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Continuing along with my raw vegan/fruitarian journey, I picked up 40 pounds of Concord grapes today for only $18! I had never had Concord grapes until today and I can tell you right now these are by far the highest quality fruit I have ever experienced! Not to mention you can't get real grapes (seeded) in stores around my area. The funny thing is the nice guy I picked these up from said he didn't want to eat them because of the seeds 😂.

I have been trying to get my hands on some seeded grapes for awhile now ever since having the best seeded raisins I ordered from the Middle East. Unfortunately I haven't seen them in stock for the longest time so I'm glad I'm finally able to get some amazing fresh ones! They literally taste like gummy bears but even juicier and sweeter! Not to mention they are extremely good for you just as they are or if you were to juice them.

This haul will probably last me about a week so I'm looking forward to feeling even better than I am already on my fasting and fruit lifestyle. A lot of people tried to scare me into not changing my diet to eating 100% fruit but the benefits and enormous amount of evidence that humans are designed to function off sun powered food is paying off. I have had great success with my intermittent fasting which in my case is abstaining from eating or drinking for 16 hours out of each day along with some dry fasts here and their. I have so much energy it's ridiculous... I encourage everyone to look into these subjects if they aren't familiar with them.

Let me know in the comments if you guys have had Concord grapes or what your favorite grapes are!

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Ah, little do people know that seeded fruit is closer to nature and better for you. Those grapes look amaaazing (mouth is watering)... And $18?! Wow I wish I could find a deal like that! Grapes are the best for detoxification. And soo delicious!

I agree with you nancy , upvote for you flatearthvegan, good posted

Yes!! I am in paradise right now!

I know right, why do so many people hate seeds? How do people expect a seedless fruit to exist in nature? That's really the main thing I care about when it comes to my food... it has to have a seed or I don't eat it!

Thanks for stopping by! Much love!

Exactly! Seeds are natural!

Awesome post. @flatearthvegan

Thnx @flatearthvegan for putting this info all together.

No problem thanks for showing love.

I'm also on a fruitarian diet as I'm almost through Dr. Robert Morse's book and have been wondering about seedless grapes. Are they GMO for them to be seedless? Here in thailand seeded grapes are less than half price of seedless grapes and if your making grape juice, your having no problem about the seeds anyway. But I've also heard about that grape seed extract is very good for your health.
Great post


I like a lot of Dr. Morse's work. That's crazy that seeded grapes are half the price of seedless ones in Thailand! We don't even have ANY seeded grapes in stores here in my area, I get them from locals. I haven't heard of grape seed extract but I can assume that its great for you. Hopefully I'll be getting another load of these before the season ends, trying to fast on these for as long as their in season!

Maybe I'll be visiting Thailand soon, I've seen the fruits their and they look divine :P.

Seeds are nature's way of saying, good job. Now go grow more!

True! They just want to be spread :)

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