Fruits and Veggies Monday : Sticky Rice with Sweetened Coconut

Happy Monday Foodies😉

I'm so happy to be on Steemit every monday since October 2018😊 because I will find so many interesting post on #fruitsandveggiesmonday which runs by @lenasveganliving (get well soon and thank you for keep sharing wonderful vegan recipe😉) and now host by @plantstoplanks on @vegansofsteemit😍.

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A perfect breakfast😉

I Love glutonious or Sticky Rice so much 😊 I think I can live just with it for the rest of my life 😀 but, sticky rice has too much calories and sugar😊 which will make me easily develop a good realtionship with diabetes😁.

In my hometown, Aceh, to find sticky rice with sweetened coconuts, or fried banana or indinesian sushi aka Lemper as breakfast are not a challenging thing to do😊. We could find in in form of Uli (sweet sticky rice) to eat with savoury tempe or grilled it in banana leaves too. Uhmm.. since Rice is the common main food in Indonesia, we have it as breakfast or other meals.

Why Not include it for FAVM?


I found a perfect size and age of coconut flesh from Kang Jawir (the vegetables seller) on sunday morning. In this age,the coconut is good for anything but taking its milk😊

But it's not until that day, when I remember I bought it😯 and if I didn't proceed it A.S.A.P, it would be such a waste😢. The only thing came into my mind only "sweetened coconut". Well.. you can make candy or other kind of sweet cake with it later, my mind told me😊.


I peeled the outer brown layer of the flesh and made some noise while grating it😊 on 11.30 pm😁

The Process of Making☺


I got about 300 grams of not too fresh grated coconut, I add 50-100 grams sugar, a tea spoon salt, a piece of pandan leave, 150ml water and cook it on medium-low heat.

You must stir it up continously (that's what My Mom said when I was a helper in her kitchen years ago😊), to ensure that all perfectly well cooked.


I need to make it a bit shiny😊, so I pour 25 ml sugar palm syrup when the water about to dry and mix it up, flip and stir till it well-cooked😊 taste it a bit, it must be soft and sweet now.

It's already midnight😊 I just put it in a bowl and left it in room temperature on my table under the ventilated food covering. Will cook the sticky rice tomorrow😊

Let's skip the sticky rice proceeding😊 I posted about it few weeks ago when I made Ketan Durian

There are many ways to eat sweetened rice with Sticky Rice or Ketan😊, you can put it as a filling in Sticky rice, wrap it with banana leaves and roast or grill it for few minutes. Or you can serve it like this 😉


I know that My FIL doesn't like too sweet food, so I gave him options😊 sweetened coconut or banana to eat with his sticky rice😊 If I have banana leaves, I will roll the banana in sticky rice, wrapped then bake it.

This kind of food, if you have it as breakfast or dinner😉 will make you full and want a cup of black coffee to enjoy it😇. Anyway, even though sticky rice and sweetened coconut available as breakfast in many coffee shops in Aceh, this is also a special dish for some ceremonial celebrating events like wedding, baby shower, graduation and birthday too.

Ahhh.. you can keep the left over sweetened coconut in the regrigerator too, you can sprinkle it on your toasted bread next day😉.


But I love sticky rice with Sweetened coconut, just like this 😊

Have A Happy Monday and See You around😉

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Thank you for sharing i love recipes with coconut yummi

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You are most welcome @noemilunastorta 😉 nothing as good as coconut in my heart too. You'll make everything great with it for soup to dessert😉


I agree ♥️

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I guess the coconut is caramelized. That must be super delicious, I have to try that. Although, I will use Maple Syrup. Also, banana warped in sticky rice and banana leaf and baked sounds amazing. To bad I can't try that. Well at least not until I go for vacation to a tropical place where I can get banana leaves, lol. Great recipes my Dear 🌴🍌🥥🍌🌴
1 Collage.jpg


Haaaa... I've been thinking about the right word for tgat coconuts for 2 days @lenasveganliving😊 Dang! CARAMELIZED.. why couldn't I think of it😂😂😂

Thank You So Much😙😙😙😙

You can find the sticky rice around but not Banana Leaves😊 if that what makes you need to fly to Tropical Countries to have it, I think you can use other leaves like palm leaves? Or some leaves that have a nice smell and quite wide to wrap something in it and bake it😊 I could've suggested you to use Pandan Leave.. but I know I will make you LOL more.. because Pandan also not availaible in Canada😊


Always a pleasure Sweetie and thank you so much for your suggestions. Maybe I can try Maple leaf 😂😂😂

I can just see you grating away the coconut in the middle of the night, haha! Love it! This coconut would have been perfect with my banana oatmeal that I posted a few days ago, though that would have definitely pushed it over into the dessert realm. A little dessert on occasion won't hurt, especially when it is homemade. 😉


😊 Thank you so much @plantstoplanks for your kind and sweet comment as always😊 I think I can skip playing the monsters only to make something for FAVM and Now I should bookmark your banana oatmeal to make it for my FIL later😉

Luv Ya💖

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hahaha, I think we are going to get really well together. *Sticky rice is Life! Lol.... we also cook it in coconut or we dip steamed sticky rice in grated young coconut.

@cicisaja our sweets are very similar in terms of cooking, my favourite is Steamed sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves and dipped with a sugar palm sauce.

I bet heavenly delicious @cicisaja!


We're from the same cullinary culture roots @sherylneil 😉 oohh I miss you a lot. Been busy with myself lately and lost in my way to check on yours and other posts... 😊 how are you?

What's not delicious when you have coconut's around? Even the fish we trapped betwen the coconut's trunk and grilled in on coconut's shell charcoal is amazing, isn't it😉...

Hi, @cicisaja!

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Dear @cicisaja,

Can you please come and visit me in Cairns? Anyway, its just 6 hours from Indonesia. Please cook these things here so I can enjoy them.

Kind regards



Mr postman here is developing a kind of paranoia when he sees me. Probably because I pester him with questions like, can you figure out a way for my food to be shipped fresh?hahahahhahahahahaha


Mr postman here is developing a kind of paranoia when he sees me. Probably because I pester him with questions like, can you figure out a way for my food to be shipped fresh?hahahahhahahahahaha

😂😂😂😂 now you are showing me how to have fun with Mr. Postman 😂😂😂 Sneaky Girl😉 I wish that you could use Online Food services to get it from my kitchen, freshly😉

Dearest @nurseanne84 😉
I hope that you're not too busy to cook something more delicious than this simply caramelized coconut and sticky rice😊 I can't leave my FIL to fly accross continent to meet you😊 just take care and eat more curry😊



These days, I am reduced into being the "eater" from being the "cook" because, I am swamped with paper works. Anyway, they are as delicious as the ones I cook. hahahahaha

Yes. Do have fun with your postman. I just love his reaction especially when I purposely pretend to take a "walk" after he leaves our house hahahahaha I wish I could read his mind.

I hope that you get to enjoy whatever you're doing.


Thanks and you too @nurseanne84 😉 the bad news is.. I haven't seen any postman around since I lived in this neighborhood for 2 years 😢


hahahaha you should tell everyone you know to send you guys more mail. Where I am now, we have a lot of mails daily. I just cannot understand why they need to do it in one day. Why can't they come like every 2 days. SEriously, these guys must be tired of walking on the same route everyday.


They walk? OMG... I never seen any postman walking while distribute the mails, I saw one with bicycle when I was a kid in late 70s, but then I saw them riding orange motorcycle and our home is the only house at the mango alley (our address) who regularly he stopped by at least once a week till the mobile phone exists.
But now, If I happened to see the orange motorcycle again, I probably captured many pictures of the postman..LOL


I think they have a short route....