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Oh! Sorry, wish you quick recovery from your lower back pain... I have felt an elbow before in a football match, not the best experience I must say... Very hard bone!! The sharp pain it brought me back then how could I ever forget! 😁😁

The pain, unfortunately, has been with me since the age of nineteen; it is chronic. In face, football is a major problem of why I have this pain to begin with. I ripped my shoulder in football practice in the 7th grade and never had it properly looked at.

Did you play football much longer after the elbow?

I did play more after, but I quit playing already! I enjoy watching now!
Do take care of yourself!!

Yes!! an elbow to the head hurts!!!! And Yoga and all you are doing is for sure the best for your back. I have to constantly stretch and do Yoga too or my body is not liking it!!

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