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RE: What to buy in February ~ FruitsAndVeggiesMonday 🍏🍐

Cime di rapa from my dad's garden in Italy are so delicious. Dandelion greens are a powerful healing food and grow wild but many consider them annoying weed! They are actually expensive in the grocery store.Thanks for all the colorful and mouthwatering photos and also the new vocab to learn in German :)


Yes, I used to collect the dandelion leaves outside in spring and used them for salads and smoothies and such things. I never tried these cultivated forms yet. I just uncovered their existence last fall. But I am planning to buy them at least once to try them out. I expect them to be less bitter than the wild form when this size! We'll see.

If you buy them, don't get too excited. They are nothing like the wild ones which are indeed more bitter and tastier. But when I have no other choice, I don't mind. I actually have some in the fridge to be juiced 😋

oh, I just learned that 'pusteblume' means in fact dandelion :)))

Hehe! And yes! Pusteblume means Dandelion in English - at least it's the last and fluffy phase when all the seeds appeared and the "chutes". 😄

Oh, that makes sense...the words sounds like post-flower :))

🤣 Yes, that's maybe why someone accidentally called me "posteblume" once...

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