hell", gave some clues on how to frame the story

I'm pretty bad at coming up with something to say on the spot, on the one hand I'm lucky that my coworkers aren't "puffed up like a seagull standing over a dead pigeon" on the other hand I don't quite have that experience for when that person does come in my life

But here's a story anyway.

Background before the story: More than a thousand years ago, after the collapse of the Han Dynasty in China, China split into several smaller kingdoms vying and fighting for supremacy or survival. Eventually the strongest leaders emerged and conquered or consolidated their holdings, transitioning into what's now known as the three kingdoms period of China. Interestingly, Wikipedia has this period ranked as the third most deadliest time of warfare in human history. World war 2 comes first, the Mongol conquests come next; however, the Mongol conquests and the 3 kingdoms period both happened over 100 years of continuous war.

There were many battles of interest in this period, and strategists became famous with their success. Zhuge Liang was the primary adviser for the kingdom of Shu, known to be cunning but cautious, while Sima Yi was, at this point I think, from an aristocratic family and he himself was rising as a general.

Sima Yi had marched out with his army to take a city held by Zhuge Liang, but when he got there, he saw the enemy simply playing a guqin on the top of the walls, attended by a couple servants. Sima Yi, suspecting a trap, withdrew all his forces, while Zhuge Liang continued playing his guqin. He actually didn't have a trap set because his soldiers were elsewhere.

Unfortunately, I think this deception is itself a fiction; the saga itself, a classic of Chinese literature, does embellish on the history a lot. Sima Yi had the last laugh as the ultimate winner of the 3 kingdoms... Wei conquered Shu, Sima Yi usurped the throne of Wei and renamed it Jin, then ended the period with the conquest of the third kingdom Wu.

If anybody can give me one good reason to switch it off... 😆

Imagine you are chained with your hands between your legs, crouching. You're isolated in a small, dark room with earphones you can't take off playing “Highway to hell” repeatedly. Now, after a few hours, you've lost your ability to think. It’s called music torture used by military. I wouldn’t be surprised if your friend had a military backround. In your case you saved everyone from further torture, perhaps even going out of your minds. Fortunately, your brain still functioned to the point to be able to made up this story. I can guarantee you, after 24 hours of listening to this song over and over again your story wouldn’t make sense. If I was in this situation I would start playing the #1 hit used to torture your friend Monty "Zikrayati (My Memories)" by Mohamed el-Qasabgi warning! Don’t listen to this music repeatedly!.


Various conversations in the "ADSactly Fun - Hell Highway" can be seen in the usual way the work of various offices continued to go to many furniture of clothing and ask for permission to bring it a good multiplayer, etc. Sincerely talking about each time he said he had feet, the more you Talk about topics, etc., at any time


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When I saw those pictures and the way the story was going, it reminded me of meesterboom but heck this was adsactly. I'm not surprised to read those lines from you, you are talented.

Telling lies can often times be the only saving grace one have. I have had a couple at times to stay alive.


I am glad you recognised me! :0)

Ahahahahaha. A little creative fiction can take you a long way in life, it seems :)

Another great tale from the office. I love it!


You are absolutely correct. It adds some spice to the day!


Nice creative fiction by @adsactly thanks

I was curious and went to listen to this song "Highway to Hell" lol I guess I understand your feeling :)
I had to lie sometimes to save some situations yes. I think the most of us do it for one reason or the other :P


I cannot agree more. Truetalk


It's a good song, just bit when you hear it repeatedly for hours on end! :0)

I simply loved your story. I am going to spend the rest of my day, thinking of something that I did or said to change someone's mind!


Hehe, splendid!

Cool story! lol Makes it better that I love AC/DC!!!


That does make it better lol

Thanks for posting

Hurt me with a truth, don’t comfort me with a lie.

I do not have a similar story
I think you are inventing the story in a professional way because there are all the elements of accuracy in the choice of style and suspense as well as sequence in the narrative.
Thank you for this creativity


You are most welcome!

