Day 635: 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday-Prompt: mouse droppings

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Day 635: 5 Minute Freewrite Challenge initiated by @mariannewest. Wednesday-Prompt: mouse droppings

Photo by me @whatisnew

Freewrite House Old-Timers

You will never find mouse droppings in the Freewrite House.
I am the resident cat, who wears a pink top hat.
Thanks to @snook, who created my look.
I keep the mice away, my title I will not betray. tries to trick me with mice made of felt,
But @dierdy-wierdy, an Irish Celt, chases him away with her prompt belt.
Beware DW, he has 240 characters that could zap you off the map.

@improv teases his brain in a quirky way, every calendar day.
His days are numbered; no pun intended.
He never pretended that his brain has now been extended.

@brisby sees purple squirrels, I hope that doesn't rub off on her girls.
Sweet, nutty Brisby; a comedian in her own right.
Makes me laugh morning, noon and night.
Her generosity, never ceases to amaze me.
Her friendship is a special gift, one that will never shift.

@omra-sky, he's the paranormal guy.
It's no wonder he loves other words,
He's the canary in the coal mine, the house is his shrine.
He's not a stranger; he's the house and prompt Ranger.

@wandrnrose7, always in bed before eleven,
Her words dance with grace, akin to angels in heaven.

Last but not least @mariannewest, she does not rest.
With love she waves her gardening glove with zest,
Egging us on like we are her chickens, our pulse and heart rate quickens.
Instilling our purpose, daily freewrites are keyboard-borne,
Even when our brains are forlorn, and our fingers are worn.
We old-timers are chimers, and one is a rhymer.

This cute gif is brought to you by @snook. Thank you!

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Yay! Thank you @creativecrypto magazine for your support! What an honor and I am truly grateful. Thanks again! : )

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I'm very fond of rhymers! :) This is fantastic. Makes me feel like writing these again. Have a wonderful day!!!

Aw, thanks Omra! This rhymer is very fond of you too! I do miss your writings. You have a great weekend my friend. Hugs!

AWWWWW!! 😍😍 I'm a purple puddle of squirrel mush now!

You are my favorite cat, with or without your tophat! 🤗

I hope that doesn't rub off on her girls

Too late! 😂

Love this and love you, Whatisnew!! 😘

ROFLOL!!! Especially when I read that it was too late for your girls. OMG! You are a trip Birsby! I am laughing so hard that I had to fix typing errors in your name 3 times before I got it right. LOL! I love you too sweet Brisby! Hugs! I am still laughing!!!!

I was laughing so hard that I forgot to thank you for the tip sweet Brisby! Thank you!!! HUGS! I needed a good laugh so thank you for that too. LOL!

I love hearing that you were laughing hard!!! You're welcome and HUGS to you too.

I love your story ❤ thanks for including me! I look at this @Freewritehouse house is it part of my family! Much love !tip

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Aw, thanks! I always say that the Freewrite House is my home. Singing "We are family!" Thanks so much for the tip also. Sending you much love and Hugs!

I read this poem with a big smile @whatisnew, cats are awesome and so are this poem.

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What a nice surprise! Thanks so much! Glad to hear that you think cats are awesome and so are you! : )

Weirdy felt Buzz’s mice but they weren’t the real deal
so she zapped him with her belt
to bring him to heel
as for señor improv well he’ll pun no more
now his hefty brain’s been zapped right into a jar
and dear little brisby sure she was no trouble
weirdy just zapped her lightly now she’s seeing double
that mystical Omra well he foresaw it all
and left the house in a hurry in a U-haul
as for sweet Rose well she’s gone a wandrn
Now Weirdy’s king of The House but for maid Marianne
and for her Weirdy has a dastardly plan.

OMG! ROFLMAO!!! This was hilarious!!! Now, how do I get more people to see it? It is way too good to go unnoticed. Love it!!!

Delighted you got a chuckle out of it. I certainly did out of yours!

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Howdy Butterfly! well done again, very entertaining and clever! How's it going? I suppose it's too hot where you are? lol.

Thanks jonboy! I am happy that I was able to entertain you. LOL! No, it is never too hot for me. I bet it is hot there in Texas. How are you doing? Is it too hot for you?

I'm a desert rat, it's never too hot for me as far as just the heat. But I don't like humidity so I wouldn't do well with high humidity. But up in N. Texas it isn't very high so it's fine. We're about to set a record for the mildest July on record, it hasn't hit 100 degrees yet, which is unheard of. Usually the first day of July is a 100 degree day.

we've had lots of 99 degree days, we may go all month with no 100 days. It's been a wonderful summer so far, much milder than normal.

I am just like you. The humidity is one of my worse enemies as far as pain goes.
I am happy to hear that you have had a wonderful summer so far. We had a 5 day stretch of 100- 115 "feels like" temps. I took my neighbor to the eye doctor last Friday and she didn't want the air conditioner on in the car so you can add higher "feels like" temps and I think that did me in and why today (Monday) is my first day back here.

Holy moly girl! Why in the world wouldn't she want the AC on?? What's her issue? That's brutal. Well, do you only deal with the humidity in the summer? And summers are short which is good for that one reason.

My neighbor is a very negative person and seems like she enjoys making people miserable. Maybe that is what she was doing with me. Who knows? I take her every Friday and it is a 4-5 hour ordeal so I told her that I was not going to take her anymore unless the AC was on. She didn't say a word.

Wow, you are such a good neighbor! Most people would tell her no way, but if she is okay with the AC being on then I guess it will be tolerable. Maybe.

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