I liked that...all the things that reminded you of the word. I've always wanted to learn how to swing dance! Maybe the hubs and I will one of these days!

Swing dance is fun. Maybe I’ll be able to take lessons one day.

Get your hubby out of the house and onto the floor.

It's a shame that as a fully grown man, I think I'd probably get odd looks if I tried to use the swings down the park. It's not fair, haha, why should the kids get all the fun?

I'm well into jazz too, and swing - when I first saw this prompt my mind went straight to If It Ain't Got That Swing, the Ella Fitzgerald version. Great tune, although I'm more into electro swing these days. Caravan Palace are a new favourite of mine :)

I know what you mean by those odd looks. Getting on a swing when no one is around is cool too.

I love that song!

The Swing-Jazz I’ve been listening to has been what I’ve found through mixcloud. Awesome site.

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