Freewrite : Its not like I know what happened

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It was a quarter to midnight when butterfly get off the bus at her stop. The night was quiet as always and there was no sign of panic or fear in her steps as she walked down the stone path towards her house. It was steps that she knew very well, having walked on it for nearly twenty years. It was probably why she did not give much thought when she heard running footsteps, some of her neighbours are weird and midnight runs are normal.

What she didn't expect was being knocked down, her eyes wide as she screamed her lungs out before face planting on the stone road.

"..dy" someone was shaking her "My lady, are you alright? Please wake up!! " The voice sounded very panicky and she squirns inside, her head was pounding. "Please wake up my lady! I can't go back and face master with you dead. " The voice was now sobbing and Butterfly groaned.

"Oh shut up." She cursed out, opening her eyes to an unfamiliar face.

"Thanks heaven you are alright! " The young girl beside her said "Lets go back and call the medic teacher."

Butterfly frowns, "who are you? " Shaking her head she sits up and found the sun blaring right onto her face. Did she passed out on tge street the whole night. She then looked around and blinked.

What in the holy heaven.

The street though looked familiar, she was sure that there wasn't people roaming around with traditional clothes doing their daily stuff in her neighbourhood, and people definitely does not ride horses either. She blinks again and shook her head yet the scenery around her did not change.

Maybe... maybe this is just a dream...

So this is my freewrite for today's prompt that you could find here

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