Hehehe... very nice fun,,,, the writing is very nice and funny,,,,may everyone enjoy when read this article,,,
Thanks for sharing this very nice written..
I love this story..
Thanks for sharing this life
I appreciate your fun,,,,

Cerita nya sangat asik dan penuh kenangan indah bagi mu dan seru saya membaca nya

Awesome man .. just loved it

was be fun...?

I often use adsactly tag in my post but i donot have any benefits...


Perhaps you should join the discord server as it mentions above?


Now i donot have idea of discover chat.

very nice story.
thanks for sharing this life..


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😁😁😁😁😁😁very funny post..I am fraud fell now...amazing

Good read. I remember the feeling that you don't want to go to work but you have too and every second while your in the road going to work is like hell. Oh I hate that feeling very much ^_^

সত্যি আপনার পোষ্টটি আমার কাছে অনেক ভালে লেগেছে।


pagol naki re vai ??

jekhane sekhane bangla ken ?


Bangla kan via...
Arar post a Bangla lekis,,,,ok pagol via

First, when I see your headline .. I immediately remembered Angus Young and Iron Man
its Rock n Roll boys .. Rock On!

Your writing is very good .I always see your post and I waiting for your next post

This story twinkled my tommy.

This is mine.

Me: hello
Her: what?
Me: am Rich.
Her: ok handsome.My name is pamela jone, am 21 years old a graduate of chemistry,from university of benin.I like tall and handsome guys like you.Please if you dont mind i can be everything you want me to be
I can cook,i can satisfy,i like to travel, and i can be yours forever
I promise not to cheat on you please just give me the chance to show my self.

Me.I mean my name is richard.

You dont want to hear her replies and what happened to me that day.


Lolzzz. Indeed funny! I can't imagine her reply @joshuaky..i guess her reply must have been "are you sick? Why i'm i even chatting with you? (laughs)

The story is really funny .i read it so enjoyed. keep always like a fun and comedy story..always support with us ..

Once when I was 8 years old, I pretend to faint, I crush food, I mix with yellow coloring.
Everyone believed that I really fainted.
I did that to reconcile my arguing parents.
And my parents reconciled after the incident.


Well there you go!! The end justifies the means!


And now many people justify any means to get SBD.

Great Post I Upvoted You If Your Looking For A New Friend Im On Everyday

Highway To Hell

Dangerous Headline. Have a nice day dear.

I am proud that you work in your own office and your own company, I really want to be a successful person like you, let me support you completely. congratulations and success @adsactly

Sorry meesterboom, I am an honest person man. I can't tell a lie but in a life and death situations, I might do the same. Upvoted!

ha ha , vrey funny

You had to make him dredge up a better nature.

Bloody Brilliant!!! I love ACDC as much as the next guy but over and over again could get a little mind numbing. I can only imagine Monty's face. It must have been priceless to see his jaw drop. He was being an inconsiderate bugger to begin with. I'm surprised someone didn't pitch his CD player out the window!

really amazing post,,all ever on this post funny and life relataed.

I resteem this post thanks because i like @adsactly

có thể bạn chưa biết một nghệ thuật mới.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha

The story is really really amazing & funny . may everyone enjoy when read this article.. Thanks for good article provide us and i wanna next one.

I am very happy to read a handwriting please please teach me to be like you

Man! You got me. Hahaha. I almost felt your heart while you are telling the story. I was imagining you telling story in front of a silent audience whose hearts are slowly fast beating as go on with that so dramatic story. That I was ended up scammed. Haha. I wonder how does Monty wouod feel if he knew that was just a lie. I think he will have relief and grief.

For me,hahaha... I think I would do the same, to lie just to have someone to do something if that someone is hard to beg. Hahaha. I really enjoyed reading this @meesterboom and wish for more:)

Thank you @adsactly😎

I enjoyed reading the story very entertaining. The headline is very captivating. Hahaha very nice.

Could this be fiction?..
You're just good.

Youve gotten a vote from me as witness, i'll help you reach to other of my friends to support you.
Best wishes sir.

Congratulations @adsactly!
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