Day 45: 5 Minute Freewrite: Sunday - Prompt: bones

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Bones. I me going to talk about bones. The second hardest striking surface on the body is the elbow, and the heel is the first. Have you ever been struck by an elbow? I have felt an elbow lightly against my head or some other body part, while we were in Taijiquan training. Ya. They kind of suck. They are really hard.

The human body has about two-hundred and fifty bones. Some are fused together, and some have remained separate from the others, linked by muscles, tendons, myofascial, ligaments, nerves and some other things.

I'm in the process of healing my lower back. It is not a bone problem. It is a ligament and joint problem it seems. One of the only things I do to keep it for going out, which works successfully most of the time, is yoga, Qigong, and Taijiquan.

Some bones can be seen on the surface of the body. We can even touch them. Some are cover with muscles, which makes us unable to touch them. Bones.



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Oh! Sorry, wish you quick recovery from your lower back pain... I have felt an elbow before in a football match, not the best experience I must say... Very hard bone!! The sharp pain it brought me back then how could I ever forget! 😁😁


The pain, unfortunately, has been with me since the age of nineteen; it is chronic. In face, football is a major problem of why I have this pain to begin with. I ripped my shoulder in football practice in the 7th grade and never had it properly looked at.

Did you play football much longer after the elbow?


I did play more after, but I quit playing already! I enjoy watching now!
Do take care of yourself!!

Yes!! an elbow to the head hurts!!!! And Yoga and all you are doing is for sure the best for your back. I have to constantly stretch and do Yoga too or my body is not liking it!!


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