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“I don’t think we should pop the champagne just yet,” said Marcella.

A soft smile crept over Leo’s lips and he shook his head gently.

“Relax, no-one’s celebrating anything yet,” he said.

Her husband’s shining eyes told a different story. She crossed her arms. The furrow in her brow deepened as she stared at the box of gold eggs on their coffee table.

“Alex Hooper and his wife came by asking if we’d seen a goose a couple of days ago. He offered a thousand dollars to get it back.”

Alex had done the talking while his colorless wife had stared sharply around Marcella’s yard. She’d stayed outside to talk to them, resisting the guilt she felt for not inviting them in for coffee, as she would have done with any of her other neighbors. Something about their seriousness had unnerved her even more than usual.

“Okay?” Leo said. His eyebrows drew down but the excitement radiating from him remained unchanged.

“I…I think there might be a connection. Those gold things, they’re eggs.”

Leo’s eyebrows shot back up and a puff of laughter escaped him.

“Well… They’re egg-shaped, I’ll give you that.”

“They had to come from somewhere,” Marcella insisted. “And what are we even going to do with them? Walk into the bank with a box of gold? There’ll be questions, probably regulations–”

“Hey, hey, calm down. We’re not doing anything with them yet. We’ll put the box up in the attic and do some research.”

He moved closer and slid an arm around her waist, pulling her into a quick squeeze. She automatically relaxed some into the familiar warmth, though she kept her arms crossed.

“Wouldn’t it be nice,” he said, “to not have to worry when the kids start looking at colleges? What if they could start off life without student loans?”

Marcella laid her head on his shoulder and sighed. He knew how to get to her.

“I just think we should be careful. I have a bad feeling about this,” she said quietly.

“Of course, sweetheart, of course.”

This was inspired by the #freewrite prompt champagne.

Image by rawpixel.


Dang! You're GOOD at this!!! I'm hoping to hear you do spend more than five minutes on these freewrites. They're just too polished and well written not to be. I love "colorless wife" - and the husband's confidence vs the wife's intuition. I'm already planning their defense: they didn't steal the goose; the eggs just appeared in their yard; therefore, the gold is theirs to keep. Legally, I am right! But then neighbors won't see it that way....

These definitely take more than 5 minutes with editing, but I try to keep the initial draft in that window. But also I write fiction professionally so I think all that practice speeds me up. Plus tossing them into grammarly so there's fewer typos.

I suspect a cache of gold might invoke treasure hunting laws if they went public with it, unless they can prove it's not old or historical. This has made me think a lot about wtf I'd even do with an egg made out of gold, should I ever find one.

LOL! Sounds like another freewrite prompt - what you'd do if you found old treasure that can't be sold without attracting The Law. Or the previous owner out to reclaim the treasure.
Now, to find your publications... (save me some time and post a link here?) :)

I'm anonymous here! Maybe on discord. I don't want to link my author name to here in case I use steem to complain about writer-y things.

You are very very wise. (No wonder you have what looks like an owl to me for a profile photo!)

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Wow, thanks!


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Uh oh ... am I going to have to bring my freewrite detective over here (meet Captain Hamilton right here on my take on "Champagne," and let me know if you want to do some collab work!) to get Alex and his wife their goose back? Or, is possession nine-tenths of the law?

Great story, @sidequest! This was a short but powerful ride!

Thanks! I've never done a collab here but I remember the freewritehouse running an occasional things to facilitate them. However, I'm not the most reliable of posters here...

That's all right -- when you are next around, let me know! I'm pretty much ALWAYS here at this point in my life...

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