Day 211: 5 Minute Freewrite: Friday - Prompt: Swing

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Day 5 - Selfie Freewrite Celebration Contest


This is my entry for the Day 5 - Selfie Freewrite Celebration Contest, hosted by @freewritehouse.

You can also join the today’s freewrite by following this link, Day 211: 5 Minute Freewrite: Friday - Prompt: swing, hosted by @mariannewest.

She Was Swinging

With considerable ease,
she swung from the trees,
Floating about,
as if in a dream.

She’d stop for a rest,
or to nibble on leaves.
Every day she’d be found doing,
exactly as she pleased.

Then one day a tiger,
asked why she swung,
And didn’t chase the others,
The way that she runs.

She said I have no desire,
To go traipsing about.
There’s so many vines,
I can use as I shout.

They others they fear me,
Because of my scream.
Believe me old tiger,
I am more than I seem.

There’s no need for me,
To run the ground by the roots
There’s tree branches up here.
And there’s always fresh fruit.

So, go back to your racing,
While I play here and sing,
Don’t be disturbing a monkey,
While she’s in the middle of a swing.

One day you will notice
I’m quite the fun chimp
I will practice my swinging,
While you chase all those shrimps.

And I’ll watch from the distance,
Without any fear.
For I know you will eat me,
if I don’t stay up here.

The End

Thanks for Reading!

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That dress looks great on you! The monkey is too clever for that tiger! She'll not be filling his belly anytime soon.


He he. Those sneaky tigers! Thank you I only wear that dress when I'm swinging! It gets dirty too fast.

Awesome poetry and delightful message!


Thanks for reading!


Always my pleasure, beautiful!

Great rhymes, and a great message, like a classic fable - beware the tiger, no matter how innocuous they may seem! Very nicely done :)


Thank you!

That was so much fun to read! I loved that it was a monkey.

I like the tiger scream :) Makes me think what a great poem this would be to read to teen girls who're starting to stop themselves from screaming as much--being socialized to be women...


Thanks. It was fun to write.

So is she a tiger or a monkey? lol i am so bad at my comprehensive skill. But a nice poem. Love it.


She is the monkey. Thanks for reading!

I love the way you infused storytelling into your poetry


Thank you!

Sounds like something that can be made into a nursery school rhyme or song.
Would you mind sending this to Sia, am sure she can make something out of this.