5 Minute Freewrite: Glass Bottle

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I must confess, I'm doing a freewrite in large part because I want to blow some steam, get some stuff off my chest, unload, bleh words on the page and try to let them take some of the feelings of being overwhelmed with them. What does it mean to be overwhelmed? It's having a lot, feeling a lot, and like it's too much, too much to handle. So if some of the weight of it goes with these words as they come onto the page, the feeling with hopefully abate. It's already abated some, even prior to now, what with just actually doing a couple things that I needed to do. It was just a busy day, you know? I don't have a regular 9-5, which kind of leaves me feeling like there's always something I should be doing, even at "off" hours. I need to get better at creating a schedule for myself and sticking to it. It's the sticking to it part that is tricky, so tricky that sometimes I think it's what stops me from creating the schedule in the first place. I give up before I try. I know, it's a failure. A failing. Whatever. Glass bottle, eh? I was thinking of having a bit o' wine, and it's in a glass bottle. But I may have a beer instead, since poor Brendan is having pain when he eats or drinks cold things, so I'll leave the room temp wine to him. Lochlan went to bed at 6pm tonight and I hope it doesn't mean a 4am wake time. I just about cried this morning after going to him at 3:45am and failing to get him to go back to sleep. Brendan came to the rescue, thankfully.


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I hope it helped. I hear you.
For me, NOT making a schedule is better when I'm stressed out, trying to be or do on time just increases my stress.

Writing releases as well as prayer. Have peace, doing things one at a time, with children at home the agenda changes, smiling and smiling, and forgetting about the agenda makes us free. Courage, you're doing well!

I so can relate ❤️ Hugs to you. And what is going on with Brendan?

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A recent filling I got
still is sensitive to cold and hot

I'm glad writing helps abate the overwhelms. Even just a little reprieve. Bedtime was good tonight, by the way. We had more snack, then took off his shirt because it was very messy, but played for a while in our room. Belmont was a bit of a jerk, but no real problems. He found a syringe to play with and enjoyed putting it in my mouth. Why do syringes come with so many baby bundles? I don't feel like we use syringes that much for him. Well, he enjoys them. Then bath time was good, though he revisited the game where he scoops up water and puts it on the bathroom floor. Toothbrushing was easy, as was pajama time and book time and aquaphor time and stealing toothbrush time. He did want me to steal it with my teeth, so I did. During singing, he was a bit squirmy giggly which made me feel a little worried that he wouldn't fall right to sleep, but even though he made some sounds while rolling onto his belly, he fell asleep immediately.

I have washed the dishes and stacked the newspaper and picked up the toys it made sense to me to pick up. Belmont found a few peanuts and ate dinner in the kitchen while I cleaned up. Now it's time to do my freewrite, choose the Punday Monday winner, and start seeing if I can make sense of Kindle Create.

Love you! See you when you get home soon.

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