Wine chocolate cupcakes

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I know I've been MIA again but I think I'm starting to get a pretty good structure on how to work now.
Today I'm here to bring you these amazing wine chocolate cupcakes. Wine in cupcakes you ask? Well yes, why not.
And these are also my contribution to the beautiful @lenasveganliving fruitsandveggiesmonday party. If you don't know Lena then please check her out.

Back to the cupcakes. I used some flour made out of wine and it really gave the cupcake a deeper flavor with a more nuanced taste of chocolate. It does in fact not taste like wine but it's just more delicious.

Why wine chocolate cupcakes?

  • They will satisfy your sweet craving in an instant
  • For the non-alcohol drinker as well as for the one who loves a glass of wine
  • Gives the chocolate flavor a deeper tone
  • Great at a dinner party for those who love more adult flavors


Are your ready for the recipe?

Portions: Around 35 mini or 9 large


  • 3 tsp of Syrah wine flour Not sponsored
  • 1 cup of coconut milk
  • 170 grams of sugar
  • 160 grams of flour
  • 40 grams of cacao powder
  • 0,5 tsp baking powder
  • 0,70 tsp baking soda
  • 0,25 tsp salt
  • 1 /2 tsp Apple cider vinegar
  • 0,5 cups (1,20 dl) of rapeseed oil


  • Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius
  • Mix all the dry ingredients
  • Whisk in all the wet ingredients with the dry and blend until well mixed
  • Pour in cupcakes forms
  • Bake for 20 min and let cool on a rack before you add frosting
  • Store in fridge for up to 5 days

Wine flour frosting


  • 300 grams of oatly creme cheese
  • 2 tsp of wine flour
  • 2 tsp of powdered sugar


  • Mix all ingredients together
  • Put in a piping bag and pipe onto your cupcakes

Enjoy them late at night eating straight from the fridge or enjoy them with good company. Impress your colleagues with your incredible cooking skills!


Thank you for taking your time to read my post! ❤️

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interesting recipe, it is worth trying.

Thank you i'm happy you think so :)

I don't like wine at all, but this recipe definitely does look tasty ^^

Haha I never drink alcohol or even alcohol free wine but the flour is an awesome adding to bring out a deeper flavor in anything :)

I should definitely try that out if I find that flour, thanks for the tip! :D

These cupcakes sound and look marvelous. I am really intrigued by the wine, even tough I do not drink, but I like desserts with little bit of alcohol flavor 🍒 🍌🍑🌿🍍🍓🍇
1 Collage.jpg

I'm happy you are curious. :) It doesn't really taste like wine but it gives a deeper flavor :)

I bet it's really delicious 🍒


What an incentive idea, they look lovely

Thank you dear <3

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Omg, love wine and chocs!
Surely gonna try this sometime ❤️