Friday Rocks- Green rocks

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For @nat-expressions weekly challenge called #fridaysrock! The challenge is to share your favorite rocks and minerals.

When you are driving down the road and see green rocks you simply have to stop, right?


And you probably have to bring one or two or six home to put out in the flower garden, right? Those are covered with snow this morning, but I keep my favorite green rock in here on the book shelf.



Shadow Photo Contest Round 43- Group Shadows

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Interesting photos. My cousin is a geologist, she would have loved the place.

Thanks! I somehow doubt that they would be anything very interesting to a geologist, but I thought they were pretty!

this is a stone whose pores are like wood and the color is also wood color ... if it's slightly cleaned the color is exactly like a coconut stem.


It appears to be petrified wood! A very nice piece. I have a piece that is very similar. Where did you find it?

my friend gets in his own garden. but what is very strange is that our land is not contained in rocks or sand because it is far from the hills. maybe this has its own meaning or uniqueness. this time I just saw this unique stone.

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Thank you for joining in on #fridaysrock. You made me laugh with your "you have to bring home one or two or six home to put int he flower garden". It is good to know that I am not the only one who does that!

I thought that I might have a friend or two who would understand!


haha! howdy melinda010100! what are those things anyway?

What kind of rocks? No idea! Maybe another mineral coloring all the rocks green. Copper? Really, I don't have any idea.

oh but I bet one of the rock hounds that you know would know. Is there a rock hound group on steemit?

There are a couple people in this group that know far more than I do!

So, finally I have a few minutes to my self! The drive-in to Chicago went well. He was amazed at how easy it was. I set the time so that we avoided rush hours, and it really is not a complicated drive. My son and his wife were wonderful hosts and very happy to have him there.

My biggest problem is that he needs the TV on all the time and even if I try to be here on Steem, I'll be in the middle of a comment and he doesn't appear to realize that I'm doing anything important and interrupts me and sometimes it takes me half an hour to get one comment finished. Driving me crazy.

And I'm missing all of SteemFest and I have been looking forward to it for so long! That's what I'm off to do now to see what I can see of it before I fall asleep. Talk to you soon!

yes I was looking forward to you finding some interesting news about Steemfest.

It looks like everyone is having so much fun in Krakow! ! I'm off to bed. I am so glad there is no EL this week!

yes this was perfect timing! ok talk to ya tomorrow!

You know once you let your pet rocks into the house... ha ha Lovely color and texture :)

They do move in and totally take over the place!

Indah sekali karang batu nya

Wonderful rocks. A magical contactless photo that moves the imagination :)

Very breathtaking view 1st one! incredible green rocks ❤ Excellent colors and details.

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