The Exception

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"Let's not be so unbending about the rules," he said. "Rules are good, properly interpreted, but life shouldn't always be lived by the books."

The man set down a battered notebook with the many names gathered by the committee.

"We can't eliminate everyone who ever broke a rule. No, rules aren't made to be broken, but nor should we ignore all the good each of these members have done."

"Who here among us has kept every rule??" said another.

Silence ticked by with the movement of the second hand. No one moved. Suddenly an old man stood up.

"My son's name is on the list. He's a good man, upstanding citizen and a loving family man. His neighbor turned him in last week. Can't we forgive one infraction?"

A woman stood, tembling, a bag on her shoulder weighing her down. She spoke almost in a whisper.

"My sister is on the list. Her cousin reported her last week. She's three months pregnant and has two toddlers at home. She's never hurt a flea. Why is she on the list?"

A young, well groomed man stood and slammed a fist on the table. "Order!" he shouted.

"If we are overlooking your family members, we will soon have anarchy! Everyone must be subject to the laws!"

The murmurs grew in the room and chairs were shifting on the floor. A woman in the back of the room wept quietly. A young boy, no older than 11 walked up to the front of the room. He was barefooted and his hair was tossled as though just waking.

"I want to make a request," he said. "If you will remove all the names from the list and grant pardon to the offenders listed, you can put my name on the list and I will take their punishment."

The man standing looked down on the child in wonder.

"Why will you jeaporize your whole life for these lawbreakers??"

"Sir, I know I've broken a written rule, and most likely an unspoken one. I believe in second chances and rules unbending break a back."

"Who taught you this, son?"

"My Father, sir. His name is first in your book."

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What a brave boy! And he apparently had the best teacher :) As we say, rules are there to be broken ;)

I believe that rules should be followed by everyone but if a rule is broken, it should be looked at case by case as we're all different and our situation is different. Following rules blindly and being punished for something what doesn't hurt anyone is unfair and this is why I understand this little wanting to make a point :)

Thank you for sharing and have a great weekend!

Wow! Thank you so much @curie.

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Excellent #freewrite glad I could upvote this and comment.


Thank you @wonderwop 😍

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I knew that was coming
Goosebumps :D


my thanks for reading and appreciating!

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Quite an interesting short read, I enjoyed it quite a lot. Hope to see more stories from you soon!


Thank you so much for reading and the kind comment. @ivanm7

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I did not get to this freewrite and could not think of a thing for it. Great job on such a complete story for this one @wandrnrose7. I'm glad you never described what rules were being broken.

I comment for the curie comment contest and I am always so glad to see freewrites in here. It's really amazing what the prompts bring out. Big congrats to you :)


Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I have had a really emotionally draining weekend and this was written the day before the ensuing events which are currently unfolding. You made my morning. 🤗

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I'm so sorry to read this reply, but happy my comment helped you, @wandrnrose7. I hope things are going better for you now. This too shall pass...


@fitinfun..... its still crisis mode. I know this will pass and I am just happy I have the wonderful support of Jeff and my friends. hugs

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What a lesson. Great story.
a child will lead them, they say.
This reminded me of so many utopian societies conceived in literature (always reflecting reality).
King Jr's letter from a Birmingham jail comes to mind. The line about just and unjust laws. I'm all for breaking those. Quite a few injustices and cruelties have been commited in the name of legality, of rules.


Thank you for your insightful comment I agree that laws must also consider the human elements and I see so much wrong with how people treat one another in the name of laws.

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Such an amazing story you have there. I really love the heart of the boy to sacrifice himself for others. I hope to read more from you often

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Thank you @ferrate. I appreciate your support.

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Rose smells sweet.
Rose's freewrites tells (us) a lot!

That young boy's sacrifice is overwhelming. Great piece of characterization!

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Another great story. I like the little boys willingness to sacrifice himself to allow all the others to not suffer the same fate as his own father.


Thank you for reading and commenting! I wish I had some boat power to upvote your comment but I have followed you and I'll be back! @ramdomwanderings

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You really made a beauty out of this freewrite. Truth is, rules are meant to be broken.

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