Caducity the inevitable is knocking at the door

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Acrostic Poem

Can you see how I struggle to do what I did before with ease?

A simple task is increasingly difficult at my age.

Decrepitude describes me now. My "sell by" date has long passed.

Unforgiving is time on this wretch I have become.

Courtship was once an option but the chance has expired.

I once was a force but now am forced to accept my feebleness.

Transience is all that remains. My passing shall go un-noted.

Yes the decline is inevitable. I hear it knocking.


Art by: @deadgrlsuppastar

This is for @mariannewest freewrite Day 604: 5 Minute Freewrite. Prompt: Caducity

My first Poetry Freewrite. Thank you!


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I'm no judge of poetry, but this speaks to me, and that's saying a lot. This line:

Decrepitude describes me now. My "sell by" date has long passed.

I have a "shelf life" of maybe an hour at the mall, as I used to tell my offspring when they'd drag me there for clothing shopping (kill me! let me shovel manure or detassle corn instead!). Oddly, all three eventually came to embrace thrift shops and outlet stores, and malls are going out of style all over America. I still hate shopping though, which made me a curmudgeon long before I was old enough to claim the title. This freewrite on caducity (what a great word, @mariannewest!) makes my day.

When I shop I like to know where the item is, get it and get out. I sympathize with you on shopping.

What a wonderful and sweet reply. Extra points for using the words "curmudgeon".

@mariannewest is the best

I like how your poem tells the coming of old age with words, ‘expired ‘ and ‘sell by date.’

yays...your first freewrite. an awesome poem!!

Thank you Vangie. You have inspired me to start freewriting.

Awesome Acrostic. You expressed the word perfectly.

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I learned something with this write. I dont think I have seen this word before.

I never have previously heard of this word, either.

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his shoes are holey
Caducity walks with him
they are all worn out

I love it!

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Was hoping to attract Asian poem bot but he is a fickle lad.

I am going to use it today in a sentence. "Of all the Caducity, my shoes have holes in the soles"

Look at you painting such a sad picture of aging in your poem. And I love that you used the @deadgirlsuperstar's painting!

I am glad you have the artwork available it helps make the writing attractive. I missed yesterday but will do one today. I am excited. Thanks

@naltedtirt, Phase of life is ever changing and over the period of time what were easy tasks for us becoming really tough one, but by changing our perspective we can change how things are working now. Stay blessed.

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You to my friend be blessed. Thanks for stopping by

Welcome and thank you so much.

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