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RE: I’m not a content creator - A late night freewrite

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Hi @Justineh It seems to me that every Steem user should do his part if he really cares about this platform.

They could do for example:

  1. Bring the followers of traditional social networks to join Steem by telling them how great it is.
  2. Talk about the use of the Decentralized Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

It is important that people educate themselves first about this new technology and that they are simultaneously on the platform.


I've invited other creators, young guys who are tech-savvy as well as middle-aged women like me, and only one of them stayed - but, wow, did she ever catch on to Steemit and make a big splash! (@rhondak). Now thanks to Steemfest she has met her soul mate ... and her life today is so much better than she would have imagined possible, in her pre-Steemit days. For all the bad stuff that happens, GOOD things happen too. I continue to encourage people to join Steemit (hello @mvkean!) - but recruiting and persuading just doesn't seem to be my strong point. Thanks to all of you who are good at that!

I don't like the thought that if I care for something I should actively promote it.

I love a particular small coffee roaster, but I don't spend my own money buying them ads or writing content to help them get more business.

Then there is the idea that you can love the platform, but not the users. I try to enjoy Steem, but then I leave because it seems the great content I'm interested in is very hard to find.

When I was a very wary twitter adopter there was no group saying all use users need to promote the platform. It was just a fun corner of the web that I could mingle with cool people.

Yes of course, there is freedom to do what everyone wants.

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